Metro Labyrinth Chapter 146.3: Queen Spider 2

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 What happened? Was she arrested for disorderly conduct?



“It felt like I was stealthily taking advantage of the shadows, and it was a really small villainous move. Besides… She was there too, Ms. Super-strong-looking Guard Captain.” (Kure)






“Mr. Kure, are you sure about that?” (Yoshitsune)


“You don’t believe my eyes? I can see an ant a hundred meters dancing.” (Kure)



 It’s probably not an exaggeration, it’s not likely that Clay, who has [Telephoto], will be mistaken.



“Then—this means that our justification is established.” (Yoshitsune)




 Yoshitsune stands up quickly.



“Hey, wait.” (Shuu)


“If there is a justifiable reason, there should be an explanation or protest, especially since they are abducting and confining her without telling us.” (Yoshitsune)


“No, well, let’s check the facts once through the town hall. And then express regret… Yoshitsune, why have you been giving that scary smile since a while ago?” (Kure)



 Yoshitsune was probably planning to take advantage of Utsuki’s abduction to meet with the Sect Leader, but his eyes were glaring and bloodthirsty.



“What if our contact is cut off? What if something happens to Ms. Utsuki during this time? Or is Mr. Abe going to let her comrades die?” (Yoshitsune)


“Yes, but… Ummm…” (Shuu)



 If it had been Tamiko or Noa, I would have jumped in without hesitation…  but when the captive princess is a loli hag, it is inevitable that I am not quite as ready. She may be a woman, but she might even see a little torture as a reward.



“Mr. Abe—” said Aomoto. “If something happens to her, a Thread Doll will fly from Komagome.”


“Let’s go, we can’t let our precious friend be in danger.” (Shuu)



 And with that, I stood up bravely.





“What are you guys doing here?” (Wanda)



 Diana is standing in front of the doorway that leads to the back of the fence near the town hall. Kinami is also on her shoulder.



“It’s late at night, and the hunters of Sugamo seem to have no sense of courtesy, coming in here at this hour in large numbers.” (Wanda)


“Isn’t it the same as you?” I said. “I heard that our companion was confined there. I would like you to explain the circumstances.”



 When I glanced sideways and saw the village chief and the head of the tribe sneaking a peek at us through the window of the town hall. There seems to be no doubt that they are chewing on one too.



“…she has invaded the area of the sacred tree without permission. We have taken her into custody and are currently questioning her.” (Wanda)


“I heard she was taken to the shrine. Is the questioning taking place there as well?” (Shuu)


“…” (Wanda)


“I heard Ms. Utsuki was taken into custody yesterday. When we went to ask you this morning, you said you didn’t know, right?” (Shuu)


“…I was going to tell you guys the news as soon as the questioning was over…” (Wanda)



 She was obviously upset. I speculated that she was the type that was not good at lying and scheming.



 Apparently, it wasn’t the guards who captured Utsuki, but the men of the village. It just happened without her knowing, and the information was probably not shared as of this morning. And I realized that during the conversation–that was the identity of the anger that leaked out for a moment at that time.



“Ms. Diana—” Aomoto took a step forward. “As the representative of the Sugamo branch, I would like to make a formal protest. Immediately explain the circumstances and release the detained Ms. Utsuki–“


“—shut it…” (Wanda)


“…eh?” (Aomoto)


“You’re just a bunch of trespassers, and you’re just spouting a bunch of nonsense… I’m going to kick you out right now!” (Wanda)


“Ugh!” (Shuu)


“Pigya!” (Tamiko)



 Her spirit could kill a person with just a slap—I’m glad I had Tamiko go to the bathroom before we left.



“Everyone, calm down… Well, the captain has been against this kind of method for a long time–” (Kumagai)


“Enough, Kumagai. Either way, the responsibility lies with me.” (Wanda)



 It seems Diana was not involved in Utsuki’s detainment, after all.



