Metro Labyrinth Chapter 146.1: Queen Spider 1

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A recall of the last chapter

Tamiko’s dad’s bits were squished.

The head of Nakano is the sect leader.

Loli Hag and Pervert disappeared.




“I can’t believe she didn’t come home for breakfast.” (Shuu)


“What happened?” (Noa)


“Problem, squeak?” (Tamiko)



 There was no one not hungry for food. All of us ate heartily and had second helpings of food. We ate breakfast at the inn and ate again.



“Indeed—” said Yoshitsune. “I’m a little worried about Mr. Kure.”


“Huh? Not Ms. Utsuki?” (Shuu)


“Kind of… Ms. Utsuki, doesn’t she have [Charm]?” (Yoshitsune)


“That’s your answer.” (Shuu)


“After all… I almost feel strange when I’m next to him…” (Yoshitsune)



 The suspicion that he wasn’t interested in women was also raised, but apparently, it worked properly. It might be better not to tell Utsuki.



“I thought it was strange, even though she wasn’t exactly my type. It’s scary, [Charm]… Or rather, Ms. Utsuki who uses it silently…” (Yoshitsune)


“That’s right. By the way, what is your type, Yoshitsune?” (Shuu)


“Eh, no, that…” (Yoshitsune)



 I got a little irritated inside because this handsome guy looked bashful.



“Well, I, I like older, mature women…” (Yoshitsune)


“Oh, really?” (Shuu)



 Inevitably, all eyes on the spot turn to Aomoto. She was so engrossed in the carbuncle children crossing the suspension bridge outside the window that she wasn’t listening to the conversation. She turns around.



“Oh no, uh… Sorry, but Ms. Aomoto is quite young…” (Yoshitsune)


“Huh? So, what do you mean by older?” (Shuu)


“If possible, I would like them to have lived at least twice as long as me…” (Yoshitsune)



 I think Yoshitsune is 21 years old, right?



“Well… For example, the innkeeper here…?” (Yoshitsune)



 She looks to be in her late forties. After losing her husband, she runs the business together with her son, who is about the same age as Yoshitsune. She is friendly, well-built, and energetic, the innkeeper. [T/N: Cougar hunter spotted! Another weirdo with a fetish. So, good-looking = weirdo. Aomoto (fluffcon), Maria (lolicon/shotacon), Kure (cake connoisseur), Yoshitsune (cougar hunter)… Yep, good-looking = weirdo.]



“Yes, I see… Thant’s wonderful…” (Shuu)



 Seeing Yoshitsune’s cheeks blush while saying that, I had cold sweat moving down my throat. This is a dangerous business, and I should never turn him into an enemy. I should be especially careful when I visit his home, the headquarters, if I am not good, I could end up against an army of 10,000.



“Loli hag is also like that old lady, squeak?” (Tamiko)


“Tamiko, don’t call a woman an old lady before she is fifty.” (Shuu)



 I might have said it once to myself, but I shelf it for now.



“Well, it’s true in terms of age… it’s not like I’m discriminating against elves… but I can’t help but want older women…” (Yoshitsune)



 It might be better for Utsuki that we keep quiet about this. That woman might even change her character and poison someone.



“Well, back to the topic, why would Ms. Utsuki be okay?” (Shuu)


“She’s kind of a feisty woman, isn’t she, that Ms. Utsuki? I was thinking that she might have hit it off with some of the men in the village, and they might have been partying until morning.” (Yoshitsune)


“Well, that’s certainly the most likely possibility.” (Shuu)


“I would hope that the diplomatic situation would be less loose.” (Yoshitsune)



 The most likely possibility is that she’s acting a bit of a scoundrel.



“Besides, Ms. Utsuki seems to have a high level of crisis management ability. I’m sure he wouldn’t voluntarily get involved in anything dangerous.” (Yoshitsune)


“Probably.” (Shuu)


“On the other hand, there’s Mr. Kure. I think he’s probably chasing after the behind of a strong man.” (Yoshitsune)


“The phrases are similar, but the meaning is the opposite.” (Shuu)


“Even if that is the case, I don’t think it is possible that he will not come back to Mr. Abe’s place in the morning. Unless he was beaten back.” (Yoshitsune)


“Or maybe it happened to fall into a crack in the ground.” (Shuu)



 Life saver-like situation.



“I can’t imagine that either, to be honest. You saw that man’s depths, didn’t you, Mr. Abe?” (Yoshitsune)


“Oh… is it the behind?” (Shuu)



 On the way here, I saw a forest wolf that had been hit by Kure’s body-slamming technique and saw its shredded entrails being blasted out of its mouth. The gruesome scene was so gruesome that my back was sweaty in an instant. It was a surprise to me that Kure, who had been focusing on grappling techniques, had lifted the ban on striking, but even with that kind of power, he is still making improvements, which is terrifying.



