Metro Labyrinth Chapter 159: Discomfort of Fungal Balls

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“Master! Over here, squeak! The acorn-like genitals over there are amazing, squeak!” (Tamiko)


“Hmm, hmm, how is it that there are so many strong-willed females in the furball village? Why don’t we take our time and look around later, my first disciple?” (Balls)



 Noa gazed dazed at the fluffy back of her sister who had become an apprentice to the most perverted man in the country. He thought of their party leader, who was probably still challenging the underground labyrinth to fulfill his mission at this very moment—“Mr. Shuu, you have a new grand master.” [T/N: (≧▽≦)]



“Hey, Ms. Giant Jugs.” (Tarochi)


“What is it, Masochist Dad?” (Noa)


“I will put up with you and that virgin human. So, take back my daughter from that living embodiment of perversion as soon as possible.” (Tarochi)


“I need military power at the national level.” (Noa)



 Their group of outsiders stand out among the crowd. A half-naked masked old man leading the way keeps the villagers, who naturally gather due to their curiosity, moved away from them just by them walking calmly. As for Noa, if she was in Ikebukuro or Sugamo, she would have already pretended to be an unrelated party.



 Shortly after, when they arrived at the guard station, Dignified Fungal Balls boarded with a shockingly dignified voice saying, “Hey!”



“I never thought you would come to this village.” (Sudou)



 Sudou, the deputy captain, was the one who greeted them. He seems to have had heard about the news from his subordinates.



“Normally, anyone without a permit would be questioned, but I can’t blame my subordinates if they are confronted with a hunter’s license from the highest-ranking hunter in service. In this business, he’s someone related to Lord Koumon the medicine box carrier in the picture books.” (Sudou)


“Sister’s box?” (Balls)


“Sister’s box, squeak?” (Tamiko)



 The Fungal Balls and Tamiko twitched, while Kure who reacted to Lord Koumon. [T/N: The joke is hard to translate.]



“So, what are the top rankers doing in such a remote place?” (Sudou)


“Oh, I just remembered. You’re that muscle woman’s tail.” (Balls)


“Please stop. I’m doing my best to be Mistress Wanda’s slave with my own will.” (Sudou)



 Noa thought to herself if there was any decent man in the world.



“I came here in pursuit of certain fugitives.” (Balls)


“Fugitives?” (Sudou)


“If my intuition is right, they are hiding somewhere around here. Do you have any idea where fugitives might be hiding?” (Balls)



 According to Balls and Hakuou, Giran had challenged the fake Tsuruhashi Minato of the “Cross Border Brigade” to a one-on-one fight and had been kidnapped after they fought back.



 Naturally, the two followed him, but due to clever interference and camouflage, they were unable to catch up with him, and it took them several days to reach this village.



“What kind of trickery did they use to throw off the pursuit of two of the strongest hunters?” (Sudou)


“There were some blue beasts messing around, but it’s probably some kind of Fungal Skill. Just by noticing them, you’ll lose your sense of direction like [Bewildering Spores], or you can secretly change the arrangement of trees or the topography without destroying it. No, he generously showed off this ability that I didn’t even know about.” (Balls)


“I was able to avoid the worst situation of sleeping out with this old man when I found the village on the way. But I wish I could have not gone and had a holiday with my dear sister.” (Maria)


“Noa, are you okay, squeak…?” (Tamiko)



 Noa looked, Tamiko was looking at her with concern.



 Was that the reason why Giran was away on the day Noa, and the others stopped by Ikebukuro? He didn’t mention this in his letter, because he wanted to settle the matter himself.



“So, are the two of you continuing to take down the fugitives?” (Sudou)


“That’s not part of the job. We’re just trying to get a reward for that dog, that’s all.” (Balls)


“I don’t know what to say–” said Yoshitsune. “It’s been five days since he were taken away, right? I’m sure he’s not alive anymore, right?”


“It depends on the purpose, doesn’t it?” Kure said. “If it was their intent to recruit him, they wouldn’t kill him. On the other hand, I don’t think Mr. Giran would be willing to do that either.”


“Despite being a wolf, he’s a loyal dog,” Hakuou said. “He’d rather starve himself to death than betray Ikebukuro.”


“Um…” (Noa)



 All eyes were on Noa.



“I’m sorry, I… I may not be related, and I’m the weakest in this group…” (Noa)



 Noa clasped her hands tightly in front of her chest and raised her head.



“Please take me with you. I want to help Mr. Giran.” (Noa)



 A moment of silence.


 Poof, something landed on her shoulder. Looking at her, Tamiko huffed with a proud face.



“She’s also my student, squeak. I won’t be left behind, squeak.” (Tamiko)



 When Noa turned around, she saw Aomoto standing there nodding with conviction. Kure grinned and cracked his neck, and Yoshitsune tapped the hilt of the wooden sword at his waist.



“As a representative of the Sugamo branch, I agree with them. Let’s make them pay for what they did that day.” (Aomoto)


“We’re going to exterminate the terrorists, aren’t we? We’ll surprise Shuu when he comes back.” (Kure)


“When the time comes for us to go at it head-to-head, I’ll ask you to let me deal with him. I owe that man a debt for taking a piece of my fungal ball.” (Yoshitsune)



 At Yoshitsune’s last words, Dignified Fungal Balls trembled.



“It can’t be helped,” Sudou said. As one of the people in charge of Nakano’s safety, I cannot stand idly by and watch as fugitives invade. Unfortunately, Captain is not here, but I am sure that Mistress Wanda would say, ‘Crush them. Crush them!’” (Sudou)



 Hakuou and Dignified Fungal Balls looked at each other and shrugged.



“If you want to follow us, why don’t you do it? Protect yourself so that you don’t cause us unnecessary trouble. I’ll say it again, but this time, saving Giran takes precedence over subjugation.” (Balls)


“Well, I still think there is a high chance that he survives.” (Hakuou)


“What do you really think?” asked Sudou.


“I can’t seem to reconcile the brutality I’ve heard… about him with what he’s actually saying and done.” (Balls)



 Fungal Ball’s eyes were downcast, and he scratched his head under his turban.



“I don’t know what kind of ability he has, but he can create his own “Family” and summon them whenever he wants. We’ve killed more than a dozen of them… but they are all expert killers.” (Balls)



 The Baphomet, which Shuu says he fought in Rikugi Metro, and many beasts released by Sugamo. He probably still has more pawns in his arsenal, a force that could destroy an entire city by itself.



“Then why is he so obsessed with that dog, even though he has that much strength? He doesn’t even look like someone who loves walking dogs. Above all, he took all the small fries that were there and ran away without losing a single one. That’s right. It’s not like they should be a boss who cares about his subordinates.” (Balls)



 Noa actually experienced that man’s ferocity. He killed Hagumi’s bodyguards and trampled Tamiko and Utsuki while laughing.



 For Noa, that brutality is chilling to recall even now. There is no way that was the same man as her late great-grandfather.



“If we were to count them as a simple force, the fugitive’s escape wouldn’t have made sense in the first place. I don’t know what to make of it, but it just doesn’t fit. Why did he have to lead a bunch of kids like that?” (Balls)



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