Metro Labyrinth Chapter 150.2: Abeshuu!

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 After asking Noah to do so, I threw away the [War Hammer]  and [Great Shield].



“…?” (Wanda)



 Moving in a half-crouched stance, I focus on all arms, on the four hypha arms. Hypha was oozing out from the depths of my skin and dyed my arms silver.



“[Iron Fist] huh… it’s not bad… huh?” (Wanda)



 Then my silver arms swelled up even more. Six giant arms that look like they are ready to launch.



“[Accumulation] Fungal Aility…!” (Wanda)



 I can’t afford to use charged-up [Fireball] and [White Bullet] in the town. The opponent is the “Queen Spider” who freely manipulates six hypha legs.



 If that is the case, this is the right answer. Both arms, upper and lower mycelial arms are clattering together.



“I’ll do it this way–with my fists.” (Shuu)



 After a momentary stalemate, it was me who made the first move. I close the gap in a straight line with the propulsive force of [Leaping].



“Hmph!” (Wanda)



 Diana swung her [War Hammer] without care.


 My hypha arms parry it with my fist pushing it up.



“Shii!” (Shuu)



 My left fist clashed with the guard of the [Spider Legs], and she backed up slightly, but with the support of the back leg, it didn’t create an opening that would make the upper body flinch.



“I won’t let you!” (Wanda)



 Diana is even approaching more gleefully. On the other hand, in my head, I was surprisingly calm.



 —This person, Diana Wanda, is incredibly strong.



 Her physical abilities as [Beast Warrior] have been raised to level 79. Her power, in particular, is clearly beyond the reach of even the most boastful of powerhouses. Even Ouji’s golem and Rikugi’s Boss Met, she could knock both of them down head-on.



 The attack of [Spider Legs] is flexible and changeable. Her main attacks are thrusts and cleaves with her four front legs both left and right, but she also throws her own kicks with her weight on them. The number of moves, the number of patterns, and the power are all formidable.



 Since I switched to attacking and defending with [Ion Fistrs], which focuses on melee, I was forced to narrow down the options of attacking with [War Hammer only to a faint or a weak strike, but conversely, there is pressure as if I was being confronted with the firing end of a cannon. If I show a chance to let her use her [Arm Strength] in this melee, it would be the end of the fight.






 The [Spider Legs] came at me in rapid succession, and I used my hypha arms to wade through them, sneaking closer and throwing a straight right hook with all my might.



 Diana quickly catches it with the hilt of her [War Hammer] and falls backward. The hilt shatters and scatters, and the smile disappears for the first time from Diana’s face as her hand, which seems to have gone numb.





~3rd Person Perspective~



“As expected.” (Kure)



 Kure murmured. It doesn’t reach Shuu’s ears, or even Yoshitsune, who has started fighting Sudou.



“As expected of the former number one, Diana Wanda. Her skill, which was said to be the best of all hunters, is still strong.” (Kure)



 Looking ahead, there is Shuu’s back who is fighting head-to-head with the hypha legs that have turned into a murder weapon.



“…The accuracy of the brute force attack and defense has clearly rusted over the years of just hunting bandits in remote areas and babysitting the local residents. It would have worked if he were a lower-ranked man–” (Kure)



 The eyes go down from his back to his behind, and Kure laughs rapturously. [T/N: Another pervert spotted.]



“The world of hunters continues to advance. They rise and fall… Even if the opponent is the former number one, my Shuu, who has beaten monsters and demons, can’t lose.” (Kure)





~Shuu’s Perspective~



 A chill that ran down my spine for a moment was probably just my imagination. I need to focus on desperately handling the [Spider Legs] approaching in front.



 Power and speed aside, the accuracy of her attacks is far below that of Hakuou Maria. To my eyes, it was rather a rough level.



 Diana, perhaps out of frustration, changes to a combination that focuses mainly on the [War Hammer]. She was probably trying to smash me from a distance.



 But it’s half-baked. For me, there is nothing to fear.



 I cross my arms to receive the [War Hammer] that was swung down from above.



“Gii!” (Shuu)



 Even though the force was so strong that my molars a grinding, and about to break, I just stomped on the ground with my lower hypha arms, and the earth was scattered.



 Just as she was distracted by the scattered dirt, I stepped forward again to close the gap between the two of us.



“Shii!” (Shuu)



 With a short breath, I land three left hooks, striking the top of the guard of the folded hypha legs.



 Twisting my body, and using the recoil then landing three right hooks. This is also blocked, but behind the legs, Diana groaned.



“Ooooh!” (Wanda)



 Unleashing my fists while weaving left and right at high speed. The left-right footwork, taken directly from Tamiko, draws an endless barrage.



 Punch, punch, punch with all my might.


 Hook, hook, hook.


 Hitting from zero distance.








 While receiving the applause of the audience in my head, I push forward as long as I can breathe. I keep pounding my fist with all my might.



“Aaaaaa!!!” (Shuu)



 There is a dry crack at the end of the right fist, and smash! Fragments of hypha shattered with a dull crushing sound.



“Raaaaah!” (Shuu)



 My left fist followed immediately. Diana catches it with a guard that even uses her back legs, losing her support, she is blown back.



“—Damn it!” (Wanda)


“Mistress Wanda! Kugh!” (Butler)



 Sudou receives a blow while looking away and is blown away. Yoshitsune seems to have plenty of time to land attacks, but it seems that Sudou is still surprisingly tenacious.



“…I never thought my legs would be broken… since that guy at that time…” (Wanda)



 Diana, who landed on one knee, is gritting her teeth in frustration. I used this opening to adjust my rough breathing. No, no, it’s like I’m Korakuen Hall. [T/N: It’s a boxing ring in Japan.]



“…Do you still want to continue?” (Shuu)



 Anyway, I was able to prove it.


 With this hand of mine, I can reach the former number one.



“Is this enough…?” (Wanda)



 I had achieved satisfaction, so if possible, I would like to call it quits here. The goal is not to win the fight.



 Diana slowly stands up. A chuckle spills from the distorted smile.



“…Sugamo, then, should you really raise your fist while your opponent’s head is still up?” (Wanda)



 Hypha that sprung from her waist formed her [Spider Legs] again.



 No, not only that.


 Biki, the blood vessels on my forehead make an eerie sound.



 Starting with that, all over her face, neck, and arms.


 Blood vessels swell like blisters and cover her whole body.



(Is there something in there?) (Shuu)



 The killing intent stung my skin, and I unconsciously readjusted my posture.



“This is not a fight…” (Wanda)



 Diana opened her bloodshot eyes,



“Hunter or hunted… Which one will survive?” (Wanda)



“Please stop!” (Voice)



 While the high pitched echoing voice fades out with a squeak, everyone is stunned and unable to move.



“……Ah……” (Wanda)



 Diana’s eyes widen, instantly stops her transformation, and scratches her head in embarassment. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the two subsequent scenes are not the same person.



“A big fight in a place like this! Everyone in the village is scared!” (Voice => Carbuncle)



 The one yelling in a beautiful girl’s voice is Carbuncle, who seems to be a female. Completely different from Tamiko and Kinami, her whole body is pure white.



“…what are you doing, Abe and everyone…?” (Voice)



 And the one carrying her on his head is Utsuki.



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