“The current Mr. Kure… To put it bluntly, I don’t know if I can win even if I give everything. Well, I lost the match the other day. I don’t think so, let alone Nakano, there aren’t many skilled people who can…”


“…Ms. Diana?” (Shuu)


“Yes… and if it’s Mr. Kure, I think he’ll be happy to pick a fight.” (Yoshitsune)


“…it’s possible…” (Shuu)



 According to Aomoto, Diana is a former top ranker. No matter how much Kure wants to start a fight, she’s too dangerous of a partner.


 I’m not going to say that I have a bad feeling about this because if I say it out loud, I’m afraid it will raise a flag.



“I have a bad feeling about this, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“You too?” (Shuu)





“Senju’s hunter? He’s not here.” (Wanda)



 Diana, who answered in front of the guard station, gave me a quick answer.



“I told you about the customs of this town. I don’t want you wandering around too carelessly.” (Wanda)


“Sorry.” (Shuu)


“Sorry, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Tamiko, did you have a fight with Tarochi? Heheh, you shouldn’t fight family. But, Kinko used to fight Tarochi, too.” (Kinami)



 Kinami was laughing at the top of Kumagai’s head. Tamiko’s nose twitches.



“From what I remember, didn’t you go home first? There’s not much entertainment in this town.” (Wanda)


“Captain—” said Kumagai. “I heard from this morning’s shift change that none of the guests left town since yesterday.” ()


“Did they? Then they are probably just entertaining themselves somewhere. I’ll look for them myself because that’s my job too.” (Wanda)



 I don’t feel she is lying. For the time being, the concern about a diplomatic problem caused by a combat-maniac pervert seems to have been resolved.



“Thank you very much. Oh, I’m sorry, actually, there’s another one missing… the Komagome guy, that touchy…” (Shuu)


“Oh, I’m pretty sure the elf… you guys are here on a guild mission, right?” (Wanda)


“I’m embarrassed–” (Shuu)



 The reason why I was at a loss for words was because, at that moment, Diana emitted an aura of a demon or a beast. If her aura had continued some more, I would have jumped back reflexively.



“…Ah, um, Ms. Diana?” (Shuu)


“…Huh? Ah, no… it’s nothing. I’ll look for her myself, too.” (Wanda)



 Before I could ask her if she had any idea what was going on, she turned on her heel and walked away. Kinami hurriedly followed her after saying “See you later, Tamiko.”



 Immediately, I wiped the sweat on my forehead.



“…Tamiko, you noticed that didn’t you?” (Shuu)


“I was scared. I was afraid I was going to pee, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Yeah. But my shoulders are already warm.” (Shuu)



 After that, they split up and went around to ask the residents about their whereabouts. The first thing to do is to ask around to find out where Utsuki (and Kure) are and what information they have about the Sect Leader.



“I’ll go around the north side,” said Yoshitsune.


“Then I’ll go visit the village chiefs again,” said Aomoto.



 The residents were assigned to the residential area for one reason: Tamiko. Tamiko’s presence is one of the reasons why the residents, who are not usually friendly to strangers, immediately become friendly to us since I have a carbuncle on my shoulder.



“Blonde girl? Elf? Hmm, I didn’t see that.” (Resident)


“A perverted red-haired muscle man… some kind of new metro beast?” (Resident)



 Residents’ responses were more or less the same. “I don’t know”, “I haven’t seen it”. There is eyewitness testimony that “I saw him yesterday”, but he said that he was “walking around” and “he went somewhere alone”, and there is no information that leads to his current whereabouts. “I don’t want people from other places to go out too much.”



 It’s a small town, but it’s hard to imagine how they could be so far off the typical sights.



“…Noa, did you notice.” (Shuu)


“Yes, sort of.” (Noa)


“Hey, did you guys notice him, too, squeak?” (Tamiko)


“You… well.” (Shuu)



 The man walks away with his back to the group. When I asked him about Utsuki, I could see a momentary flicker of confusion on his face. “I don’t know,” he replied, his voice sounding stiff.



 Tamiko sneaks after him. The only way to hide a squirrel is among the squirrels. After about five minutes, she came back and said, “I went into the townhall, squeak.”



 The others and I also came to the front of the town hall, and when they were wondering whether to wait for them to come out or to enter from the front,



“–I told you not to wander around, didn’t I?” (Wanda)



 It was Diana. Her voice and expression were clearly angry. She is so tall and intimidating that I almost keel over. I don’t want to be peed on twice today.



“You seem to be sniffing around a lot without listening to my advice. If you don’t mind, I’ll give you some advice?” (Wanda)


“No, that…” (Shuu)


“–Hmm, what’s wrong? Were you guys here too?” (Aomoto)



 Aomoto came out just then and said, “They are here to pick up their representative.” Aomoto, couldn’t read the situation that was right on the tip of her nose. While Tamiko dashed to follow us.



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