Metro Labyrinth Chapter 133.3: Closing Ceremony 3

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T/N: Third part.



~3rd Person Perspective~





“Events are living creatures, what’s important is the mood of the moment. I’ll kill you later, but I’ll take the favor as it comes.” (Susuyama?)


“I appreciate the advice. But… I’m done.” (Chuuta)


“Huh? You—” (Susuyama?)



 Susuyama suddenly thrusts his hostage forward.


 I caught it with [Sensory Spores].


 From above it, from under its feet, from left and right – countless invisible threads are surging in like a wave.



“I saw through the gap in the [Barrier]. I’ve bought enough time.” (Chuuta)



 Each strand is so thin that it cannot be seen by the naked eye, but they bundle together into a huge white cocoon that envelops Susuyama?.



“–The thread has been spun.” (Chuuta)



 The right arm holding the hostage snaps off, and the hostage falls out of the cocoon.



“Commander–” (Toroko)



 In that opening, I began to run.



 Toroko senses this and tries to point the knife at Hagumi again. My [White Bullet] scraped Toroko’s cheek as soon as I read her move. The opening that was created like that made me reach right in front of me.



“Give her back—” (Shuu)



 With my left hand, I grabbed the hand holding the knife, and with my right hand, I grasped the hand holding Hagumi—hitting her with the four hypha arms growing from my back.



“Ugh!” (Toroko)



 Toroko flew away, and Hagumi moved into my arms. Having successfully felt the warm and soft girl, I involuntarily roared “Yeah!”



 Toroko, who had quickly regained her stance, stands low. At the same time, her figure blurs. That slipping, silent movement, is it possible even on sand?



“Sorry, but–” (Shuu)



 A knife that rushes at me from the lower left corner is hit with an [Iron Fist] clad hypha arm flicking it away.



“If I can use my Fungal Skills, I can’t lose.” (Shuu)



 And my hypha arm is buried into Toroko’s belly. Toroko immediately stands on one knee while rolling on the ground. Still, I hold her stomach and coughing painfully.



“It’s over. Your boss is now a hypha ball.” (Shuu)


“……I……” (Toroko)


“If you resist, I’ll have my revenge for the other day. Since you were quiet for some time, I’ll have to be a little more active at the end—” (Shuu)



 At that moment [Sensory Spores] caught a foreign object, and I moved my head back.


 Even so, I couldn’t fully dodge it, and my forehead was grazed by something hard.



“Ngu!” (Shuu)



 The fist of my hypha arms, which was released on the spur of the moment, cuts through the air. But then, I saw someone was clinging to my arm like a frog on all fours.



 He is a handsome man of about the same age. He is wearing a hunter’s jersey. The edges of his rabbit ears are slightly illuminated by the moonlight–is he a demihuman?



“– Please don’t tease my junior, okay pyon?” (Spooky)



 Just as the weight on my arm disappeared, an impact hit my cheek. At the same time, I grabbed the chest of his jersey with my hypha arm, and with the momentum kicked his face, his body spun and slammed the opponent to the ground. slam! It makes a dull thud, but he bounces like a rubber ball and lands effortlessly.



(This guy.) (Shuu)


(Yeah.) (Shuu)


(He’s strong.) (Shuu)



“’Spooky’! Why!?” (Chuuta)


“Sir, I’m sorry, but I’m coming for you byun.” (Spooky)



 The man called “Spooky” responds to the Governor without looking back as he confronts me.



“And–it’s not over yet, Byun.” (Spooky)



 With a shudder, a black rod-like object protrudes from the giant cocoon. The black rod swam across the white surface like a shark’s fin, and then the threads scattered, and Susuyama? appeared from within.



“Ah… today is a bad day for my right arm.” (Susuyama?)



 While gazing ruefully at his right arm, the tip of which had been torn off at the forearm,



“But [Indestructible Sword] this thing. It’s fun… Chuuta’s prided [Threadweaver] is just yarn. Hihi!” (Susuyama)



 Susuyama? still laughs. [T/N: Okay! What is with that cheat?]



“Come on, let’s get out of here! Come on!” (Susuyama?)



 Toroko and “Spooky” immediately rush over, and the three of them float away. It was as if they were suspended by invisible balloons.



“–It’s the last show. Shall we make it flashy?” (Susuyama?)



 Susuyama grabbed his own face with his regrown right hand.


 And his body undulated and squirmed. His face, skin, and shape of his body undulate and change shape.



