Metro Labyrinth Chapter 149.1: [Wind Tail]

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 The Carbuncle tribe is a race that boasts a wide variety of Fungal Skills compared to the Metro Beasts and other magical beast races.



 Although there is no clear distinction between skills, as in the case of humans, it is said that there is a certain trend in the Fungal Skills that can be acquired by each individual. Kinko, for example, was good at disruption and flashy hypha balls, and Kinami herself has two out of three soft hypha skills.



(This girl is–) (Kinami)




 Tamiko, who dodged Kinami’s [Sticky Thread] with a back step, disappeared at the same time as she landed.



(She disappeared, no–) (Kinami)




 Straining her eyes. Kinami’s [Night Vision] captures Tamiko’s silhouette, which has become so thin that it melts into the darkness–[Camouflage]?



 Tamiko approaches in a single step to avoid making footsteps, her front teeth gleaming silver. A sharp bite gouges the feet of Kinami, who jumps back in the nick of time. The shingles are like butter–[Silver Fangs]?



(This girl.) (Kinami)


(How many Fungal Skills do you have?!) (Kinami)



 [Discovery], [Illusion], [Camouflage], [Camouflage], and in Outsuka Metro, she said that she lived relying on her enhanced hearing–[Hearing]. She has at least five.



 The carbuncle tribe does not have a Fungal Class. However, I have heard that those who possess the extremely rare [Discovery] will have a wide variety of abilities. They are the kind of geniuses who stand out even among their race, like the so-called hunter’s High-Rank Fungal Class.



(Kinko.) (Kinami)



 While desperately fighting off the onslaught of pursuit, Kinami thinks of her late best friend.



(Your daughter.) (Kinami)


(She’s a genius, no doubt about it.) (Kinami)



“Here hey, your legs are stiff, squeak! Are you ready to die, squeak!?” (Tamiko)



(She’s a trash talker, just like you!) (Kinami)



 Slipping and sliding on the shingles, Kinami landed on her feet and breathed heavily.



“–I didn’t want to show you this if I could help it.” (Kinami)



 With her eyes fixed on Tamiko in front of her, she reaches behind her back, grabs her tail, and pulls it out.



“Huh!?” (Tamiko)



 Tamiko’s eyes widen. It seems that she was really surprised.



 It was a fake tail made by humans. It was made to keep a certain amount of weight so that Kinami could be balanced.



“…it’s bald, like a rat.” (Kinami)



 When the bushy prosthetic tail is removed, her original tail is revealed–a bare, hairless tail only 1.2 centimeters long.



 Seven years ago, Kinami was a member of a security group and struggled daily, but was seriously injured when her tail was severed in an attack by a bandit. The loss of the tail, which supports the agility of a carbuncle, was fatal for a member of the guard and would have forced her to retire under normal circumstances.



 …But the reason why Kinami did not give up was because of her feelings for her best friend, with whom she had made a promise, and because of Diana Wanda, who arrived at their station a few months later.



 –I’m the same as you. Look, my arm.



 Her left arm was gnawed off by a beast when she was ten years old, she says with a carefree smile. Her family did not have enough money to request for the Church’s regenerative treatment, but she never gave up and aimed to become the hunter she had always wanted to be.



“But Tamiko… thanks to this, I am here today.” (Kinami)



 The Fungal Skill that can be acquired is either randomly determined by chance or predetermined according to the talent of their sporangium.



 At least Wanda and Kinami do not believe in such a theory in the hunting industry.



 Wanda’s will to overcome her handicap of having only one arm, and her wish to overcome it. [Spider Legs] appeared as if it were the embodiment of her will.



 Her partner, Kinami, also acquired this skill by fate after repeated rehabilitation and trial and error.



“–[Wind Tail]” (Kinami)



 From the tip of Kinami’s tail, many threads sprout.


 They stretch toward the night sky and bundle up like a rope.



 It’s not the adorable fluffy tail that’s unique to their race. A rugged, creepy, undulating hypha tail like a white snake.



 Kinami is embarrassed to show it to others, but she is proud of it and proud of her promise. Above all, it gave Kinami the greatest fighting power of its time, superior to that of hunters and metro beasts.



 The tail, erected in a straight line, turns as if it were stirring in the sky. The low, gut-wrenching “Fum, fum,” grows louder and louder.



 Tamiko bends down to watch warily. Kinami gives a small grin,



“—This is the end, you little brat.” (Kinami)



Tamiko’s reaction speed, which handled Kinami and his men collectively.


 Kinami’s attack, fired like a hypha bullet, surpassing that and knocking Tamiko’s body off.



“Pigyii!?” (Tamiko)



(As expected.) (Kinami)


(Did you avoid a direct hit?) (Kinami)



 While applying the brakes, Kinami turned around and jumped straight up to Tamiko, who was flipping around in the air.



“Watch.” (Kinami)



 Tamiko’s eyes widened as Kinami took the upper hand.



“I’m going to pay you back for everything you’ve done.” (Kinami)



 Tamiko quickly puts her tail forward to guard herself. The wind tail struck from above, knocking Tamiko down along a windstorm.



“Pigya!” (Tamiko)



 As expected, it seems to have worked, and Tamiko is hunched over while quickly getting up.



 Kinami, who has landed, does not follow up immediately, did not immediately follow up, spinning her hypha tail again to gather wind.



 Originally, this was a kind of skill of a lineage of “donning hypha on the tail”. The characteristic of “collecting air”, which is less likely to generate force than [Iron Tail], which hardens the tail or [Flame Tail], was established as a different hypha tail due to Kinami’s irregularity of having “no tail”, and it has come to exhibit a performance far superior to that of past users.



 The collected wind is released backward, converted into propulsive force, and rushes forward. Combined with the lightness and agility of carbuncles, it achieves a speed that is almost beyond the eye’s reach.



“Pigya!” (Tamiko)



 This time, they collide head-on, and Tamiko is blown away again. Kinami herself takes the brunt of the impact, but she clenches her teeth and twists away.



 She also swings her tail in a follow-up attack. The aftermath of the wind hits Tamiko, who dodges just in time, and when she loses her balance, Kinami’s backkick hits her directly. “*Cough*,” Tamiko choked and rolled on the shingles, gasping for air.



 –Even so, Tamiko is no ordinary ten-year-old, as she is still not intimidated.



 The mycelium that emerges from the shell covers Tamiko’s body and forms a white shell. This is one of the few defensive skills of hard mycelium in the carbuncle. This is her sixth skill.



 It is true that the durability of the [Shell] is high, but it is not suitable for maneuvering because it interferes with the movement of the four limbs. Kinami immediately replenished her wind, and once again, charged—



(!?) (Kinami)



 The tip of Tamiko’s tail catches on a roof panel that has been turned up by the battle so far. She gathers strength as if drawing her bow, and with that as a fulcrum, she swings her own body around!



 She pulls her head and limbs back into her shell, and then violently turns sideways and lunges at Kinami.



(A marvelous idea!) (Kinami)



 If they collide, Kinami will not come out unscathed.



“Aaaah!” (Kinami)



 The tail that was going to be used for rushing forcibly changed its trajectory, and swung up from below at an angle to strike back with the [Shell].



“How about this!” (Kinami)



 With a bang, the [Shell] bounces off the shingles, and Tamiko’s head comes out saying “Nothing, squeak…”. Even so, Tamiko immediately stood up and told Kinami with her eyes that her spirit was not broken.



“You can still fight, right?” (Kinami)



“I can squeak!” (Tamiko)



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