Metro Labyrinth Chapter 130.2: Extreme

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 At the same time, Susuyama’s left arm, which is aimed at me, is compressed like a spring.



“Small fry! Go away!” (Susuyama?)



 The next moment the arm pushed back.


 “Bam!” A shock pierced through my chest and I was blown high along with my body.



“Gaah!” (Shuu)



(What–) (Shuu)


(–was that?) (Shuu)



 A shock that penetrates to my back. Air cannon? Shock wave?


 [Sensory Spores] catches the wall of the Martial Arts Center, sticking with the hypha arms just before I crash.



 Wiping the blood oozing from my mouth, I looked down. Below, food stalls are lined up along the Martial Arts Center, and many citizens are crowded around. There are screams coming from all over the place, and some people are looking up at me to see what is going on.



 His figure is nowhere to be seen.




 I clenched my so hard that my molars shattered. I turned my simmering anger into a shout and released it into the night sky.





 Returning to the site through the hole that Susuyama had vacated, we found the site in a flurry of activity with the security and staff who had rushed to the scene.



 When I return to the infirmary with Kure, I find that nurses and people with healing abilities are also busy in and out of the infirmary.


 Noa is on a bed at the front, and Tamiko is lying on a table next to her.



“…Mr. Shuu…” (Noa)



 Noa has a bandage wrapped around her head and bandages all over her body. Although she is visibly weakened, she seems to be conscious. She looked up to me and her eyes were moist.



“Noa, it’s okay.” (Shuu)




 I touched her head and she took my hand in hers and touched her cheek. Her body temperature seems a little lower.



“I’m sorry… Sis and Ms. Utsuki…” (Noa)


“Noa shouldn’t apologize. I’m sorry for being late.” (Shuu)


“The Carbuncle here is fine.” (Healer)



 A man wearing a white robe, who seems to be a [Healer], said so.



“The injuries to the internal organs and the broken bones in the limbs were within the range that could be treated with [Holy Healing]. They are all in one piece, so I’m sure they will wake up soon.” (Healer)



 Tamiko was washed of the bloodstains all over her body, bandages were cut into small pieces, and she was lying on her belly. As the words were spoken, her belly was expanding and contracting with firm breathing. Tamiko is finally able to exhale the leaden breath that has been clutching at her chest.



“Thank you… what about those two over there?” (Shuu)



 On the bed on the other side are Utsuki and Yoshitsune. The staff is surrounded by a large number of people, it seems that they are more seriously injured than these two.



“The elf woman has stab wounds and burns all over her body, as well as a fractured skull. She’s lost a lot of blood. The [Sages] and doctors are working together to treat her, but the situation is not… stable.” (Healer)



 Hakuou is snuggling up to Utsuki. She clings to her hand and continues to call out, “Sister, sister,” with a tearful voice.



“The Mr. Kang seems to have had one of his sporangium gouged out. I don’t think he’ll recover anytime soon.” (Healer)


“Sporangium? Are you serious?” (Shuu)



 That man must have done it, but why bother doing that? Simal species of sporangium cannot be used to level up or acquire skills.



“Um, what happens if the sporangium is taken away?” (Shuu)



 In the case of humans, the sporangia are said to be located in the lower abdomen, but fortunately, I have never been injured in that area.



“If both are destroyed or removed while alive, it will almost certainly result in death. Even if the injuries themselves are not fatal, they can cause severe immunodeficiency, dysfunction of the mycelium in the body, and a variety of other symptoms that can last as little as a week.” (Healer)


“…in the case of one?” (Shuu)


“The destruction of the sporangium is said to outweigh any other pain in the human body, whether it is both or one of them. It is said that this is an infernal suffering, beyond the reach of skills such as [Pain Reduction]. It will continue for a while… at least a week or more at the shortest.” (Healer)



 I shudder to imagine. A man could associate it with another’s balls. I shrivel up involuntarily.



“But in the case of one, it is not fatal as long as the proper treatment is administered. There are also cases where the hunter’s ability to hunt is not greatly affected, although there are some cases where stamina and resilience are somewhat diminished. Even for those who do not possess abilities such as [Self-Regeneration], there are cases where they can be created again in the body over time.” (Healer)


“I see… I’m glad…” (Shuu)



 I don’t have any interaction with him, but he was the one who saved Tamiko and the others. The good news is that he wasn’t life threatening. Next to me, Kure also has a somewhat softened expression.



