Metro Labyrinth Chapter 143.2: Parent and Child

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 He’s bigger than Tamiko, somewhat stocky, or rather rounded like a prairie dog. He looks more like a chipmunk than Tamiko, perhaps because of the light from the floor lamp. He wears small glasses like a toy and a collar or choker around his neck.



(He is…) (Shuu)


(Tamiko’s dad?) (Shuu)



“So, what can I do for you—” (Tarochi)



 As soon as his eyes met with those of mine, who was peering in from behind Wanda’s back, the expression on his face turned grim in a flash.



“…Ms. Diana, what is this?” (Tarochi)


“Oh, about them—” (Wanda)


“I’m sure they’re an outside hunter, right? …Kinami, did you bring that person here knowingly?” (Tarochi)


“Taro, you’re wrong. Listen to me–” (Kinami)


“I don’t want to hear it! I want you to leave, I have nothing to talk to the outside hunters!” (Tarochi)


“No, umm, just a little… just a little bit…” (Shuu)



 When I tried to interject, he gave me a hard stare. I was not as powerful as a predator, but I was very fierce.



 I was not about to let him turn me away. I asked Wanda to move out of the way, and when I tried to go in…



“Don’t go up on your own! You rude bastard!” (Tarochi)



 And he moved with a “Shaaa!” as a bonus.


 Even though it’s the first time we’ve met, he seems to hate me a lot. It seems that he has a strong dislike for outsiders, especially hunters.



(–oh.) (Shuu)


(Is that how it is?) (Shuu)



 I have an inkling. I can only think of one thing that might be on his mind, and it’s probably about Tamiko’s mom’s partner.



“No, well, fine then… Look, Tamiko…” (Shuu)



 I thought she was quite quiet, and I felt that she was sheltering on the back of my neck instead of my shoulder. A hiding technique that hugs the nape of my neck.



 I pinch the skin of her neck, peels her off, and places her on the floor. Tamiko has nowhere left to hide, and she shrinks and fidgets.



 Tarochi’s eyes widened when he saw the Carbuncle girl appearing in front of him.



“…Kin…ko…” (Tarochi)



 His hand reached out to Tamiko,



“…no, that’s impossible… but…” (Tarochi)



 It stops hesitantly in mid-air and begins to tremble.



“…I know…” Kinami said. “She really looks just like Kinko’s from when she was a child. I was surprised too…”


“Hey, Tamiko. Introduce yourself.” (Shuu)



 Tamiko raises her head and faces Tarochi when I pushed her back.



“…I am Tamiko, squeak… My mom is Kinko, squeak…” (Tamiko)


“…that’s… that’s impossible…” (Tarochi)



 Kinami moved on the floor and gently touched Tarochi’s shoulder.



“Listen to her, Tarochi. We’ll listen together.” (Kinami)



 It’s a room with a low ceiling, about six tatami mats wide, but if a Carbuncle lives alone, it’s probably the size of a gymnasium. The furnishings are just some toy-like furniture and a bed in the corner of the room.



 Tamiko and Kinami were offered sunflower seeds and miniature cups. Nothing is offered to me and Wanda, but I guess that means they don’t have anything for humans. I sit cross-legged to save as much space as possible.



“So… or rather, before that, who are you?” (Tarochi)


“Eh?” (Shuu)



 Again, the hostility is unleashed on me, and I am confused.



“Well, I’m… Tamiko’s partner or guardian…” (Shuu)


“Apprentice, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“That’s not wrong, but.” (Shuu)


“Disciple… No, well, that’s fine. Or rather, Tamiko… you, if you’re Kinko’s daughter… your father is…?” (Tarochi)


“It’s you, you know?” said Kinami. “Who’s there besides you? You’re that girl’s father.”


“But… then… Well, anyway, what about Kinko? Where is she now…?” (Tarochi)


“Um… Let me talk about it all.” (Shuu)



 Instead of Tamiko, who was still not yet relaxed, I was to explain the situation.



