Metro Labyrinth Chapter 149.2: [Wind Tail]

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“How about this!” (Kinami)



 With a bang, the [Shell] bounces off the shingles, and Tamiko’s head comes out saying “Nothing, squeak…”. Even so, Tamiko immediately stood up and told Kinami with her eyes that her spirit was not broken.



“You can still fight, right?” (Kinami)


“I can squeak!” (Tamiko)



 Kinami smiles softly and lowers her posture.


 Tamiko’s [Shell] crumbles and falls. Kinami ponders if Tamiko was going to use a different skill, or will she fight head-on?



 Then they both start running at the same time.



 They collide violently with each other,


 Tail to tail, they cross each other’s tails,



(Tamiko is amazing… Kinko.) (Kinami)



 With bloodshot eyes like a beast,


 Seeing Tamiko clinging on without taking a step back,


 Kinami is aware of a faint trickle of water from the corners of her eyes.



 There had never been anyone of the same race who could go toe-to-toe with Kinami, who had made a skill so far out of their depth.



(But you know…) (Kinami)


(Fighting isn’t just about willpower.) (Kinami)



 As the starting point of explosive propulsion, as the keystone of offense and defense.


 Kinami has been making blood-curdling efforts to acquire this peculiar [wind tail].


 With the help and advice of his colleagues, his partner, and his fellow wind users, she has built her skills up.



 Kinami was proud to be the deputy captain. The friends who have supported her.



(–Tamiko, Kinko.) (Kinami)



 Even if the other party is a child prodigy over level 40, even if they are inferior in the number of Fungal Skills.



(Just for now.) (Kinami)


(For at least this one time.) (Kinami)


(I cannot lose!) (Kinami)



“Evil!” (Tamiko)



 Did this girl see through Kinami’s need for a lot of wind to charge her skill?


 In that split second, her gleaming front teeth come in close to bite off the [Wind Tail].



“Kuh!” (Kinami)



 Kinami didn’t back down, she swung it with all her might. The wind hits Tamiko’s face. “Pigya!” Tamiko was blown away.



“Reckless!” (Kinami)



 Tamiko’s head was aching a little, but she would rather be bothered by that than worry about it,



“–Let’s end this.” (Kinami)



 Ready to end it.



 Kinami adjusted her breathing and rotated her [Wind Tail].


 Collecting air to the limit. To completely beat Tamiko with this blow.



“Shaa!” (Tamiko)



 Kinami was convinced that this was the highest speed she reached,


 Within Kinami’s focused vision,


 Tamiko pulls something out of her tail.



 And for a moment, just a moment, she saw something,


 The silver-colored blade of a sword pulled out of its scabbard.



“Shaa!” (Tamiko)


“Aaaaaaaa!” (Kinami)



 Tamiko and Kinami, who jumped up, intersected,


 The strong wind ruffled the fur of both of them,


 The interrupted [Wind Tail] flies through the air and falls.



“No way–” (Kinami)



 Tamiko, clenching her fists, approaches the startled Kinami.



“—payback, squeak!” (Tamiko)



 Tamiko’s left hook catches Kinami’s cheek.



“Gaha!” (Kinami)



 She spins around in mid-air and her back slammed hard.



 Holding the tip of her nose Kinami tried to stand up while holding back her dizziness.



“…I didn’t know you had a special item in your tail.” (Kinami)


“Heh. The one who can only use a cheek pouch is an amateur, squeak.” (Tamiko)



 It is a knife with a special shape. The blade is diamond-shaped with a sharp edge. It’s the size of a human toy, but it must have been custom-made for her.



 But it’s an impossible feat to cut off the [Wind Tail] clad in wind with a half-baked weapon.



“This is a mithril kunai, squeak. I don’t intend to use my weapon, squeak… but I’m Sugamo’s ‘Kunoichi’, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Mithril… Oh, ah… I remember.” (Kinami)



 Kinami can’t help but smile.



 A fairy tale she heard as a child. It was the weapon of “Ninjas” that appeared there. Kinko liked that story, admiring ninjas, and used to call herself “Kunoichi,” which meant a female ninja.



(…Oh.) (Kinami)


(I lost, didn’t I?) (Kinami)



“I remember you too, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“…eh?” (Kinami)


“I remember when I was a little girl, my mother used to tell me stories, squeak. She said that her rival was her best friend and that they fought a lot, squeak. She said she wanted to meet her again, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“…Fufu, I see…” (Kinami)


“It might be you, granny, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Yes, but stop calling me granny.” (Kinami)


“–Wait! Stop right there, stop!” (Voice)



 The one who came rushing toward them with a squeaky, exhausted voice was Tarochi.



“You guys, why are you fighting…? Why fight… until you are… battered and bruised…” (Tarochi)



 Breathless and speechless, he used his huge body to break into the space between Kinami and Tamiko.



 Tamiko puts her sword back in its sheath and looks away embarrassed.



“Taro, both of you are the ones who haven’t made up yet.” (Kinami)


“Well, that’s…” (Tarochi)



 Kinami smiles and stands up with Tarochi’s help.



“…You’re a splendid hunter, Tamiko. You’re better than me or Kinko.” (Kinami)



 Tarochi’s face becomes cloudy when she sees them.



“No, but… this child, she is only ten years old…” (Tarochi)


“Yes, that’s why your father is worried.” (Kinami)



 Now Tarochi turns the floodgates toward Tamiko. The tomboy was grumbling in disapproval, her mouth pouting.



 “What am I doing?” Kinami smiled wryly. How did it develop into such a mess in the first place?



 Until a few minutes ago, they had been continuing a serious fight. And now Kinami are trying to mediate a fight between father and daughter. It was as if the three of them were back together again.



(I lost.) (Kinami)


(But…) (Kinami)



 Even though I lost, even though it was frustrating.


 I can’t believe I feel so refreshed.



 A lot of nostalgic feelings welled up, and Kinami wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.



“Have a proper discussion one more time. You’re parent and child, right?” (Kinami)



 They looked at each other for a moment, then turned their heads away again.



“Well, if Kinami says so…” (Kinami)


“If granny says so, squeak…” (Tamiko)



 In any case, Kinami laughed watching the two pouty puffed-up faces that look just like each other.



 Kinami knows she can’t take Kinko’s place.


 Still, there are things she can do for this father and daughter, for her late best friend.



 Kinko seems to smile a little apologetically behind Kinami’s eyelids, but she can do something for them, but she has to teach Tamiko something first.



“I am not a granny, got it? This single lady is an eternal big sister.” (Kinami)



A/N: 1 – It was really supposed to be [Lightning Tail], but I had to drop it, thinking, “A yellow rodent producing electricity is no good.”


2 – I have only written about squirrels for over a month.



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