Metro Labyrinth Chapter 133.1: Closing Ceremony 3

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“Grand Tournament Arc” is complete.

*It’s a little long.

T/N: The chapter is quartered because of the length. At long last, the final chapter of this arc, and it ends with a bang. New-ish enemies/villain, action, and conspiracies. Enjoy!



~3rd Person Perspective~



 It was a cloudless sunny day, and the sun was so warm that it was hard to believe that it was December.



 The village of Hikifune was in turmoil. Suddenly, an eerie group of people dressed in white appeared in the center of the village. A young girl sneaked a peek at them from the shadows of the adults surrounding them.



 Their clothes were as white as the freshly fallen snow, making it hard to believe they had walked through a steep forest. Their faces were not visible from a distance due to the deep hoods they wore, and none of them were tall enough to be distinctive enough to be identified by gender. Or they even seemed to be some kind of alien mystery, like winter’s messengers.



“We are from the Metro Church.” (Leader)



 The one leading the eight of them interrupted with a familiar voice. It was a man’s voice.



“In accordance with the Church’s recommendation, we ask that everyone in this village leave the area. For the time being, you will be coming with us to the headquarters of the Order in Akihabara, so please prepare to leave now.” (Leader)



 The hustle and bustle suddenly took on danger. The eldest son of her next-door neighbor, whom she knew very well, yelled, “Don’t be ridiculous!”



“For household goods that cannot be carried, the Church will provide equal compensation. In addition, we ask for your cooperation in giving priority to those who are not confident about traveling long distances.” (Leader)



 One man from the village said, “Get out!” and reached out a hand to grab the fluffy white garment,



“–huh?” (Old Man)



 He found himself being thrown up into the air with his arms pointing to the earth, and he was slammed to the ground, his stomach first. Even the young girl’s Fungal Skill gifted eyes couldn’t catch the way the white-robed man had handled the old man.



“…I’m sorry, but this is not a request. It is neither an order nor a directive. It is an execution. You are not free to refuse it, and you can either comply peacefully or be forced to comply. By order of His Eminence, we will certainly do it.” (Leader)



(Those people–) (Toroko)


(They’re strong—) (Toroko)



 She realized, as did the adults around her.


 This village is near the boundary of the range of suppression effect of the wall. If it’s a normal “Threadweaver”, just staying there will reduce their strength and damage their physical condition.


 Even so, the white-robed men were quite skilled. Perhaps they are not the same as the villagers who are skilled at hunting beasts, but specialize in dealing with people.



 They need time to discuss this together.


 The elders called for this, and a brief respite was granted. She didn’t miss the beastly slump of the adults’ backs and the burning bloody gazes as they walked to the village chief’s house to discuss the matter.



“–Why don’t you hang out with your friends? At your usual hideout.” (Toroko’s Father)



 Her father said something like that to her when she got back to their house.



“Go play outside until we’re done talking. I’ll pick you up when it’s over.” (Toroko’s Father)



 There were a few girls close to her age, but she preferred to hunt and gather food outside the village with the older boys (who were fungus workers by outside standards). The nine of them gathered, led by two fifteen-year-old boys, decided to head for their hideout.



“They must be trying to drive out the cultists, by force.” (Child)


“This is our land. We won’t do as they say.” (Child)


“If they’re going to send the kids out, they should have done it with the ones without Fungal Classes, not us.” (Child)


“Rather, it’s because if we stayed, they thought it would be annoying to say, ‘let’s do it together’.” (Child)


“We could fight, and the strongest one is you, the shortest one.” (Child)



 The only girl and the youngest. But also has the highest level.


 But even though she is over level 20, she is still a seven year old girl. She herself was most aware of the fact that she was still no match for an adult in terms of skill and physical strength.



 And those white-robed men were no ordinary men. She doesn’t think they would go so far as to kill each other, but if they really went at it, neither of them might get away unscathed.