 Kinko and her partner, Usui Katsuo, challenged Outsuka Metro and were defeated by a powerful boss in the deep floors and trapped in the lower floors.



 Not long after Usui died in a rematch with the boss, Kinko gave birth to Tamiko.



 Unable to return to the surface, she was forced to raise her child in the dangerous underground world.



 Four years later, when Tamiko had grown up, they tried to escape to the surface.



 So—Kinko, unable to escape through the boss’s hands, she lost her life as a decoy to help Tamiko escape.



“About a year later, Tamiko and I met there…” (Shuu)



 I was afraid to tell Tarochi that I had woken up there after a hundred years and that I was related to [Master Threadweavers], but I was afraid to tell Wanda. I will adopt the story of Abe Shuu, the boy who had the misfortune of waking up there, which I used during my interview with Sugamo.



“—So, it was only a few months ago that we finally came out to the surface.” (Shuu)



 When he finished his story, Wanda had a complex expression. Kinami is constantly wiping her eyes. Tamiko is sniffling. And Tarochi, who had been listening without once interrupting–nodded, covered his face with his palms, and his shoulders shook.



“…then… Kinko is already…” (Tarochi)



 Drops of water spilled from the gaps between his fingers and fell to the floor. Kinami gently moved next to him.



“…Taro, I’ve been looking for Kinko for a long time. I went outside Nakano with a guard hunter and entered the metro where the two of them were likely to go…” (Kinami)



 So Tarochi and the others didn’t know that Kinko and Usui were going to the Outsuka Metro? That would have made it difficult to even find a clue.



“…It doesn’t matter where you are… I don’t care in any form… I just wanted you to live… that’s all I wanted… I believed you were still alive… but… Kinko… Why did you leave me…” (Tarochi)



 There, the words get stuck and turn into sobs. He wipes his tears with the towel that Kinami gave him and mumbles loudly.



“…I’m sorry, I’m confused… but…” (Tarochi)



 He lifts his head and turns to Tamiko.



“…you’re really Kinko’s… No, I’m sorry. I’m not doubting you. It’s just… you look just like her as a child. Your fur, and that way of speaking, is like what she used when she was young…” (Tarochi)



 About half a year ago, Tamiko told me about the origin of her ending her words with “squeak” before I challenged our return to the surface.



 She said it was a “spell to bring happiness” that she had learned from her mother. Tamiko has been using the funny spell for a long time in order to follow her mother’s advice and be happy for her mother’s sake.



 Up until now, we have both almost died many times, but the fact that we have somehow made it this far without incident may be due to the blessings of the spell.



“But… I still can’t believe it… you’ve grown this much…” (Tarochi)



 Tamiko, who had kept her mouth shut all this time, stood up.



“…I was born from mom and father’s balls, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Mom and dad are.” (Tarochi)



 Tamiko clutched her thighs tightly and looked up.



“Sometimes mom and I are alone all the time, squeak… Mom always protects me. She taught me many things, squeak. We are connected with the thread forever… and ever, squeak…” (Tamiko)



 Kinami covers her mouth and turns her face away.



“Mom… she had always wanted to see dad for a long time… She wanted to, to go out, and go to dad…” (Tamiko)


“…Thank you… That’s enough…” (Tarochi)


“…I… I was able to do my best even if I was, alone… because of… mom and because of her wish. …but I’m sorry, dad, that I am not with… mom…” (Tamiko)


“It’s okay, it’s okay now, Tamiko…” (Tarochi)



 Tarochi quietly approaches and hugs Tamiko, finally wrapped in that fluffy body.



“Welcome back, Tamiko… Thank you for coming back alive…” (Tarochi)


“Dad…” (Tamiko)


“Abe, you’re the one crying the hardest, you know?” (Wanda)


“Ms. Wanda, you too.” (Shuu)



T/N: Not gonna lie. I was teary when I was reading/translating this. Tamiko is with her family again. Ninjas were cutting onions again.



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