“…what is that guy…” (Shuu)



 Eventually, the undulations converge, and there he is, a young man with keloids on the left half of his face.



“…Uh, this suit is too tight!” (Susuyama?)





~3rd Person Perspective~



 Giran was sitting in the front row of the audience, leaning forward to watch the movement.



 He had moved the moment the situation changed, and had taken off with the chief in his arms at the same time that the Tokyo governor had locked Susuyama in with [Threadweaver].



 And Giran is now looking up at the man who was Susuyama floating in midair, alongside the Founder who was being protected by the Church members.



 Its eyes are glued.


 Still stunned, his mouth spills out.



“—The former king…” (Giran)





~3rd Person Perspective~



 Noa could only hold her breath at the entrance of the arena, along with the mayor and others.



 Hagumi had been rescued by Shuu, and at the same time, she and Aomoto and others had poured into the arena.



 Noa now looks up at the man who used to be Susuyama and falls to her knees crumbling to the ground.



 Tears welled up in his eyes.



“—Great gran…” (Noa)



 The mumbled words spilling from her lips were lost on the ears of everyone around her.





~Shuu’s Perspective~



“Well here I am! This is my handsome face!” (Susuyama?)



 The man who used to be Susuyama shouted overhead through a loudspeaker.



“Well, even if you do, 90% of the people here don’t know about me… The leader of the fake ‘Cross Border Brigade’ is a temporary figure that is hidden from the world, and my true name is Tsuruhashi Minato. One of the original ‘Master Threadweavers’ and the first head of the Ikebukuro Tribe! I’m home, Ikebukuro!” (Susuyama? => Minato)



 The crowd’s excitement quickly swells.



“I pretended to be dead for various reasons, and half of me died in the coup eight years ago, but I’m fine. So, here I am, the fourth ‘Master Threadweaver” is back! Oh, am, I the fifth? Hahaha!” (Minato)



 I, who had no choice but to endure the unexpected twist, shuddered for a moment when I saw the profile of the governor biting his lip in disgust.



“I’ll tell you what I wanted to do tonight. Why did the village of Hikifune have to be suppressed by the government and the Church in the first place? Why was it tied to the taboo vow of non-interference with the Wall? There was another big reason hidden there, besides the subject of protecting the health and lives of our people.” (Minato)



 The self-proclaimed Tsuruhashi Minato makes a little pause, then spreads his right arm wide.



“—The world outside the wall has not been destroyed. And the Wall is still standing tall and majestic, sealing us, the people of the thread, with our ‘Super Fungi’ and metro beasts, in this land!” (Minato)



 With a shock as if his heart had been grabbed, my mind goes blank.



(Outside the wall.) (Shuu)


(People.) (Shuu)


(They’re still alive?) (Shuu)



“We are not birds in a cage. …My real purpose is to tear down that damned wall and free us, the ‘people of the thread’, from the box garden that is draping us with false peace. To that end, I, the ‘Master Threadweaver’ Tsuruhashi Minato, hereby announce the formation of the new ‘Cross Border Brigade’!” (Minato)



 The self-proclaimed “Tsuruhashi” raises his right hand in a flurry. “Spooky” applauds next to him. Toroko seems to not understand the situation from the expression on her face.



“Threads are curses, the wall is a prison. I will never forgive the government and the cult for binding us to that wall that takes away our freedom with false empty laws. The ‘Cross Border Brigade’ will fight them, and we will win! Awake, people, follow me!” (Minato)



 The hall is silent. Everyone was stunned, mouths agape, unable to say anything.



“…so? Doesn’t sound good huh?” (Minato)


“Even if you suddenly say a lot of things, they’ll just get confused, byun.” (Spooky)


“I see. Well, it takes time to educate people. So, this is the end of today’s closing ceremony! Bye, thank you!” (Minato)



 The Governor’s body softly leaves the ground and flies like a bullet toward the self-proclaimed Tsuruhashi. He is lifting himself up by a string.



“Oh, by the way, this is the one I was going to use today. Here’s a sample.” (Minato)



 The self-proclaimed Tsuruhashi pulls out bluish spheres from his pocket and scatters them on the ground.




 As soon as the spheres are buried in the sand, they grow branches and turn into beasts with blue-black bodies, like plants growing in fast-forward. A scream echoes through the hall, and all the hunters who had descended to the arena immediately readied themselves.



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