Metro Labyrinth Chapter 133.i4.1: Underground Tournament 2

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3rd Person Perspective



“—So, you brought him here, huh? That brother there.” (Gorin)


“Ah, yes…” (Koichi)




 After leaving the guild, Koichi went to the same tavern with Hamada as yesterday. Accompanied by Kure Izuho.




“Heh, it’s a fairly normal-looking storefront. Though it seems like it’s hard to enter alone, so it might be a good opportunity.” (Kure)



 Kure is curiously looking around. Without refusing, he sat down across from Hamada and stared at the menu on the shoji paper [T/N: Traditional Japanese paper.] hanging on the wall, and made an order, “Boss, salted gizzards and liver skewers.



“Brother, do you know what kind of person the old man in front of you is?” (Gorin)


“He’s a member of a criminal group, a despised ruffian who lurks in the shadows of the city. To put it bluntly, he is a yakuza, isn’t he?” (Kure)


“Heh, as expected of a fighter in the previous Grand Tournament. You don’t have any obligation to bend because of a thug, even in the middle of the day.” (Gorin)




 Koichi can’t stop sweating. He can’t look straight at the face of the attendant who waits behind Hamada.




“I thought you were the one who wanted to see me.” (Kure)


“…Oh, Koichi. Hey, what did you say to this guy? What happened to the Hero?” (Gorin)


“Well, that…” (Koichi)



 The “Hero of Sugamo,” Abe Shuu, is not in Sugamo at the moment. He left the city two days ago.



“Shuu, said he’s been feeling a little down lately. He couldn’t stand the way people were looking at him, or the difference in temperature of the gazes, or something like that.” (Kure)



 To tell the truth, it was only the city people and some of the hunters who admired Abe Shuu unreservedly. The other hunters, especially the old and middle rank and veteran hunters, are the exact opposite, they are apparently distant.



 It was not because of envy or jealousy toward the newcomer who had just made the headlines, but rather a reaction to his alleged Fungal Class fraud.



 Koichi himself did not notice it until it was pointed out to him, but the Fungal Skills that Abe Shuu used in his match was a combination that would not normally be possible with his Fungal Class as a [Holy Knight]. The rare skill [Light Blade] of the [Knight] system and the evolved Fungal Skill [True Asura], which is said to be the pinnacle of the “Fighter” system. Other Fungal Skills that were not disclosed at the time of the interview were also apparently used.



“Is Abe’s Fungal Class really a [Holy Knight]?” (Gorin)



 It was only natural that some of the hunters who noticed this would raise such suspicions. It may be true to say that there is simply no precedent for this, but it is also true that he is unusually versatile even for a general-purpose type and that he is a maverick who can use two different systems deeply.



 It is said that the upper management of the branch interviewed him immediately after the convention, but the contents of the interview were not made public to general guild members. The plausible reason was “to protect individual privacy”, but it aroused the suspicion of others.



“Shuu is a surprisingly timid boy. Before he left, he was muttering, ‘I don’t want to get flamed. I don’t want to get flamed.’” (Kure)



 So, after receiving a few “novice-friendly requests that even a rookie can do,” he should be touring the neighboring towns and Metros by now. Along with his buddies.



“Mr. Kure, why didn’t you go with him? He’s a companion–” (Koichi)



 The moment Koichi carelessly spilled such a thing, blood vessels bulged on Kure’s temples. His expression barely changed, but the bloodthirst from his whole body made Koichi so scared that he was prepared to be killed.



“The night before… Shuu lent me his futon.” (Kure)


“Huh?” (Koichi)


“He said I’ll get sick if I always sleep on the kitchen floor and catch a summer cold. He was so kind that I almost screamed. Naturally, I suggested that we share the bed, but he said that it was too small for two men to sleep together and that I should take a good rest alone today. So, I decided to take him up on his offer.” (Kure)


“Huh?” (Koichi)



 It was the moment when their doubts turned to certainty.



“Wrapped in the softness and warmth of the futon and the cloying scent of Shuu, I couldn’t help but alternate between an unprecedented excitement and the comfort of being held in the lovely embrace. I can’t fall asleep because my head is boiling! As I was feeling restless, Shuu lit a candle with some aromatherapy mushrooms to help me get a good night’s sleep. Somehow, I fell into a comfortable sleep, and when I woke up… There was a note saying ‘Leave it under a potted plant’ and a key to the house. That was the day before yesterday morning.” (Kure)



 So, it was a trap?



