Metro Labyrinth Chapter 133.4: Closing Ceremony 3

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T/N: Final part. Okay Minato is either a demon pretending to be a Master Threadweaver, or Master Threadweavers can eat a human/demihuman’s sporangium and grow from them. So Master Threadweavers are more similar to demons than the People of the Thread.



~3rd Person Perspective~



 The Governor’s body softly leaves the ground and flies like a bullet toward the self-proclaimed Tsuruhashi. He is lifting himself up by a string.



“Oh, by the way, this is the one I was going to use today. Here’s a sample.” (Minato)



 The self-proclaimed Tsuruhashi pulls out bluish spheres from his pocket and scatters them on the ground.



 As soon as the spheres are buried in the sand, they grow branches and turn into beasts with blue-black bodies, like plants growing in fast-forward. A scream echoes through the hall, and all the hunters who had descended to the arena immediately readied themselves.



 A rushing animal runs up to the arena. A squirrel on my shoulder says in my ear.



“Abeshuu, be careful, squeak. They’re all level 60 squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Tamiko! How? Are you alright?” (Shuu)


“Made from the sporangia of ‘Family’ using [Mistletoe Skill]. If you don’t go on like this, the subordinates I’ve deployed all over the city will spread it around. What are you going to do, Chuuta?” (Minato)



 The governor, facing the self-proclaimed Tsuruhashi in mid-air, shrank back grinding his teeth, and yelled,



“Get rid of them quickly! Everyone else should return to the city and watch out for the appearance of the Metro Beasts! Go, hunters!” (Chuuta)



 “Hyahaha”, the self-proclaimed Tsuruhashi laughed happily.




“See you later, Chuuta. And—Abe. Next time we meet, let’s talk about the old days.” (Minato)



 With these words, the three people, who call themselves the “Cross Border Brigade”, pass over the arena roof and disappear into the night sky and its crescent moon.



 Wary of the blue beasts that seemed ready to attack at any moment, I looked up at the Governor of Tokyo, who remained alone in the air. His annoyed, angry voice echoes in the night sky.





 The blue beasts were as strong as Tamiko had predicted. It looked as if they would be a good match for the Boss Met.



 The venue was in chaos with some of the spectators running for their lives. After somehow managing to defeat them in cooperation with Giran and the hunters at the headquarters, they were sent out into the city by the irate governor, who kept them on guard duty throughout the night. I had hoped that the participants in the game would at least be exempted, but not going against a grumpy president is the most elementary of life-prolonging techniques for working people.



 Kawataro and the other members of the “Cross Border Brigade” captured by Shimoyanagi and his team were released by “Spooky”. Then Shimoyanagi, who joined us to guard the city, had a bandage on his head and looked as if he would turn anyone into Swiss cheese if they spoke to him wrong.



 The city was full of people on the eve of the festival, but there was nothing more than drunken skirmishes and money troubles between street thugs, and there were no terrorists anywhere to be seen. Naturally, there were no metro beasts (it would be a catastrophe if even one appeared).



 However, not everything was uneventful. The bodies of Susuyama himself and one of the people who had been guarding the Ikebukuro chief were found. So, the self-proclaimed “Tsuruhashi” had killed them at the venue and then pretended to be them through [Mimicry].



 Also, the mayor’s mansion was broken into by bandits during the Grand Tournament. It is said that he was robbed of everything he had, including cash, household goods, and medicines he had been collecting for his daughter. Aomoto said it was a premeditated crime aimed at the timing when security was lax.



 However, the mayor didn’t seem to care that much, and I felt he was quite the saint when he said, “I’m glad no one was hurt,” I secretly worshiped him.



 Then the long night dawned, and the sky turned bright.



 The hunters, exhausted from being worked so hard, sit slumped in front of the guild’s entrance, looking out at the quiet street where the traffic has finally died down. The fact that they are waiting for the order to disband in this manner is a reminder of the Japanese genes that have been passed down from generation to generation.



 Tamiko is lying on her stomach, her head hanging over my shoulder, and Noa is swaying, leaning on her knees. Kure has been trying to lure me to his lap, so I keep my head pressed against the wall.



 Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around, but there was no one behind me.



 I was tapped again. Sensing the identity of the invisible person, I placed Tamiko on Noa’s lap and quietly left the place.



