Metro Labyrinth Chapter 131.2: Closing Ceremony 1

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(If that is the case.) (Shuu)



 What if the decision to continue was made in anticipation of that?



 And the noise in the hall grew louder.



“Hey, hey!” (Announcer)



 I looked up, too, as the announcer’s shocked voice is heard.



“…Are you serious…?” (Shuu)



 —The Governor and Founder are walking in the air.



 Floating like they’re taking a stroll, shocking the entire audience from the VIP seats on the upper east-side.



 The spectators looking up overhead are open-mouthed, and the people in black and monk’s robes who seem to be escorting them on the guest of honor’s side of the stage are looking nervously.



“Ah, yes! His Excellency the Governor of Tokyo and His Eminence the Founder are about to enter! Please welcome them with applause! The closing ceremony will be held now.” (Announcer)



 The announcer was in a panic as he seemed to have made a mistake in the arrangements. The puzzled audience slowly applauded.



 The moonlight, or perhaps it was the light from the lights, reflecting off the path the Governor was walking on.



(…Thread.) (Shuu)



 I thought they were floating in the air, but it seems they were walking on a thin thread. Is this the ability of the governor walking in the lead?



 When I checked with the [Sensory Spores], I found that the bridge of threads is reaching the arena in a gentle arc like a rainbow. Following the path, the governor and founder alight in the arena.



 The applause and cheers, which had grown even louder, suddenly stop as the governor raises his hand.



“…Thank you, that’s enough.” (Chuuta)


“Eh?” (Announcer)



 The governor said to the announcer,



“We’ll take care of the rest, so could you step back? Oh, lend me that loudspeaker.” (Chuuta)


“Huh? Yes sir…” (Announcer)


“Sand back.” (Chuuta)



 The announcer handed the megaphone with the loudspeaker mushroom on it to Founder with a pale blank face. Without looking back, he left the arena with a thud toward the entrance.



 What remained in the center of the deserted arena were the governor, founder, and me.



“…yes?” (Shuu)





 Two heroes who laid the foundation of New Tokyo. The legendary [Master Threadweavers] who live a hundred years from the old civilization.


 Governor Nemurogawa Chuta and Metro Church Founder Shoumon.



 Unexpectedly, this reunion with people who lived in the same world was realized in such a way.



 However, it was awkward.


 It was a hundred times more awkward than being alone with a strange old man who was the announcer.



 With the announcer also gone, how would the closing ceremony proceed from here? Confused and nervous, I had no choice but to stumble around on the spot.



“Hello, Mr. Abe. Nice to meet you.” (Chuuta)



 The Governor smiled at me, which made me involuntarily jump.



“Huh? Ah, yes, nice to meet you…” (Shuu)



 He wished he could have given a more formal greeting like “It is a pleasure to meet you,” but neither compulsory education nor employee training in the Heisei era had taught me such a thing.



“There’s nothing to be nervous about. Good day to you too. I am Nemurogawa Chuuta, the governor of New Tokyo. Pleased to make your acquaintance.” (Chuuta)



 He asked me to shake his hand, and I immediately agreed. It is a small hand, like a child’s, or rather, like a child’s. It is soft and a little warm.



“Ah, yes… I’m Sugamo’s Abe Shuu, I’m honored…” (Shuu)



 The fact that the other party is a boy in the Shichi-Go-San Festival look with a bow tie may be one of the reasons for my confusion. The fact that he looks ten years old and has a formal and calm tone of voice gives him a different kind of shock from Utsuki. I wonder if I should treat him as if he were some famous detective. I don’t know, Mr. Connan.



“That match was amazing. The other day, you did a great job. I never imagined that a rookie could defeat that tomboy.” (Chuuta)


“Uh yeah, I’m sorry…” (Shuu)



 What kind of time is this? Was this a time for chatting? The audience’s eyes were focused on a single place, and yet founder was taking a step forward.



 The founder was standing one step away from the audience, staring at me with a stern look in his eyes. There was not an ounce of friendliness in his eyes. I think it was the same atmosphere at the opening ceremony.