 Tamiko’s sleeping breaths have turned into snores. When I gently stroke her belly with my finger, she clings to me tightly with her small hand. The strength of the hand is a breath of relief.



“Noa… what happened?” (Shuu)



 I ask again.



“That guy… is an impostor who pretended to be Mr. Susuyama. [False Face]… or a disguise skill that can even mimic body shape.” (Noa)



 [False Face] is the skill of soft hypha, so to speak, a special make-up using hypha. The skin texture is reproduced by covering the face and skin with hypha to be able to impersonate someone else.



“He came to kidnap Hagumi, killed the guards… We let her escape, then he attacked… the three of us were totally useless…” (Noa)



 Noa hangs her and slumps despondently. Why should she feel guilty?



 As for me, I left the infirmary on standby for the closing ceremony and was on my way to the entrance. The people around me suddenly became busy, and when I asked what was going on, I heard bits and pieces of information such as “bandits on the third floor” and “a friend of the young lady’s” and rushed in, overcoming the staff who were trying to stop me.



(Damn it!) (Shuu)


(That f*cking bastard!!) (Shuu)



 When I recall the twisted smile plastered on Susuyama’s face, my gut churned and I began to sweat.



 He has been using all kinds of abilities, most that I don’t know. Even though he lacked composure, he even seemed to have seen through the onslaught of my [True Asura]. Who in the world was he? [T/N: Maria did it in the tournament that shouldn’t have existed.]






 Mayor Sugamo rushed into the doctor’s office. He is out of breath and shaking his chubby body up and down. Dr. Nomaguchi was standing beside him.



“Ah, Mr. Abe!” (Dan)



 Finding Shuu and Noa, they rush over.



“I haven’t been able to ask you any details, but my daughter and my secretary are… what in the world is going on?” (Dan)


“No, erm… we’re also still confused…” (Shuu)


“Mr. Abe.” (Aomoto)



 Aomoto suddenly appeared next.



“We’ll take care of this. You go to the closing ceremony.” (Aomoto)


“Huh? Closing ceremony?” (Shuu)



 I couldn’t believe my ears. There was an attempted kidnapping, and not only were people seriously injured but also dead. But to allow the event to continue, no matter how tough-minded New Tokyo may be, is insensitive.



“We are still in pursuit of the bandits. Leave it to my uncle… Mr. Shimoyanagi and Mr. Karasawa.” (Aomoto)


“But…” (Shuu)


“‘No-matter-what-happens-we-will-not-stop-until-the-closing-ceremony.’ …That is the will of His Excellency and His Eminence.” (Aomoto)


“Eh?” (Shuu)


“I don’t know the details either, but… I was notified of it beforehand. I’ve already reported the matter I just mentioned, but I haven’t received a request to cancel it yet.” (Aomoto)


“Are you serious…” (Shuu)



 Looking at Aomoto’s dubious expression, she must have the same concern as me.


 “No matter what.” Literally, it’s as if they expected this to happen.



“Um, so…” (Dan)



 The mayor interjects timidly.



“… Hagumi? Where is Hagumi now…?” (Dan)



 The mayor looks around the room, and I looked around the room, but she is gone.



“…I thought they said that the staff who protected her would take her to the mayor…” (Aomoto)



 The mayor shook his head at Aomoto’s reply.



“… No, she didn’t come to me…” (Dan)


“…eh?” (Aomoto)



 The medical team and staff are hurriedly coming and going.


 Among them, only the ponderers are silent, as if time has stopped.



T/N: Seriously, a person with mimicry skills is going in and out, and Aomoto let Hagumi go just like that?  *Sigh* It’s a post-apocalyptic world, I’ll let it slide. Thanks, “Grand Tournament Arc” I became a nitpicky jerk. I want to skip to Nakano Arc and forget the next intermission volume.

Come on me, just nine chapters until Nakano Arc.

BTW, forty-four long chapter raws before we catch up. 



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