Metro Labyrinth Chapter 156.2: [Golden Whirlwind]

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Like a swarm of insects with a mind of their own, the golden pebbles follow “Spooky” with precision.



(Then–) (Spooky)



 A mere beat of stillness, then re-acceleration.


 Like a monkey, he kicks up to the next tree, then down the trunk to another.


 Without stopping, he sprints through the air at high speed, in order to shake off the hypha balls that are chasing him.



“Oooh, you’re such a noisy rabbit.” (Balls)



 ‘Spooky’ is a ‘Puppeteer’ classified as the so-called general-purpose type. He doesn’t have the unique skills that other rankers boast.






 Is it his individuality as a hunter, or is it because he is a “were-rabbit”?


 He is able to use his ability of [Leaping], which is not particularly rare, more freely than anyone else.



 The usual sequence of [Leaping] is “buildup,” “instantaneous leg strength,” and “cool down”. By controlling the power output and intervals, he is able to use it continuously, “running while leaping,” and demonstrate overwhelming mobility that combines small turns and sustained speed.



 This ability, which even the “Transcendent” Kang Jubei cannot imitate, and which he himself has named “Rabbit Leaping,” is the true realm of “Spooky,” who has been described as “greatest speedster hunter”.



(In the old man’s eyes…) (Spooky)


(Can he stop me?) (Spooky)



 The hypha balls that pursue ‘Spooky’, and interceptor hypha balls are loosely placed within “Spooky’s” range of movement. And defensive hypha balls stationary around the Balls as if protecting their master.



 The red eyes of a “wererabbit” caught them accurately while maneuvering at high speed.



 “Spooky” has eight Fungal Skills.



 On the other hand, “Dignified Fungal Balls” had only one Fungal Skill, it was the super-hard hypha balls that shone gold [Golden Whirlwind].



 By freely manipulating it with the Fungal Ability [Guidance], the controller takes charge of offense and defense-that’s all there is to it, a simple yet versatile, one-of-a-kind, strongest ability.



 The known maximum number of [Golden Whirlwind] that can be manipulated at one time is 108. It must be an out-of-the-ordinary number even for ordinary hypha balls, but that means that that is the limit of the number of moves you can allocate to attack and defense.



(Let’s go.) (Spooky)



 The three [Fireballs] released from “Spooky’s” fingers descend on Dignified Fungal Ball’s head in an arc-shaped trajectory.



 And it burns with a small explosion–However, it is blocked by the [Golden Whirlwind] wall in front of Dignified Fungal Balls.



 A moment later, a low figure rushes forward, crawling on the ground, [dagger] in hand.



“—I can see.” (Balls)



 The tip of the dagger is blocked by the golden wall, and golden debris crosses from the left and right, piercing through the body.



 –Of the [Avatar] created from hypha.



“No–” (Balls)



 Before Dignified Fungal Balls turned around, ‘Spooky’ reached behind him.



(The guards moved.) (Spooky)


(Should be enough, right?) (Spooky)




 The number used for tracking, the number for intercepting, the number turned into [Fireballs] and [Avatars].



 It’s not like he was able to intercept all 108, but Spooky is certain that there aren’t enough left for melee offense and defense.



(I push here.) (Spooky)



 Another cutting edge was about to plunge into the neck of Dignified Fungal Balls,


 “Spooky’s” body was pushed up by the impact from directly below.




“Gah!?” (Spooky)



 Spooky’s body, which had been flung into the air, was bound by a string of golden hypha beads. Both hands and both feet are bound and crucified.



“Hmm, I have no interest in tying up men.” (Balls)



 Dignified Fungal Balls slowly turned around and narrowed his eyes in boredom.



“I’ll tell you another thing, only gals are allowed to dress up as bunnies. You know, in Itabashi, there is a bar where half-naked girls with rabbit ears dance.” (Balls)


“…You, how many hypha balls can you create?” (Spooky)



 The [Golden Whirlwind] that was hidden under the ground survived the complete surprise attack. The count shouldn’t have been wrong, it’s far more than 108, including the part used for restraint.



“Ah… you’ve believed the rumors without question. I’ll let you know in spite of your foolishness. In the religions of prehistoric civilizations, a hundred and eight were considered the number of worldly since a person had. Do you think that the troubles of an ordinary person and those of a great man like me are the same? One in the right hand, one in the left hand, one in the brain, and two in the balls. Roughly five times as many.” (Balls)



 Five hundred or more. A monster.



 While speaking, he desperately tried to escape from the restraints, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to move.


 The power of a level 70 and the speed of the fastest hunter are no match for this man.



“It was fun young man, but it is common knowledge that chasing is for swimsuit gals on the beach at Shinagawa. Now it’s time for you to go to bed and sleep until the others are done.” (Balls)


“…Ah, my role is over. Yes, pyon.” (Spooky)


“Role?” (Balls)


“—I’ve earned enough time, pyon.” (Spooky)



 Just before he fainted after having his temple hit, what appeared in Spooky’s eyes was,


 It was the appearance of a bluish-black beast that pounced on Dignified Fungal Balls from the side.





 A completely delayed reaction from Dignified Fungal Balls.



 Even so, he manipulated the hypha balls wrapped around himself and jumped back.



 The beast’s claws cut through the air, and the hypha balls was slammed to counter. The beast flinched and took a step or two back, but it was unperturbed, shaking its head.



(It is tough.) (Balls)



 It may have been unable to aim for a vital spot on the spur of the moment, but even with that, the beast’s striking strength was not at the level of a metro beast that would wander around on the surface.



 The shape is that of a large feline beast, but I have never seen one like this. Above all, the color of its body–



“Is this guy the fake metro beast that rampaged in Sugamo?” (Balls)


“Yeah, correct answer.” (Tsuruhashi)



 The reply came from the back of the room, and the Dignified Fungal Balls turned its eyes in that direction.


 The man who appeared out of the darkness with leisurely steps was a man with one side of his face blistered.



“Nice to meet you, Mr. Dignified Fungal Balls.” (Man => Tsuruhashi)


“…are you the one they were talking about?” (Balls)



 The head of the “Cross Border Brigade” that ruined the Sugamo festival, the self-proclaimed “Master Threadweaver,” Tsuruhashi Minato.



“…what happened to that dog that went to your meeting place?” (Balls)


“What’s with him? I couldn’t have been eaten alive my own dog, could I?” (Tsuruhashi)



 The man’s clothes were torn at random and stained with bloodstains and scorch marks. He had no doubt been in a fight with Giran–



“I didn’t kill him. I just disciplined him a little too hard, in a way that the animal rights group wouldn’t want us to see.” (Tsuruhashi)


“Is that so… then it’s fine.” (Balls)



 Dignified Fungal Balls spread his hands and produced a hypha ball from both hands.


 Like bubbles on the bottom of the water, they bubble up and float in the air, dyeing the surroundings in gold.



“I don’t care about politics or history, but for the sake of a blind date with an Ikebukuro girl, you can die here.” (Balls)

“Hyahaha, it’s an honor. If you don’t mind, I can take your ball and do it to you.” (Tsuruhashi)



T/N: The ball jokes are getting a little too much.



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