Metro Labyrinth Chapter 135.2: Secret 2

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“Pull it!” (Hunter)


“Yeah!” (Hunter)



 The shouts echo from the tops of the rock walls on both sides. A total of thirty fishermen—no hunters, stand in a row.


 They are pulling frantically with their hands tied around the cord, their bodies buckling as they do so.



 —It was a [White String] net created and spun by four [White String] users, including Noa.



 It was designed to be buried under the place I will run past, and to have a return for the part where my head would be caught. Wormjaw, brilliantly entangled in it from the head down, struggled with his body undulating.



 The netting is not made of ordinary material. Noa and her team literally squeezed every last strength out of their body, twisted and braided it by hand, and then joined it together with [Mucus] to create a capture net of 100% Fungal Skill. The sturdiness of the net is so well-known that even Wormjaw would not be able to easily–” “Damn, it’s too heavy!



“Damn, it’s too strong!” (Hunter)


“My arms! It’s going tear off my arms!” (Hunter)


“Oh no! The threads are snapping!” (Hunter)


“It’s impossible! I can’t do it!” (Hunter)



 The net is being torn apart. The opponent was a giant earthworm estimated to weigh several tens of tons. It is not something that can be held back by human power, and the top of the net is immediately filled with screams of agony.



 –But this is enough.


 As long as it stops moving, that’s enough.



 I had already kicked the rock wall and jumped over Wormjaw’s head.


 [True Ashura]–Two pairs of arms on my back.


 Multiple [Katanas] swelled due to [Accumulation] as they are held in three pairs of hands, including my original arms.


 And the [Light blade] is wrapped around the rugged blades.



“Oooooooh!” (Shuu)




 I screamed to push myself,


 Twisting my spine like a pretzel,


 I rotate my body like a top.


 The pale glowing blade bites into Wormjaw’s neck,


 One blow,


 Two blows,


 Three blows.



 The blade swung out, and was bathed in the fluid that was sprayed on him,


 When Shuu landed, the detached Wormjaw’s head was still leaping through the air.


 The drum-like shape of the thing still wriggles its teeth.



 Not yet, they say, but it will live on even if only its head is left.





“–Noa!” (Shuu)



 Let the juniors gain experience. It is the guiding love of a senior to give them the final move.



 On the edge of the cliff, there are the figures of Noa and others swinging their arms like pitchers.



 What was thrown all at once were charged up [Fireballs] that I had handed over in advance.



 The red sphere rained down on Wormjaw’s head, which fell to the ground with a thud,


 The area is enveloped in a dazzling explosion of flames.





 The glow of the Firefly Moss has completely changed to that of night, but the party only grows hotter and hotter.



 The extracted Wormjaw sporangia are distributed to all the participants in the operation, and those with low levels are loudly bickering at every turn. Unfortunately, I did not level up, but Tamiko and Noa’s bodies felt warm and fluffy, in other words, their physical ability seemed to have improved.



 After that, the dismantling work by volunteers began, and the meat was cooked piece by peice. The meat was grilled on skewers, grilled with ginger, served on top of a bowl of rice with other people’s meat, and tataki [T/N: Sliced meat marinated in soy sauce, yuzu and sugar.]. In each case, the cubby squirrel, who was the commander and supervisor of the scene, gave me the approval of “It’s delicious!” And the small partd started.



 As expected of worm meat… I was quite hesitant, but the grilled minced worm meat pucks exquisite. Although it is light, it is juicy and tasty, and the meatiness remains. A hundred years ago, I never thought that a real worm burger could be this good.



 I planned to bring some alcohol into the Metro like the drunk sisters, but I was prevented from doing so by my two childish companions who didn’t understand. But there is nothing wrong with getting it from someone else. So, I was treated to a bottle of liquor-filled Skittles by the middle-ranking trio of Kagurazaka, and I was happy, in other words.



