Metro Labyrinth Chapter 133.i2.2: An Adventure Over Acorn 2

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T/N: I’m using the old Outsuka Metro terms because this is a chapter before meeting Noa and knowing all the standard terms.



 Whether this is due to the unique ability of the Wraith or whether it is an agreement of servitude by force, I don’t know, and it doesn’t make sense to think about it now. What’s important is that the Wraith alone is formidable, and the harassers are coming in from above to distract me.



(Do we get rid of those guys first?) (Shuu)



 The risk of them taking advantage of that opportunity is high, but is it better? Or… There may be an option to just run away. But there is a high possibility that they will attack us in the back and kill us.



“Abeshuu.” (Tamiko)



 I was slapped on the cheek. It was Tamiko.



“I’ll take care of them, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Eh?” (Shuu)


“I’ll fight the goblins, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“No, but–” (Shuu)



 Tamiko was already over level 30. However, she is not the type who is suitable for combat, both physically and in terms of skills. Although she has the experience of single-handedly defeating a red goblin—as expected, taking on three of them would be too risky.



“But if I don’t do anything, we’ll be in trouble, squeak. Not only is your level low, but the impact of your face is also low, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“I don’t need to talk about my face right now.” (Shuu)


“Don’t underestimate me, squeak. Those noisy small fries are too weak for me, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Weak, huh?” (Shuu)



 With a slightly uneasy face, trembling a little, but Tamiko was unusually determined.


 I pondered for a few moments and nodded.



“…Don’t be unreasonable, okay? If it gets dangerous, run away first, promise me.” (Shuu)



 Tamiko nodded, keeping her eyes straight ahead.



“This is it, squeak, this is a memorable fight, Abeshuu.” (Tamiko)


“Hit them where it hurts, you heroic squirrel.” (Shuu)



 The smoke cleared, and both Tamiko and I jumped out at the same time. I stepped forward, Tamiko moved me.


 With the Sensory Spores, we knew where they were, and I released a Burning Ball and an Electric Ball.



 Just before the balls hit, the huge white body jumped back at high speed, avoiding the small explosion and the electric current. As soon as it landed on the pipe behind, it swung its arm—and it stopped with a snap.


 It seems to be on alert – if so, it was right. Tamiko wasn’t the only one who is confused.



“Screechers, squeak!” (Tamiko)



 Tamiko’s voice rang out above her head. The Red Goblins were not attacking me, and Tamiko was facing them.



“Here’s an old grudge, leave it to me! Shaaa!” (Tamiko)



 Seeing the dependability of my partner who entrusted her back to me, I smiled to myself.



“…Hey, do you know?” (Shuu)



 While calling out to the Wraith, who was silent like a ghost, I quickly took off my wolf pelt clogs. It’s too slippery on the pipe, bare feet is more stable.



(Our goal–) (Shuu)


(It’s not about winning against this guy.) (Shuu)



 We have something to look ahead to. It’s still far away.



“–In the Outsuka Metro, it’s not until we’ve lost once that we can really start to get it right.” (Shuu)



 If that is the case, now is the time to pull out the thorn on my side, stinging me for a long time. That’s all I think about, and that’s all I do.



“–Let’s settle this, no hard feelings.” (Shuu) [T/N: Serious Shuu is so cool!]



 The trembling had long since subsided. I gritted my teeth and held my hypha shield in front and my hypha sword behind.





“Boooooo!” (Wraith)




 An arm extended toward me, either from the front or bending around the pipes. The tips of its fingers were aligned like a knife hand, as if it were earnestly seeking my guts.



 I sharpened my nerves and started racking my brain at full speed.



 It avoided being hit by the balls by watching the initial movement and trajectory of the attack. It even grasped the foothold beyond which it had jumped back and linked this to its next move.



 This is not the usual flat battlefield, but requires three-dimensional movement and thinking. I have to concentrate so hard that my nose starts bleeding. It’s already hard, though.



 The Wraith is bizarrely wary of letting me close the gap between us, that’s how they stand. It is constantly changing its footing to maintain a certain distance from me, slowly driving its prey into checks and attacks. It is too cunning and calculating to be a monkey.



