Metro Labyrinth Chapter 147: Squirrel Fight

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A/N: 11/4 – “Nakano Forest” in a town? I thought that it would be difficult to understand, so I corrected the notation according to the past publications.


 Nakano Forest” has been changed to a place name referring to the entire Nakano region.


 The name of the town of Carbuncle was changed from “Nakano Forest” to “Nakano Village.


 *No re-reading is required.



~3rd Person Perspective~



 Kinami smiles with a mixture of dismay at the sight of her partner deploying her deformed legs. Once that happens, Wanda won’t stop.



“You know, humans are always so barbaric…” (Kinami)



 Tamiko is running up the wall of the townhall.



“Hey, wait!” (Kinami)



 Kinami rushes to catch up with her, but she slides up the wall at an extraordinary speed. In no time at all, she reached the top of the roof, and with a mighty leap, she leapt high into the air.



 The moonlight spilling through a gap in the sacred tree makes Tamiko appear as she twists and turns in midair. Then, four carbuncles leapt toward her at once.



“Little girl!” (Carbuncle)


“Be still!” (Carbuncle)



 There was a momentary interplay between the four carbuncles under Kinami’s eyes, were trying to hold Tamiko down.



 And what Kinami saw was the sight of her subordinates in the security department, who were skilled even among their own race, being blown away by a single swipe of Tamiko’s tail.



(Impossible—) (Kinami)



 Just as Tamiko is about to land on the shingles, Kinami rushes forward.



“Inheriting from your mother–” (Kinami)



 She takes over from behind. Kinami catches her by her neck and wrestle Tamiko down.



“A wild horse!” (Kinami)



 The arm–The arm she thought she had got slipped through and she hit the shingles.




“What–” (Kinami)



 As soon as Kinami turned, Tamiko danced overhead and dived. Her back is trampled, “Guu!”



“Deputy Captain!” (Katsuji)


“Big Sis!” (Yoneji)



 As soon as a hypha ball hits the shingles, it explodes, scattering smoke.



 As soon as Tamiko is distracted, Kinami pushes her back with her tail to release her hold. At the same time as they escape from the center of the smoke, Katsuji and Yoneji jump into the air—



 The flurry of smoke is blown away. Done with one swing of Tamiko’s tail.



“Familiar, squeak.” (Tamiko)



 Twin pincer attacks that have been honed through training and actual combat. Tamiko twists her body to dodge it, then kicks and punches her at the same time.



“Sorry!” (Muto)



 –Yes, the four of them worked together.



 Muto rolls forward in the air, and with the same momentum, he swings down with his tough [Iron Tail], which is covered with hypha.



 The blow that would knock out even a medium-sized beast over level 20 is softly swatted away by Tamiko’s tail.



“That can’t be–” (Muto)


“Evil!” (Tamiko)



 Muto flips around and is swung by Tamiko’s entangling tail and was thrown away. The two are tangled up in a fierce exchange with Touhashi at the other end of the line, and the surprise attack from the rear is crushed.



(Then this one—) (Kinami)



 Kinami’s chest heaves, “Shaaa!” and spits out a lump of hypha. It’s the same skill as the hunter’s [Sticky Thread], which spreads out like a net to encircle Tamiko.



(You can’t dodge this.) (Kinami)



 At the center of the shrinking, entangled mass, a whitish, colorless carbuncle with no jewelry on its head flutters and wriggles. Like a hunter’s [Avatar], more like [Illusion] that creates a hypha doppelganger, and it seems to have used it in a flash to change appearance—



“—Behind you!” (Touhashi)



 The fur on Kinami’s nape rises and reflexively rolls forward. At the same time, there was a sharp sound that cut through the air, and if she hadn’t dodged it, she would have been mercilessly beaten in the back of her head.



“Big Sis!” (Yoneji)



 Kinami stepped out of the way, and then re-positioned herself alongside the four retreating squirrels. Tamiko, who was about to take the next step, stops.



 —The attack and defense had lasted only a dozen seconds.



 Even so, Kinami’s fur was drenched with cold sweat.



“Is everything all right, Big Sis?” (Yoneji)


“I’m alright but stop calling me Big Sis.” (Kinami)



 It was more than twenty years ago that I was misbehaving with Kinko. Now they are my subordinates, not her apprentices.



“But still…” (Kinami)



 Tamiko dodged every one of their attacks, and conversely, the counterattacks she launched at them were terrifyingly powerful. The two who received direct blows in particular, Katsuji and Yonneji, are desperately holding back the pain.



 It’s hard to believe that she’s used to fighting—and that’s from a ten-year-old child.



“You’re doing pretty well, aren’t you, little girl?” (Muto)


“You want to take on us all by yourself? You’ve got your mother’s recklessness and stubbornness, don’t you?” (Touhashi)



 Muto and Touhashi’s daredevils were obviously trying to be tough, but it was not a bad way to buy time for them to catch their breath.