(Father…) (Toroko)


(I hope the don’t overdo it.) (Toroko)



 Eventually, they arrived at an entrance to an underground cavern – a Metro – located closer to the wall. It is a secret Metro, hidden from the government and the Church, and only the villagers go in and out of it. The children had built their own little hideout in a certain place on the first underground floor.



“–Hey, you naughty kids. Did you bring me something to eat? I wonder if staying here really heals my injuries?” (Kawataro)



 No, they were not alone then.


 A week ago, a man wandered into this place by chance.


 He was a shady-looking self-proclaimed hunter with dark glasses who came from a large town to the east.



 They hid the man without telling the adults until his injuries were healed. Like hiding a kitten abandoned by its parents.





 Shortly before the closing ceremony began.



 Kawataro is frantically thinking. He is tied to a chair with a sturdy rope, his wrists and ankles are bound, and he can’t even pick his nose.



“…It’s a little noisy outside.” (Heiya)



 The chair directly in front of him, with his cheekbones resting on the back of the chair facing forward, was occupied by Shimoyanagi.



“I don’t know what’s going on. The closing ceremony is about to begin.” (Heiya)



 Indeed, there was a bit of a flurry of activity outside the room. It was not simply because they were busy preparing for the event. Something dangerous might be going on.




“I’d like to just finish up right away and go straight to the bar or something. We haven’t even found your Fungal Genius girl yet. …Hey, tell us where she is.” (Heiya)


“……” (Kawataro)



 Communication with [Whispering] has also been cut off. Even Kawataro has no way of knowing what Toroko is doing right now.



(if it stays like this…) (Kawataro)


(She’s going to do something reckless, isn’t she?) (Kawataro)



 Kawataro doesn’t care about a monster like the Commander. But if she is going to participate in the final scene with that man, no matter how many lives Toroko has, it will not be enough. Kawataro believed he was the one who should have been there.



“…please release me.” (Kawataro)


“Eh?” (Heiya)


“I’m the only one who can stop her.” (Kawataro)


“I’m not naïve enough to take your words with a grain of salt. So, spit out your intentions first, let it all out.” (Heiya)



 He is right. Except that Kawartaro doesn’t have time for a long, drawn-out conversation.



“…Our goal is revenge. We want the people who took their parents and their families away from them to admit the truth and apologize.” (Kawataro)


“Well, that was quite classy.” (Heiya)


“That’s enough. It’s enough to undermine their authority. If they don’t admit it, we’ll kill them and the hostages in front of the crowd.” (Kawataro)


“Wait… hostages? Who are you talking about?” (Heiya)


“But that’s what we’re here for. That’s not that person’s goal.” (Kawataro)


“That person? Wait, wait, let me understand it first.” (Heiya)


“I don’t know what he really wants. We just match our means and interest, and he had the power to make us do what he wanted. That’s why we took him under our wing. He said he had several plans. I don’t know where we’re going from here.” (Kawataro)


“Hey, there’s a lot of incomprehensible things in rapid succession… Damn, let’s call Miss Kaike–” (Heiya)



 The door suddenly opens. Kawataro looks up and Shimoyanagi looks back.



“Ey. It’s been a while, Shimoyan.” (Man)



 A young man entered. He was tall and thin, with dark hair, glistening white skin, and a sweet face that seemed to be popular with the ladies. In contrast to the freshness of his fresh grass-colored jersey, the countless ring piercings on his nose, lips, and the corners of his eyes create an odd atmosphere.



 And the most distinctive feature is its ears. Covered with fluffy white fur, the ears are longer than those of elves. They are rabbit ears–a demihuman, a “rabbit man” a wererabbit.



“…so you came too, ‘Spooky’?” (Heiya)



(“Spooky”) (Kawataro)


(If I remember correctly… He’s a top ranker belonging to Headquarters.) (Kawataro)



“Just in case, I’m escorting His Excellency. Senior Juubei is in the middle of an expedition to Shinjuku. Ah, pyon.” (Man => Spooky)


“You don’t have to force that in the end.” (Heiya)



(Why this guy.) (Kawataro)



(At this time, this place.) (Kawataro)



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