Metro Labyrinth Chapter 150.1: Abeshuu!

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 Diana Wanda, “Queen Spider,” is a former top-ranking hunter.



 Ms. Aomoto knows more about her background than Yoshitsune, who is from the same hometown. Ms. Aomoto said, “She was my dream and goal when I was young.”



 It was about fifteen years ago when Diana made her mark. Within a few years, she climbed to the top of the single-digit rankings, and ten years ago, she was able to push aside strong fighters such as “Dignified Fungal Balls” to take the top spot. She was the third female hunter to rank first, and she was the only female hunter in her current career, so it was said that she became a hot topic at the time.



 Her handicap of having only one arm, her gallant, manly appearance, and her nickname “Queen Spider” had a great impact. Her existence became known not only in the hunting industry but also throughout New Tokyo.



“–But in the end, she was a Ranker until the following year–” (Aomoto)



 After the announcement of the ranking nine years ago, she disappeared from the public eye. Many young hunters these days don’t even know her.



 Anyway, the legend among legends is now.



 In this furball-filled backwater town,


 She is living very well,


 She is swinging her [War Hammer] around like a demigod.



“Goraaa!” (Wanda)



 Together with her fierce bestial roar, Diana’s hypha hammer hit my [Great Shield] directly.



“Gii!” (Shuu)



 I stomp with all my might and catching it. Then, I jumped backward I would be blown out of the village.



 The shield clad in [Light Blade] creaked, and the impact pierced through to my spine. Diana’s pursuit approached even before I felt numbness in my arm.



 Diana, who was closing the gap without letting me catch my breath, collided with the [Fireball] that was left in the air in anticipation of her action.



 fireball explodes. Diana’s eyes glint as she clears the smoke with her spider legs. She must have been hit by it with her legs, so she took no damage.



“Haiya!” (Shuu)



 Not a grunt, but a roar of wind. The [War Hammer], with its reach stretched to the limit, comes at me in an unpredictable trajectory. If I were to be hit by one of these in the flesh, I’d probably be torn to pieces in a single blow.



 I receive the blow from with the two [Round Shield] on the upper hypha arms. I was repelled by the powerful momentum, and I was knocked back.



 It was [Spider Leg] that made a dull sound. It’s thin and long, but it’s as hard as a hypha weapon.



“Haha! That’s a good strike!” (Wanda)



 Diana laughed, sounding like a teacher at a kendo dojo.


 The muscles of her raised right arm flex and grow, and a reddish mycelium tattoo appears on her arm. Fungal Skill?



“Hmph!” (Shuu)



 A loud crashing sound.


 The [War Hammer] causes the ground to cave in and crack, shaking it like an earthquake.



(Wait, this is not a manga!) (Shuu)



 After a moment of being distracted by what is under my feet, Diana’s figure disappears before my eyes.



(—!) (Shuu)



 Even so, [Sensory Spores] is still following the outline of the shadow that is falling from directly above.



“Ngh!” (Shuu)



 I just had enough time to jump back. At the same time, Diana’s eight legs pierce the spot or rather, step on and crush it, creating a small crater where I was standing. Once again, I think, “Is this a manga?”



“[True Ashura] and [Light Blade] combo… I was skeptical until I saw it with my own eyes, but the rumors were true.” (Wanda)


“You… You’re welcome…” (Shuu)



 In the midst of clouds of dust, Diana carried the [War Hammer] on her shoulder, while I wiped the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand.



“That isn’t just [Arm Strength]… how many Fungal Skills do you have?” (Shuu)


“Hehehe, you are asking about the opponent’s hand in the middle of a fight? That’s the kind of thing that makes you look like a naïve rookie.” (Wanda)


“My bad.” (Shuu)


“It’s fine, I have seven. [Spider Legs] [War Hammer] [Arm Strength] [Self-Regeneration]… other than that, I don’t use the others in fights, so don’t worry. By the way, my Fungal Level is 79.” (Wanda)



 Seven Fungal Skills, which is not a lot for a top ranker and Higher Rank Fungal Class.



 [Spider Legs], which is synonymous with being “Queen Spider”, is an extremely rare skill that is exclusive to “beast warriors,” but it is not unique and exclusive to her. If I were to categorize it, it would be a general-purpose type, but the cost of [Spider Legs] would be high.



 As for her level, it is almost as the [Risk Counter] estimated. I’m not surprised now, but I’m reminded of her strength.



“So, what about you? You don’t have to answer.” (Wanda)


“I’m level 71. My Fungal Skills are–” (Shuu)


“Um, we are done.” (Yoshitsune)


“Eh?” (Shuu)



 When I turned around, the guards were all lying on the ground. On the one hand, the outsiders–Yoshitsune wipes a bloody wooden sword on the inside of his sleeve, Kure stretches after working up a sweat, Aomoto stabs her [War Spear] into the ground and stands up. Noa seems to be the only one who struggled.



 I wondered if Kumagai had also fallen, but he was standing in the back of the room, dealing with the onlookers (he was the only reasonable one left in this chaotic place). Anyway, he kicked out more than a dozen people in less than a minute.



“You guys are a pathetic lot.” (Wanda)


“No, no,” said Yoshitsune. “As expected, we have three people over level 50.”



 Noah looks a little uncomfortable.



 “Hah,” said Diana, taking a deep breath.



“Butler! Stop slacking and get to work!” (Wanda)



 As soon as she shouted, a huge shadow fell from the sky!



“…Mr. Sudou was here too.” (Yoshitsune)


“Oh, Yoshitsune? You’ve grown up, you were just a little boy when I last saw you.” (Butler)



 A nihilistic smile was pasted on his maned face reminiscent of a lion,



“Of course, I’m Mistress Wanda’s devoted slave after all.” (Butler)



 He talks in his sweet baritone voice about subtle things. He is even bigger than the tall Diana, and is so muscular that one might wonder if his parents are ogres.



“Sudou Butler. Another deputy captain.” (Butler)



 Even without Tamiko’s opinion, I could tell–he is quite strong. He is the number two here in both name and reality.



 Yoshitsune, whose eyes suddenly changed color, put his wooden sword back on his waist and took out the his own weapon, a hypha sword–[Indestructible Sword].



“The ‘Bedrock Wing’ Sudou Butler… A perfect opponent.” (Yoshitsune)


“Oh, do you want to set up a match with me? Alright, let’s practice for the first time in a while.” (Butler)


“Mr. Kure, Ms. Aomoto, may I take one?” (Yoshitsune)


“Yes, since it seems I have someone else to fight with.” (Aomoto)



 Aomoto looked up and saw an army of furballs, more numerous than before, peering at us from the suspension bridge that runs from the roof. Aomoto wipes the drool off her face. [T/N: Um… Pervert alert.]



“I don’t mind either. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy watching Shuu’s behind.” (Kure)



 Kure sits down and rests his cheeks on both hands. I would like you to refrain from words and deeds that would make your allies wither.



“So-” said Diana. “… What? Are you also fighting? Hehe, well, okay.”



 Diana swung her [War Hammer] down and I braced myself.



“It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to really go wild… So don’t go down until I’m satisfied, Golden Rookie.” (Wanda)


“…Noa, please take care of Tamiko. I think she’s on the roof.” (Shuu)


“Yes!” (Noa)



 After asking Noah to do so, I threw away the [War Hammer]  and [Great Shield].



“…?” (Wanda)



 Moving in a half-crouched stance, I focus on all arms, on the four hypha arms. Hypha was oozing out from the depths of my skin and dyed my arms silver.



“[Iron Fist] huh… it’s not bad… huh?” (Wanda)



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