“I don’t care, squeak. If I stay there, I’ll just get in the way of Abeshuu, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“He’s an important partner, isn’t he?” Kinami said. “Is it okay to leave you alone? I’ll tell you now, he can’t win against Wanda in that form.”


“Heh, don’t underestimate my virgin friend, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Huh? Yeah, right.” (Kinami)


“Also–” (Tamiko)



 Tamiko’s eyes look at the five including Kinami lined up next to each other in turn.



“Level 15, 18, 22, 16, and 30 for the granny, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Did you just call me an old lady?” (Kinami)


“Big Sis, that’s not the most important part.” (Yoneji)



 What Tamiko pointed out Kinami’s level, which is almost correct, Kinami is 31 now. By the way, she insists she is just forty years old.



“Surely it’s not… [Discovery]…?” (Kinami)



 Even among the Carbuncles who use special Fungal Skills, it is said to be even more special, an ultra-rare ability to see through an opponent’s level just by looking at them. Only the Sect Leader can use it at present.



“Am I 44? 45? Maybe 50, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Impossible.” (Kinami)


“What are you saying?” (Yoneji)



 If the first answer is correct, then 44.



(At that level.) (Kinami)


(I’ve only heard about it in old tales from the era of the ‘Demon War’.) (Kinami)



 Few in the Carbuncle tribe, who are not suited for combat and rarely have the opportunity to go out into the outer metro, reach that level. There is no one in active service–no one.



(…A bluff.) (Kinami)



 But Kinami understands.



“In other words, I am enough for you and the others, squeak. Shaa! Shaa! Shaa!” (Tamiko)



(…no.) (Kinami)



 The intimidation emanating from the devilishly smiling girl is like that of a metro beast that has fought many battles in the past.



“If you and the others kept at it, bloodshed, violence, carnage…” (Tamiko)


“Carnage?” (Kinami)


“That’s not it, squeak. Now go and sit in the corner and chew on an acorn, squeak, and bring me an acorn, too, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“You’re just 10 years old, but you’re acting like an adult?” (Muto)


“As expected of the daughter of Big Sis Kinko.” (Yoneji)



 She was an irregular born and raised in the deepest part of the Metro. That is the strength that came back alive from there.



(–She’s the real deal.) (Kinami)


(This girl will rise above us in time.) (Kinami)


(She might be the person that will carry our race on her back.) (Kinami)



 Kinami smiles inwardly and takes a step forward.



“–You guys go down and support the humans.” (Kinami)


“Eh?” (Muto)


“But Big Sis–” (Yoneji)


“Kinko will laugh at you if you are stopped by a ten-year-old, right?” (Kinami)



 Her tone is reverting back to when she was young. She herself is aware of the heightened tension.



 Kinami has not felt the trembling in her hands, the joy that still wells up in her, since the days when she spent fighting with Kinko.



“Besides, I can’t use ‘that thing’ with you guys near.” (Kinami)


“…do you intend to use it?” (Yoneji)



 It’s not something you use on a child, much less a friend’s daughter.


 But Kinami has no choice but to use it to win against this girl.



“It’s my job to re-educate this bratty little brat on behalf of her valorous mother. Right?” (Kinami)



 Her subordinates nod silently, their mouths shut. Then they jump off the roof.



 Kinami and Tamiko were the only ones left on the roof, where a cool breeze was blowing.



 It wasn’t that Kinami wanted to pick a fight with this girl. It is true that they were the ones who started the fight, but it would have been enough if they had remained quiet until the outside hunters were restrained.



 But—She’s not going to eat her words.



 They can’t afford to be looked down by a ten-year-old child.



 Under the name of Nakano Village Guard Deputy Captain, she united and led the strongest group of the town’s delinquents, the “Acorn Battlefield”.



 Kinami plans to teach this little girl, who looks exactly like their former leader, what a Carbuncle is.



“…Now, it’s not just the level that decides who wins. I’ll show you the difference in experience, you little brat.” (Kinami)


“A funny story about getting crow’s feet, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“I’m going to seriously spank you.” (Kinami)



A/N: 1 – Tamiko is giving the impression of being a stronger character than ever before, but it’s because her opponent is about the same size as her and a level lower than she is.


2 – The old man at Tarochi’s house know of the characters for ” Acorn Battlefield” but none of the members can write it.


3: They are all squirrels, though they battle in a cool way.



As I mentioned before, we are finally starting the manga.


It will be drawn by Wakaya Takase. They are very good at what they do.


I saw the storyboard the other day and it was really interesting. Tamiko is super cute. Abeshuu is super naked.


Whether you enjoy the original or not, you will definitely enjoy this work. Please look forward to it!



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