(Do monkeys have very well-developed toes.) (Shuu)



 They have the foundation to continue to launch powerful attacks even on unstable footholds. This is directly related to their mobility and evasiveness, in other words, this is overwhelmingly their home turf.



“Guh!” (Shuu)



 While defending my head properly, I was still getting hit here and there.


 If I jump in carelessly, attacks will only be dodged or counterattacked. If this is the case, it will always be Wraith’s turn, and I will only be tortured and killed from a long distance.



“—no.” (Shuu)



 A swing of the hypha sword changes the story.



“Bueeee!” (Wraith)



 The Wraith hurriedly pulled back its arm, which was stained red around the wrist.



“What are you looking surprised for?” (Shuu)



 There is actually nothing for me to say. I was just buying time.


 To reach a reliable footing. Time to grasp the speed and timing of the opponent’s attack. The moment you can sit down and swing your sword.




 It is no different from what I have been doing. I just kept patiently enduring, recognizing the attack pattern, and waiting for the opportunity to strike back. For the Wraith, it was a single move, for me, a split-second chance.



“I’ve only returned one hit, you know?” (Shuu)



 The tension in the air was thick enough to cut a slice, but the Wraith’s fur and bones were harder than expected.


 Still, it was a fact that I had inflicted a wound. I know that it is not by luck or coincidence that I have been able to survive this long without sustaining any serious wounds in the face of an opponent that I could not even reach three years ago.



 The things I have accumulated over the past three years have allowed me to reach this point.



“Buuuu!” (Wraith)



 With a low, roaring rage, the Wraith swings its arms around. It’s like the whipping of a giant tree, as it is blown by a raging storm, cleaving the area and scattering fragments of pipes it struck.



 The sound of intermittent destruction is mingled with the screams of the crumpled and creaking pipes,




“–It’s a bad move, a frenzied attack.” (Shuu)



 I was already behind the Wraith.



 The second strike, which was supposed to slice through the back, was dodged just before the full force of the swing, and only grazed the shoulder. But finally, I was able to grab an opening – it was now time to take my turn.



“Ooh!” (Shuu)



 The Wraith tried to push me away, swinging its arm as it retreated. But I closed the distance and clamp down. If I fold at this point, we’ll be right back where we started.



“Buuuu!” (Wraith)



 The arm that is brought out at close range is packed with more danger than at long range. The wind whistling past my ear is minimal, but if I am hit directly, it’s powerful enough to blow my head off.



 However, what I do is the same. Anticipate movement, evade and defend.



(I can see it.) (Shuu)



 I open my eyes.



(Don’t be afraid.) (Shuu)



 I don’t worry about scratches.



(Go!) (Shuu)



 Hold on tight with my footwork.


 Don’t be afraid to jump in.



(There it is.) (Shuu)




 And then, I slash into the glimpse of the opening.



 The arm that caught my sword was as stiff as if it were filled with lead. Even if I slashed at it with all my might, the blade cannot penetrate the bone.



“Raaaaaah!” (Shuu)



 Even so, the damage is definitely accumulating. Its arm is not made of steel or concrete, but of flesh and blood. Blood splatters and pieces of hairy flesh are torn off. The left half of its face, like a Noh mask, is distorted with pain and impatience.



(It’s working.) (Shuu)



 Both of us are punching and scraping each other at close range. Even so, we are able to close in with each other without retreating even a single step.



 They are on a higher level. Moreover, they are going up against a foe with whom I had a history of being beaten to a pulp once before. Three years ago, I would have been scared to death just facing it.



(What about my three years?) (Shuu)


(I wasn’t wrong, was I?) (Shuu)



 I’ve also gotten used to the slipperiness of the pipes. Stomping firmly with the soles of my feet, diving low into its chest, and strike a horizontal sweeping blow. A red line runs horizontally across its pure white side, and blood spurts out.



“Gooooooo!” (Wraith)



 The Wraith makes a big step back and jumps up to the pipe overhead. I grabbed the pipe with hard that my fingers were sinking into the pipe, and I climbed up by swinging my body on a reverse climb.




“–Don’t run away!” (Shuu)



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