Metro Labyrinth Chapter 133.2: Closing Ceremony 3

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T/N: Second part.



~3rd Person Perspective~



“Just in case, I’m escorting His Excellency. Senior Juubei is in the middle of an expedition to Shinjuku. Ah, pyon.” (Man => Spooky)


“You don’t have to force that in the end.” (Heiya)



(Why this guy.) (Kawataro)


(At this time, this place.) (Kawataro)



“Somehow, I heard that Shimoyan was uncharacteristically enthusiastic about his work, so I came to make fun of him… or rather, byun to visit him.” (Spooky)


“Haha. Thank you very much, but it’s about time for the closing ceremony, right? Shouldn’t you be at His Excellency’s side?” (Heiya)


“But… I can’t juts abandon my juniors.” (Spooky)


“Junior?” (Heiya)



 Kawataro opens his eyes.


 When Shimoyanagi took his eyes off him for a moment, “Spooky” raised his hand.



“–I’m from that village too, Byun.” (Spooky)





~Shuu’s Perspective~



“…when I returned to the village that night, the village was on fire… and all the villagers, every single one of them… my father and mother…” (Toroko)



 Toroko’s faltering tone was still heard with bated breath by the crowd of five thousand people.



“…the rest of us survived with only ten people… and the matter of our village is now the subject of a baseless rumor… ‘Cross Border Brigade’. When we learned that… We decided to become such a terrorist group… and dare to call ourselves ‘Cross Border Brigade’ and take revenge on you…” (Toroko)



 She is still as expressionless as ever, even now as she talks.  At the very least, I don’t think she’s talking nonsense.



“Yes, that’s why—” (Toroko)



 Susuyama? puts the loudspeaker back in his mouth.



“Eight years ago, the Church took the lives of over two hundred people in a brutal purge. Even though they were Free Folk without a family register, they were still citizens guaranteed certain rights under New Tokyo law, our fellow ‘people of the thread’. They made unreasonable and one-sided demands on them, and when they saw that they were refused, they set the whole village on fire and destroyed the truth…” (Susuyama?)



 He turns his head from side to side, his tone gradually becoming more passionate. The limp body of Ikebukuro’s Chief, who had been grabbed by the collar, swayed in time with his gestures.



“There are rumors, Founder Shoumon, that there is an intelligence unit under your direct control called the ‘White Mole’ in the Church, isn’t there? In terms of the scale of their military power, I suspect that they may have been the ones who initiated this massacre. …Do you have any words, your Eminence?” (Susuyama?)



 The eyes of the crowd turned to the Founder, who had remained silent the entire time. He takes a short breath, without changing his expression or looking around.



“It’s true that the Church… had dispatched diplomats to Hikifune Village on that day eight years ago.” (Shoumon)



 Even without the use of a loudspeaker, the voice reached the audience that had been so quiet.



“I will also admit that they were people who were engaged in espionage activities to the outside world. However… if innocent victims of the Hikifune Village are stigmatized by unsubstantiated rumors after their return to the Metro, then in the name of the Metro Church founder, I will clear their names…” (Shoumon)



 Founder continued in a hushed tone – and then closed their mouth.


 Toroko is frozen with his eyes wide open.



“…that’s all? What about that massacre…?” (Toroko)



 The Founder exhales and shakes his head slowly.



“I am aware of the destruction of the village of Hikifune. However, the diplomats who were sent there were not assigned to kill or injure the villagers. There is no evidence of their, or our, involvement in that matter.” (Shoumon)


“…you lie…” (Toroko)



 Toroko’s small body begins to tremble.



“…don’t you like to us… you f*ckers!” (Toroko)



 Toroko’s murderous rage swells as her angry shout echoes through the air.


 Unintentionally, I brace myself, and the governor spreads his arms out to the side to protect the Founder. But it seems to be a gesture not of protection, but of control over the Church members who have descended into the arena.



“…give them back… give them back, the people of the village… my father and mother…!” (Toroko)



 With the hostages in her arms, Toroko is still about to attack. She is breathing hard, teeth bared, tears in her eyes.