“—Thank you for your hard work.” (Chuuta)



 Standing in front of him is a boy who looks like he’s on his way home from Shichi-Go-San Festival. He is the governor of Tokyo.



“We have a lot to talk about—but you are from the same era as I am, aren’t you?” (Chuuta)



 The question is straightforward, and I know there’s no way to cover it up now. I just nod.



“…yes. I’m also someone born in the Heisei era.” (Shuu)



 “Fufu,” the Governor laughs.



“I was prepared for this, but too much has happened today. …A new enemy has been born in this country, and a disturbing truth has been revealed to the people. The people will be more than confused, and the nation will be facing a time of great upheaval.” (Chuuta)



 The same is true for me. Although I won the Tournament with flying colors, I let the villain slip through my fingers in the end. All that remained was a sense of regret and mystery.


 And finally, I was exposed. The days of peace and quiet may be over. Or maybe they were never there.



“Um, can I ask you one thing?” (Shuu)


“Yes?” (Chuuta)


“At that time, when that Tsuruhashi was flying in the air and giving his speech, why didn’t you stop him?” (Shuu)



 I think he was waiting until that speech was over before he started. In the first place, I also feel like he dared to take it head-on, even with Toroko’s case.



“…Well, I don’t know.” (Chuuta)



 The mature gesture of vaguely shrugging doesn’t look like a performative action. After all, he is much older.



“There are a lot of problems, but… a new hope has also been born. The Thirteenth ‘Master Threadweaver’.” (Chuuta)



 A small hand is held out. A soft-looking hand with fingers that haven’t fully grown yet.



“Welcome to the land of threadweavers.” (Chuuta)



 Aware that my face was burning, I grabbed it.



“…Yes, thank you very much.” (Shuu)


“However… I should probably make sure you’re the real deal. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not a big crook. I wouldn’t want to be fooled more than once a day.” (Chuuta)


“Eh?” (Shuu)



 The Governor takes a few steps away and produces a string in his hand. It took the form of sword, a [Katana]. He also puts [Light Blade] on it.



“Eh, hey?” (Shuu)


“This will confirm if you are really from that era or not. Come on, Mr. Abe.” (Chuuta)



 I did as he said and created a [Katana] with [Light Blade], but to be honest, I was very upset.



(What do you mean by “confirm”?) (Shuu)


(Like I should prove my skill by fighting?) (Shuu)


(Or is it like he wants me to show him [Immortality] by getting cut?) (Shuu)



 At this stage of the game, I don’t have the strength left to engage in a full-fledged mock battle. I don’t want to get hurt any more than I already have.



“Oh, that’s wrong, raise your sword high.” (Chuuta)


“Yes?” (Shuu)



 Put the blade back as instructed. Then, the Governor of Tokyo brandishes his [Battle Sword] and swings it down in anguish–very slowly.



“Buon.” (Chuuta)



 It is not a sound of cutting through the air, but an onomatopoeia emanating from the governor’s mouth.


 It’s slow, so if I dodge sideways, it will slowly come sideways. And “Buon”.



 As I dodged it with my head tilted back, I finally understands. He understands everything.


 I also take my stance—lifting the hilt to the side of my face and swing it down. Slowly.



“Buon.” (Shuu)



 The governor receives the sword sideways. At the moment before the edges collide, we both say “Bachun” at the same time. And then we chuckle at each other.



“Buon.” (Shuu)


“Buon.” (Chuuta)


“Bachun.” (Shuu & Chuuta)



 A Space swordfight unfolds at a speed that was able to catch a fly. Feeling the force running through my body as we do meaningless backflips and spins.



“Kuh—ho!” (Shuu).


“No, I am your father!” (Chuuta)


“Buon.” (Shuu)


“Buon.” (Chuuta)


“Bachun.” (Shuu & Chuuta)


“Buon.” (Shuu)


“Bachun.” (Shuu & Chuuta)


“Bachun.” (Shuu & Chuuta)


“Ha!” (Chuuta)



 The governor raises his hand. Me, who took it seriously, threw myself back, saying “guuh!”. It’s fun, I can do this for another hour.



 I look back and see Tamiko and Noa peering at me from the shadows with blank eyes.



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