 In contrast to the governor of Tokyo, he is quite tall when you get close to him. He was probably about 190 centimeters tall. He had long hair and a beard, was slender and tall, and wore a white robe. The necklace around his neck is in the shape of the Church’s symbol, which looks slightly familiar: two M-shaped mountains superimposed over an eyeball.



“…How may I help you, Your Excellency?” (Shoumon)



 I thought it was the first time Founder had opened his mouth, but her tone was quite formal.



“… Oh, yeah. That’s right.” (Chuuta)



 The governor’s reply was curt. I had heard that the two were almost equal in power, but I wondered if their actual relationship was different.



“So, Mr. Abe. I think it’s time to get started, but would you mind being a witness with me?” (Shoumon)


“Eh?” (Shuu)



 That’s a strange way of putting it. Witness?



“Aside from the announcer, but it would be reassuring to have you there.” (Shoumon)


“Haa, yes…” (Shuu)



 I don’t know what was reassuring about it. And – why he was using Mister or polite words for someone like me.


 The governor clears his throat and brings the loudspeaker closer to his mouth.



“Eh, well… I’ve kept you waiting, so let’s close the curtain.” (Chuuta)



 Curtain call. Again, a poor choice of words, but the audience seemed to take it as the start of the closing ceremony and applauded once more.



 The Governor spread his arms lightly and closed his eyes thinly. He remains still in that posture.



 Before the audience begins to stir again, I realize the significance of this action.



(Are those also threads?) (Shuu)



 Threads so thin that they are invisible to the naked eye, even at very close range, are flowing from the palm of the governor’s hand like a stream of water. My [Sensory Spores] catch the threads crawling along the ground and spreading in all directions.



(Sensing with threads? Is he doing that?) (Shuu)



 It tangles itself around my feet. It breaks off without leaving any sensation when I lift my foot lightly, but it is soon reconnected with another thread, intertwining with it. It’s a little horror story-like, but fortunately it only goes up to my ankles.



“Good eye,” said the Governor. “I detect my surroundings by the tactile sensations and vibrations transmitted by the threads. It’s not fast enough to be used in combat like the sensing dust techniques of you and Mothra Hag of Nerima, and it’s not very fuel-efficient either, but it can detect a wide area in great detail.”


“Haa… well, I didn’t say anything, right?” (Shuu)


“No, I’ve been told that you think in this way.” (Chuuta)



 In addition to his excellent answer, he is even convinced of the existence of [sensing spores]. Then came the unknown phrase “Mothra Hag of Nerima,” but I had a feeling it would be a bad idea to respond, so I’ll let it slide for now.



 The governor’s shoulders twitch. He opens his eyes, takes a breath, and waves his arm lightly as if brushing off dust. The thread connecting me to him is severed, and in the blink of an eye, it is reduced to broken dust.



“…Metro, no, underground. Do villains like to hide in damp places?” (Chuuta)



 In the next moment, my whole body froze.


 The profile of the Governor of Tokyo has abandoned the calmness he had just displayed and has taken on a vicious, murderous intent not unlike that of a child’s.



“—I know you’re there. Come out.” (Chuuta)



 He throws a cold voice toward the sandy ground of the ring.



 A small shudder under their feet and a dimple appears more than a dozen meters ahead of them. The sand sinks to the ground as if caught in a whirlpool! —The sand explodes and rises like the spout of a whale.



 Shielding my face from the sand, which was falling like rain, I stared into the sand storm.



“—Kuaaah, patoey, patoey!” (Voice)



 A voice spills out of the gaping hole. A figure climbs out of the hole, clutching the sand.



“Oh god, I’ve come up with a grand entrance! You’re such a little brat!” (Voice)



 The two who slinked out of the room like a mole were Susuyama (Temporary) and a petite girl whom I had seen before, Toroko.



 Susuyama looks around at the stunned crowd and smiles. He puts the loudspeaker in his hand to his mouth.



“Ah, mic test, it’s a beautiful day here today. So, let’s start the closing ceremony!! Everyone clap!” (Susuyama?)




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