Metro Labyrinth Chapter 133.i4.2: Underground Tournament 2

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 Koichi’s eyes widen. That’s information he hasn’t explained to him yet.



“I have a pretty good idea what you’re doing. I’m not an idiot either.” (Kure)


“You’re from Senju, aren’t you? A true hunter would not have any connection with Underworld Tournament.” (Gorin)


“I am not interested in the truth of the urban legend… That the founder was the first chief Lord Oyama Masuo, who wandered from place to place… I know for a fact that the Tokyo Underworld Tournament exists.” (Kure)


“Don’t tell me you’ve been in the ring before?” (Gorin)


“I was a spectator at Itabashi once last year. I wanted to participate in the tournament, but it looked like a lot of hassle to prove my identity and go through the formalities, so I jumped in, choked out the champion, and ran away.” (Kure)


“Oh, you’re so bold… Are you serious?” (Gorin)



 Kure nodded at Hamada who stared at him. Koichi chocked loudly.



“The point is that the rival camps have prepared a lot of skills for the black market, and they are looking for people who can beat them, right? Yakuza are creatures who put their honor above everything else, so the fact that they are in a hurry to find a substitute is a sign that there will be a prize or penalty for winning or losing.” (Kure)



 Hamada scratched his wrinkled nose. Koichi knew that it was a gesture when he was seriously evaluating the person in front of him.



“Well, I’m not going to pry into the details, and I’m not going to step into your territory. I’m sure all your problems will be taken care of… I will solve it.” (Kure)


“You’ve got a good eye for small details, brother. You’re too good to be a hunter. But… Dago.” (Gorin)


“Yes.” (Dago)



 In front of him is a skinhead man who is more than two times larger than Kure. His face is as rough as a child’s doodle, with a scar under his left eye and a chipped front tooth peeking out when he smiles.



 Dago is not a legitimate hunter. He is a rough ex-Free Folk who was kicked out of the village where he was born and raised due to his bad behavior, wandered around the country to hone his skills, and was “adopted” by Hamada here in Sugamo, where he drifted to.



 He is a brawny man who still cannot read, write, or do simple multiplication at over 30 years of age, and is Koichi’s senior in the Underworld Tournament. He takes care of him a little, but to be honest, he is not Koichi’s favorite. He is not a scoundrel by any means, but he is single-minded, and has a strong sense of humor, but is rough, short-tempered, and violent. He is in a good mood as long as he is coaxed, but once he loses it, he becomes as difficult to handle as an animal that has had its food taken away from it.



 However, his ability is real.



“Chao Dago, a level 54 [Fighter]. He’s our number one winner, and he was the Sugamo Tournament Champion last year and the year before. In other words, I’ve got all the pieces I need.” (Gorin)



 Koichi did not miss the gleam in Kure’s eye.



“…Huh, then why am I substituting here?” (Kure)


“It’s a simple matter. Even with Dago, they are opponents that we have no chance of winning. As you say, there are circumstances where we can’t afford to lose to them, so I’m going to throw away my shame. It doesn’t matter whether it’s relatives or strangers, just send someone who has even the slightest chance of winning to the ring.” (Gorin)


“Just because my old man is being cowardly,” Dago said. “There’s no way I’m going to lose, you know? At least, I want you to trust me more than this woman-looking buster.”




 Dago leaned forward and brought his face close to Kure’s, probably meaning to call him a “bastard” but whatever the case. A throbbing vein appeared on his temple.




“Please, Brother Dago, calm down—” (Koichi)


“Shut up! Shut up!” (Dago)



 He is clearly in a bad mood. The air is filled with a sense of immediate conflict, and it would not be surprising if he were to strike at Kure right now.



 Dago is certainly not amused. Even though it is a big deal for the clan, no, it is natural for him to be frustrated with his adoptive father, who does not trust him and seeks out a replacement for him. Perhaps because of the trauma of being abandoned by the people of his hometown when he was an adolescent, he is a man with a strong sense of family and love for his clan.



 As for Kure, he never breaks his cool face. Even though there is a man in front of him who is clearly hostile, he takes his criticism head-on and even has a faint smile on his face.



“…By the way, may I ask the name of the opponent?” (Kure)


“……” (Dago)



 At that moment, Hamada answered.



“Hi–” (Gorin)



 There was no way that such a thing was possible in reality. But Koichi still sees it clearly.



 Kure’s lips are curving into a smile up to his ears. A black mist-like air blows up from its whole body. A sinister murderous haze like that of a demon materialized.