“Even so, the ending was amazing, Mr. Abe!” (Hunter)


“I mean, I was watching you go toe-to-toe with that monster!” (Hunter)


“As expected of the strongest rookie in hunter history! Amazing!” (Hunter)



 Even after eating meat and drinking, the rookie hunters kept coming up to me. Since I was openly praised, I was so embarrassed and my face just felt weird ,



“The last one, it was [True Ashura] and [Odachi]?” (Hunter)


“What made the weapon glow, [Light Blade]?” (Hunter)


“What is Mr. Abe’s job?” (Hunter)


“Ah… Eh…” (Shuu)



 I had left Sugamo to escape from these kind of questions and quizzical looks, but I had no idea that I would be bombarded with questions deep in the metro.



“Well, that’s right. I am [Holy Knight], but I am a Fungal Genius, so I might be unique and that’s what all it is. It may be hard to find someone like me (Shuu)



 When I forcefully leave the place, this time Tamiko, who was being teased by the women, climbs on top of my head. She ate so much that her belly and cheek pouches were full.



“Now that I think about it, Tamiko is amazing.” (Shuu)


“Squeak?” (Tamiko)


“No, it was really hard to deal with someone that big. No, it’s a simple ratio, but Tamiko is as strong as humans, right? And you bravely confronted both humans and beasts.” (Shuu)


“Heh! Even if you and the rest of weaklings face me, human or beast, you are tofu on my teeth, squeak!” (Tamiko)



 I gave her a little praise, and she got a little too excited, so I rubbed her belly. I went over to Noa, Tamiko’s tail dangling in front of me like a wig, and found Noa sitting alone on a rock, chewing on some skewers.



“Noa, how are you feeling?” (Shuu)



 I sat down in front of her. Tamiko moves on Noa’s other side.



“Good, thanks to you.” (Noa)



 In order to weave a large amount of [White String], Noa and other skill users were forced to stuff sporangia into their mouths, almost to the point of bloating. They can only say, “I can’t do it anymore, I can’t do it anymore.” The pain of having something similar happen to Noa and Tamiko at Ouji was understandable, and at the same time, it was a little refreshing to be able to get back at them.



“Noa was the key player this time, making a capture net with her Fungal Skill, which is a very hunter-like idea. It made my life easier, and there were no casualties.” (Shuu)


“No, no… In the end, it wouldn’t have been possible without Mr. Shuu. I think this time it was probably a mature individual, so let’s complain to the guild.” (Noa)



 Seeing Noa’s mischievous smile, I felt relieved.


 For a while after the mess in front of the Grand Tournament, Noa seemed to be worrying about something alone, and it felt like she was a little depressed.



“So, is that the Beast King’s ‘subordinate’? It’s a hell of a monster to still be alive even if it’s just a head.” (Shuu)



 One of the Five Great Beast Kings, “Watanabe”, is still “squatting” in the site of the destroyed Shinjuku Tribe.



 It is said that he sometimes sends his “subordinates” (I don’t know how) to the surrounding metro areas. The purpose is unknown, but it is nothing but a nuisance to the hunters.





 It was a casually uttered line, but for some reason Noa’s face grew serious.



“…Noa?” (Shuu)


“…Is there a creature that has its head cut off and that head destroyed… But still doesn’t die?” (Noa)


“Eh?” (Shuu)



 What is the goal of the question? No, it sounds more like a monologue than a question.


 Noa looks up. She turned his gaze towards me.



“…I’m sorry. Until now, I’ve been silent about Mr. Shuu and Sis.” (Noa)


“Squeak?” (Tamiko)



 Tamiko, who was still lying on the ground, rose up.



“…Eight years ago, my great-grandfather was decapitated and his whole body was doused with oil and was burned by Mr. Giran. I watched that scene from the shadows.” (Noa)



 For a moment, my heart and thoughts stopped. Between the three of us, a gentle breeze carrying sand blew.



“Great-grandfather’s real name is Tsuruhashi Minato… the first chieftain of the Ikebukuro Tribe, the man who attacked Sugamo the other day.” (Noa)



A/N: From here, it appears that we will not go on to the raging Noa’s past arc… I may do an extra chapter starring Giran later.


T/N: It’s kind of expected that Noa is connected to the Ikebokuro Chief. 




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