“It’s not like I was left behind.” (Kure)


“I didn’t say anything.” (Koichi)


“He entrusted me with the peace of this city… Just like the terrorists at the tournament, there is no guarantee that threats will never come to this city again. For times like these, I, the most reliable, is the strongest. He left a trusted companion in this city.” (Kure)



 He had the eyes of a fanatical Metro Church believer. After telling himself that so many times, it must have become true to him.



 Hamada was about to cut the conversation short and leave, but a strange idea occurred to him when Kure began to talk in a bloodthirsty manner, “I’m bored to death,” “I’m itching to move my body as much as I can,” and “If possible, I want to fight the city’s most powerful people.” He was convinced that there was no other effective way to get him involved. So he said the perfect words,



“–I heard what you said. I’ll let you fight a strong guy.” (Gorin)



 While grabbing the grilled skewers that were brought to them, Kure grinned happily.





 They followed Hamada to the riverbank, and the destination was Hamada’s mansion in the same district. Koichi had visited the house several times (as a guest). It is an old two-story house surrounded by high hedges, and since it also serves as an office for the clan, there are many people coming and going.



 Just when they thought they were entering the mansion, Hamada sat down in the lantern garden and whispered into his attendant’s ear.




“Brother, I’m sorry for bothering you in such a difficult place. By the way, did I introduce myself?” (Gorin)


“I don’t think that’s necessary. You must be Hamada Gorin, the head of the Hamada clan, the biggest underworld organization in the backstreets of Sugamo.” (Kure)



 Hamada glanced at him, and Koichi shook his head. In the guild, they didn’t talk that deep. “I’m looking for someone who can fight against a certain formidable enemy,” “If you can fight, you’ll receive a suitable reward.” As expected, in the middle of the guild, Koichi didn’t have the guts to hint at a connection with underworld organizations.



“No, there’s a nameplate there that says ‘Hamada’ on it. You look like a yakuza boss, and so, there’s no need for you to say your name anymore.” (Kure)


“I’m famous now that even the outsiders know my name. Have you been in Sugamo for a long time?” (Gorin)


“I’ve only been here for about a month. I’ve had a chance to look through the newspaper and circulars, and I’ve seen some of the guild’s notices, so I’ve become somewhat familiar with the town. Once I see something, I never forget it.” (Kure) [T/N: Eidetic memory, perverts are really skilled.]



 Hamada gently stroked his chin and grinned.



“You’re funny, brother. I’ve heard a little about you too. Senju’s Kure Izuho, I’m sure about your Fungal Class and level…” (Gorin)


“[Fighter], level 52.” (Kure)


“Oh, yeah. I heard that you were a kid who jumped into the match. I didn’t get to see the match, but I was busy preparing for the festival that day, so I was busy here until midnight.”  (Gorin)



 Hamada glances toward the front door, and as if in response, the valet from earlier and several others come outside. The large man at the back is someone Koichi is familiar with.



“But I’ve heard about it. Even when one of your arms was cut off, you still fought until the end. You’re a man in the middle of nothing, aren’t you? I like you. Let the people learn from you.” (Gorin)



 The actual match was dominated by his opponent, Kang Yoshitsune, from start to finish, and it was a match where he won the match and dominated it–this is the commentary of the senior hunters. Both were absolute monsters for Koichi to discuss them lightly, though.



 When he saw him at the guild, Koichi thought there was no one better suited for the job than him. He had the fighting skills to go toe-to-toe with the best swordsman in the world without the use of Hypha Weapons, and he had few ties to Sugamo. Koichi was convinced that it was no coincidence that he met him there.



“Koichi must have told you that we are looking for a good guy. We’re planning a bit of a fighting tournament.” (Gorin)


“It’s an Underworld Tournament, right? And you guys are looking for a good stand-in.” (Kure)



 Koichi’s eyes widen. That’s information he hasn’t explained to him yet.



“I have a pretty good idea what you’re doing. I’m not an idiot either.” (Kure)


“You’re from Senju, aren’t you? A true hunter would not have any connection with Underworld Tournament.” (Gorin)



“I am not interested in the truth of the urban legend… That the founder was the first chief Lord Oyama Masuo, who wandered from place to place… I know for a fact that the Tokyo Underworld Tournament exists.” (Kure)



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