 And it seems that Koichi wasn’t the only one.



 When Koichi saw Dago, who was facing him up close, opened his eyes wide, he let out a scream-like gasp, he readied his fist. It was an instinctive defensive attack as if he was trying to push back the dangerous creature in front of him.



 The fist, which is twice the size of a normal person’s fist, catches Kure in the face—and instantly, the fist goes right through him. The afterimage of Kure’s nose punched through disappears, and Kure’s head is suddenly next to the fist.



 Before Dago can pull back his outstretched arm, Kure presses down on his wrist from above. Dago’s body collapses forward.



 Kure spins his head halfway around on its axis. At the same time, his other hand twists Dago’s wrist. Dago’s huge body flies through the air, spinning once vertically, and slams back down to the ground with a heavy slam. Dago could only choke out a gasp.



“You–” (Dago)



 Unable to catch himself, Dago must have felt a considerable impact from the weight of his own body. Still, Dago, unfazed, immediately turns himself around, shakes off his right hand, which is bound by force, and grabs Kure by the ankle with his left hand.



 —However, Kure is not there. Even to Koichi, who was watching closest, it looked as if he had vanished.



 And then he realized that he was behind Dago.



 Kure’s legs are wrapped around Dago’s right arm, and his light arm is wrapped around Dago’s torso,


 That left arm entwined with Dago’s left arm,


 Then his right arm strangles Dago’s neck.



 After only a few seconds, the time it takes Dago to flail his legs and struggle, his left arm slumps down, powerless.



 Dago’s left arm hung limp, and at the same time, Kure released the restraints and stood up. He gave a small sight.



“…Please forgive me. It was him who started it.” (Kure)



 Dago is still lying on the ground. His eyes are white and reddish foam is spilling from his mouth.



“Ah, he was really strong. If it was a proper match, I might have struggled a bit more, but, I don’t think the result would have changed.” (Kure)



 Koichi, Hamada, and the other clan members could only stare in amazement as he brushed the dust off his jersey with a casual sweep.



“The level and the fungus job are not enough to determine the winner. I can assure you that I am the only one in Sugamo right now who can beat that man in the ring in the Underworld Tournament.” (Kure)


“Kaha–Kahahaha…” (Gorin)



 Hamada laughed dryly.



“… Okay, please do it for me. You’re the one who’s going to participate in the next Underworld Tournament. Master Kure, please do this one thing for us.” (Gorin)


“I honestly don’t care if it’s for your sake–” (Kure)



 He walked up to Hamada and held out his hand.



“Our interests and methods are the same. Please leave it to me, I will definitely win.” (Kure)



 A firm handshake is exchanged.


 Thus, the contract between the yakuza seeking power and the monster seeking a fighter was sealed.



“Hey, Koichi.” (Gorin)


“Uh, yes.” (Koichi)


“You, you’re going to be the master’s assistant.” (Gorin)


“Huh what?” (Koichi)


“Of course. I’ll get you whatever you need. I’ll take care of it.” (Gorin)



 “Why me? It is certainly a natural thought.” Thought Koichi who is a hunter, younger and (probably) his junior, and he’s also the one who brought him here.



 Koichi’s shoulder is tapped from behind.



 Koichi’s neck awkwardly turned like a rusty screw. When he turned around, Kure was standing there.



“It’s been a week since we met? Nice to meet you. I have a lot of things to ask of you.” (Kure)



 Koichi has no choice but to respond with a smile and handshake. Koichi had no choice but to comply.



(Taking care of this person?) (Koichi)


(What am I going to do?) (Koichi)



 In this short time, he realized how much he didn’t understand this person.


 And at the same time, he knew some things about this person.



(What am I doing?) (Koichi)




 To his brothers and sisters.


 Koichi sends a prayer that may be forced to climb the stairs of adulthood unexpectedly.



“Well then, shall we go now?” (Kure)


“Eh!? Huh!?” (Koichi)



 Koichi’s shoulders crawled.



“Eh, um, where, where to–” (Koichi)


“Isn’t it decided?” (Kure)



 Despite Koichi, Kure smiled happily.



“–I’m going to get the duplicate key I ordered yesterday.” (Kure)



T/N: Welp. Someone’s booty might get dug up by a long hard shovel. LOL. Doubt it. Kure seems to only like strong men. Joking aside, Kure is pretty strong for a supporting/joke character. I really want more brawling, but I would prefer it if the enemy is a Metro Beast or Demon.



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