Metro Labyrinth Chapter 133.i7.1: Underground Tournament 5

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3rd Person Perspective



 The right arm that was severed by Kang Yoshitsune in the previous match was immediately treated by a [Sage] of the Church in the infirmary. The treatment was not [Divine Healing], a super-rare skill that regenerates the entire missing part, but [Holy healing], a treatment that joins the cut section of his arm.



 In the former case, new skin sticks and rough bones resembling tree branches grow. It is said that a considerable amount of time will be required for rehabilitation to restore muscle strength and nerve function, and the Shishikaba sisters were concerned about this point (during that time, they would not be able to drink alcohol as they wished).



 In the latter case, the rehabilitation period would be much shorter than the former, provided that “no time has elapsed since the amputation” and “the cross section is clean. On this point, he can only be thankful for Yoshitsune’s skill and his too-sharp sword skills.



 However, it was explained to Kure that in rare cases, the nerve connections may not be properly connected, leaving aftereffects such as numbness, pain, or even paralysis in the worst cases. This was up to the skill of the practitioner, or perhaps just luck—and it seemed that Kure had drawn the unlucky lottery ticket.



 As Tommy and Koichi had discovered, Kure’s right hand was now suffering from numbness in the tips of his fingers, impaired movement, and a significant loss of grip strength, which are not minor symptoms.



 According to the [Sage] who performed the treatment, those symptoms would disappear or be alleviated depending on the rehabilitation. It was said that the possibility was high considering the fact that Kure himself had [Self-Regeneration], but—as expected, he couldn’t make it in time for today’s match.



“Use your Father’s Kure-style martial arts, Izuho.” (Tommy)



 Tommy says,



“Your style is the result of forcing your father’s flawed technique and rationality into reality with your own physical ability and sense, isn’t it? I can’t believe you’ve managed to take a bunch of girls’ self-defense techniques and hone them into such a state of perfection, that it’s too ridiculous. Your efforts are bringing tears to my eyes.” (Tommy)


“It is surprising that Uncle is so familiar with my father’s techniques.” (Kure)


“Heh… it’s a rare trick that doesn’t have a user these days, but if the seed splits, it’s not a big threat. What’s more, your dominant hand which is the foundation of that technique is a bit of a mess. I don’t care what you have to say, drop my brother’s trick and use the old bastard’s. Otherwise, there’s no point in this fight anymore.” (Tommy)



 Saying that, Tommy readied his posture.



“I left my hometown to master my father’s techniques and make them known to the world.” (Kure)



 Kure slowly stood up,



“If I throw it away here, there’s no point in living.” (Kure)



 As always, Kure keeps his posture low.



“I’m relieved to hear that… because my victory is decided.” (Tommy)



(I agree, uncle.) (Kure)


(I’m just about convinced, too.) (Kure)


(I am winning this fight—) (Kure)



 A flash of white bursts behind Kure’s eyes, interrupting his thoughts.



 Before he could return his head, which had been punched out on the nose, a right straight jab was thrust into his chest, and a left hook was thrust into his right arm that protected his side.



(I see–) (Kure)



 A right knee aimed at Kure’s solar plexus is blocked by his crossed arms, but both arms creak.



 He is immediately grabbed by the hair and punched repeatedly with savage jabs. A dull gurgle echoes directly behind his ears.



 Koichi’s sorrowful voice pulled back the dazed Kure. Kure grabs his hair, wraps his fingers around his little finger, pulls it back, and takes his wrist—



“So.” (Tommy)



 Tommy tightens his arm at his side and twists his arm to open Kure’s hand.



“It won’t work!” (Tommy)



 A full-force right jab pierces Kure’s face–no, it slips through the place where Kure’s face used to be.




 Kure moves to a crouch and clamps his legs between Tommy’s knees and thighs. The “crab pinch”, the principle of leverage, breaking Tommy’s center of gravity and making him fall on his back.



 Just before he moves from the side with a grapple—he receives a hard punch on the tip of his chin.


 My vision wavers. His brain is shaken.



(Again.) (Kure)



 Another quick jab from the left.


 From an unstable position, just raising his upper body with his right elbow. And yet it has this power, this growth.



(A blind spot?) (Kure)



 For the moment, the referee’s gaze was blocked by Kure’s own body.


 So, Tommy used it quite boldly. He could see it clearly in his eyes.


 He quickly rolled over backward and got down on one knee while falling on his buttocks. Tommy, in front of him, was already on his feet and about to come at him with his canines bared.



(–Oh my.) (Kure)


(He’s strong.) (Kure)



 Kure thinks so. While he is bombarded by quick left hooks and right jabs.



 It is not only the difference in physical ability due to the difference in level. He is showing the improvement of his technique as if he is a different person from ten years ago.


 And there is something that is being conveyed from his fists. The belief that this is where he belongs, and the persistence that he will never be defeated by Kure alone.



(Well..) (Kure)


(I too, can’t lose.) (Kure)



 The future of the younger brothers and sisters of Kure’s cute junior who he have just met recently depends on it. Just like Kure and his uncle, in order not to throw children into unwanted situations.



(Something to protect, huh?) (Kure)



 Kure Izuho isn’t a dreamer, he doesn’t just believe that goals alone can make him stronger.


 No matter how hard he tries, the power he can wield is only within his own limits. That is reality.



 However—Kure also knows that his determination can be the spark that draws out all of his power.


 He knows a man who fights ready to burn his life for the sake of those he wants to protect.



(I am–) (Kure)


(–ready.) (Kure)



 As soon as he was knocked out of his defensive stance, Tommy’s eyes glinted dully and Kure did not miss it.



 A right fist filled with killing intent to say that Kure’s end is approaching. It was a downward hook that was going to knock Kure’s temple out and sew him up on the ground.



 He knows, it’s a bluff.



 Sure enough, the fist lands diagonally downwards, grazing Kure’s guard.



 The next moment, the ceiling lights go down, and the real punch comes down. Using the rotation of his hips as he swings his fist out, he delivers a shifting rising spinning kick from a very close range.



 This was also one of Tommy’s best techniques. Kure knows it well, both its destructive power like a steel axe and its illusory trajectory, which is sucked into the neck and side of his head when he noticed it.



 In his current collapsed position, he could not dodge it. A direct hit would blow his neck off, and if he took it, his left arm would be broken. Either way, Tommy will win–at least that’s what Tommy seems to believe.



 However, Kure’s resolution was already set.



 Kure guards his head with his left arm. At the same time, Kure felt his arm fracture, he thrusts his right hand forward.




 It can’t be used for striking; if Kure grabs him, Tommy will just shake him off. The right hand that had been belittled by Tommy that he had become less vigilant.




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