“Excuse me, everyone, can I please take over this place? We will discuss this matter at a later time.” (Wanda)


“There is no need for that. I cannot back down and abandon our friends who you humiliate and imprison.” (Yoshitsune)



 Yoshitsune pulls out the wooden sword on his waist, and next to him, Kure cracks his fist. With that as a signal, the atmosphere of the place changes to something that is heavy.



 —I noticed it with [Sensory Spores]. There are security guards and men coming from behind, and there are also carbuncles on the eaves. Fifteen people and five squirrels in total?



“I’m sorry… but we have to get rid of anyone who tries to threaten the peace of the village.” (Wanda)


“Are you a yakuza…” (Shuu)



 What an unjustified forced exclusion by the government. If social media were still alive, I would spread the word as fast as I could.



 Is this the true nature of the closed community called Nakano Village?



“That is my mission now. Kang Yoshitsune, as you know, you were sent to me by His Excellency.” (Wanda)


“I fully understand, Senior Diana. But that’s not going to work, I’ll push through—that’s also His Excellency’s wish.” (Yoshitsune)



 All the people in the area prepare themselves. I imitated them even though I was disgusted at how it ended up like this.



“I’ve been interested in you since the first time we met, Mr. Hero of Sugamo.” (Wanda)


“Eh–” (Shuu)



 Before I could even reply, Diana was right in front of me.



 A fist like an iron ball hits the arms crossed in front of my chest. I jumped backward along the impact that creaked my spine.



(Are you seriously doing this?) (Shuu)



 If I didn’t raise my guard, I might have been crushed, along my internal organs. It’s a “serious” punch.



“Tamiko, move away!” (Shuu)


“S-squeak!” (Tamiko)



 A yellowish ball of fur stood in front of Tamiko, who had just gotten off my shoulders. It was Kinami.



“It’s dangerous, so let’s play here, young girl.” (Kinami)


“Wha–” (Tamiko)


“Why are you looking away?” (Wanda)



 A fist came from my side. Even though the blow came from a blind spot, the trajectory of the blow was clearly perceived.


 Arching my back and raising my legs while placing one hand on the ground. The kick, which I thought went landed on her neck, was completely blocked by her left arm, which was missing from the elbow down.



“Hmph!” (Shuu)



 She grabs me by the chest of my jersey, lifts me up and throws me to the ground. Damn! I gasp myself as I bounce, I quickly roll my body to catch myself. How powerful is she with one hand?



 As I got up on one knee, I sighed in resignation as I realized that everyone else was starting to get ready too.



 I had no choice but to do it. I’m going to settle the situation (with violence), retrieve Loli Hag, and escape by confronting Sect Leader with the letter. That’s the only scenario I can choose.



“What’s the matter, even a rookie would have heard of my title, right? If you lose, I alone will crush all the rest of you. Get serious, Golden Rookie.” (Wanda)


“…well, excuse me.” (Shuu)



 She focused her attention on my back.



 Mycelium stretches out from the jersey slit and forms two pairs of arms. The odd-shaped hand opens its grip aside to confirm its feel.



“The [True Ashura] used by a [Holy Knight]… Is this real? Are you an irregular like Kang Juubei, or something else… Well, that’s fine.” (Wanda)



 Diana takes off her jersey. Aside from her powerful chest that wants to make her tank top burst. Good luck aside.



“If you have six arms–” (Wanda)



 The tank top is short, and it reveals the muscles of her abdomen, which are as bulging as any fighter.



 From around the waist—mycelium spreads. The threads bunch up and form a shape.



 Six long, thin, sharp protuberances, one pair each on the front, back, and sides. Scratching at the ground, they look like the legs of a spider.



“I guess I have eight legs.” (Wanda)



 Is this related to her title, a super rare skill [Spider Legs]?



 Diana Wanda is a veteran “Beast Warrior” belonging to Meguro Headquarters.



 Her title is “Queen Spider”. Ten years ago, she was the strongest female hunter who climbed to number one in the hunter rankings.



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