 Susuyama, next to her, guides the hand that grips her knife. The tip of the knife is held against Hagumi’s bare throat.



“…Admit your guilt… Apologize and release our captured comrades…! If not, this child…!” (Toroko)



 Susuyama grimaces with satisfaction as the loudspeaker picks up her ultimatum. Like an oni instructing his own child on how to behave badly.



“Hey, you know… that child is inno–” (Shuu)


“…shut up smooth face…!” (Toroko)


“I’m sorry for being smooth-faced, you jerk!” (Shuu)



 I knew it was out of conduct, but I couldn’t help but interrupt. I regret it a little. I asked myself about a hundred times why I had to be present in such a scene of carnage in the first place.



 And then the governor stepped forward a step or two. He held up his hands lightly, as if to show that he had no hostile intentions.



“–It’s just as His Holiness said.” (Chuuta)


“……eh?” (Toroko)


“I swear to you, what happened in that village was not done by the Church or the government.” (Chuuta)


“… liar! Who else but you guys…” (Toroko)


“Have you checked the number of bodies left in the village?” (Chuuta)


“……eh?” (Toroko)


“It was a week later that the next batch of men was dispatched. Most of the bodies were too charred or eaten by animals to identify, but some of them were bodies they knew. They were victims of the tragedy, too.” (Chuuta)



 Toroko was speechless.


 Next to him, Susuyama?’s eyes glared like a cat’s.


 The governor takes another step toward him and extends his hand.



I will tell you the truth about that day, as best we know it. I want to save you and your childhood friends in captivity. I want to save you all. So let the child go.” (Chuuta)


“…that—I don’t believe you…” (Toroko)



 The smile on Susuyama?’s face, which is contorted into a happy grin, grows even more wicked. To the point that I shudder.




“…oh-you. How far have you fallen? ‘Izanagi’s Apostle’.” (Susuyama?)



(Apostle?) (Shuu)


(Izanagi? The one Utsuki was talking about?) (Shuu)



 Another set of mind-racing words came up, and I felt like I was being left out of the loop.



“I see. So that’s how you got the rookie there to be present.” (Susuyama?)


“Huh?” (Shuu)



 I thought, and suddenly a new topic was brought up.



“Well… The timing of was too good. But Mr. Abe is not an apostle… he’s just a ‘Master Threadweaver’ like the rest of us.” (Chuuta)



 My eyes widened. Yes, I knew I was found out.



 Should I honestly admit it myself, or should I be defiant and thoroughly deny everything? While I was hesitant, the governor and Susuyama? kept staring at each other and kept their mouths shut. As if they were thinking about something.



“…Toroko, let’s go home.” (Susuyama?)



 The first one to break the silence was Susuyama, who turned his head languidly and continued to address the stunned Toroko.



“Your targets for revenge are not here. I have a reason why I can’t use up all my strength here. Now that we’ve had a good haul, let’s go home and eat.” (Susuyama?)


“……but……” (Toroko)


“Do you really think you can just say good-bye after all the trouble you’ve caused and all the important events you’ve ruined?” (Chuuta)


“Hyahaha, don’t be strong. We’re both suffering from indigestion, so why don’t we fight until one of us collapses? If it’s okay for this city to become a vacant lot for the 30th anniversary.”



 The air between the governor and the Commander is distorted. A dense bloodlust spreads roughly stroking the skin. It seemed that not only me but also Toroko had cold sweat all over her body.



 I thought that, but even the Founder behind turned pale. Even though he was expressionless until just a little while ago and had leaked out a large amount of big-fish air, his expression was clearly terrified. Even though he is a legendary “Master Threadweaver”, is he not good at fighting?



“Events are living creatures, what’s important is the mood of the moment. I’ll kill you later, but I’ll take the favor as it comes.” (Susuyama?)


“I appreciate the advice. But… I’m done.” (Chuuta)


“Huh? You—” (Susuyama?)




 Susuyama suddenly thrusts his hostage forward.



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