Metro Labyrinth Chapter 163: Shut-in Invasion

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~Giran’s Perspective~



“Experimental beast, huh?” (Watanabe)



 A pale-skinned, humanoid monster muttered. I could only stare at my own blood dripping from my hand, while gritting my jaw.



“You’re the second person to call me that, strange ‘Master Threadweaver’.” (Watanabe)


“Oh, we’ve never met before, have we? I am Minato Tsuruhashi, formerly of Ikebukuro.”



 The monster’s smooth face clouded over for a moment.



“In my memory, it wasn’t that kind of face. The effects of the [Immortality] should, in principle, prevent any change in appearance due to aging or scarring.” (Watanabe)


“I don’t know, things change as you get older.” (Tsuruhashi)


“However, there is no doubt that you have the smell of a ‘Master Threadweaver.’



(This guy.) (Giran)


(One of the Beast Kings, “Omnipotent Elephant” Watanabe.) (Giran)



 They have tens of thousands of ‘Families’. They mass-produces “Conductors” who are like Avatars, and invade with their “Family”. This is the form of the “Omnipotent Elephant” disaster known as Watanabe. This is the first time I have come face to face with one of these “Conductors”.



(But why are they here?) (Giran)



“So, why are you here? I don’t remember calling you, you tentacle-bastard.” (Tsuruhashi)


“So, you’ve finally made it this far, Minato Tsuruhashi. All metro lines are divided, but the paths are–” (Watanabe)



 The “Conductor’s” body was suddenly surrounded by a small red light, and the continuation of that line was blown away by a chain of red flashes and explosive flames. A dust spell with an explosive effect?



“Hyahyahya! Humans and monsters alike are defenseless when they talk.” (Tsuruhashi)



 The smoke billowing in vaguely—splitting apart, countless tentacles stretched towards the Commander,



“Woah!” (Tsuruhashi)



 They hit the [Barrier], which repelled everything.


 When the smoke cleared, the charred, gouged, and crushed monster was barely standing there.



“…Oh, I don’t care about conversations.” (Watanabe)



 They said that in a hoarse voice, and when they shook, the damage was instantly closed like clay work.



“Soul… the ultimate soul… ‘Master Threadweavers’, Demons, ‘Apostles’… I will eat them all. Give me your soul.” (Watanabe)


“What is with the soul? Stop wasting time acting poetic.” (Tsuruhashi)



 Four hypha arms grew from the Commander’s back, and they gripped a black sword.



(…monsters against each other…) (Giran)



 This confrontation is not something that can be interrupted easily. I can only wait for an opportunity while clutching the [Knight Sword].



(If this guy really is Watanabe’s “Conductor”.) (Giran)


(What happened to the ones in the Shinjuku’s blockade?) (Giarn)



 The strongest man in the history of the Hunter’s Guild, Kang Juubei, The Transcendent, the only one who broke through the level 90 wall except for the “Master Threadweavers”.



 The unit led by him was supposed to contain Watanabe’s “Family” that were springing up from Shinjuku Metro every day.



(What happened to them–?) (Giran)



 Then I heard a sound.



“Guh!” (Giran)



 A high-pitched sound as if it pierced directly into my brain. The Commander was unperturbed, probably an ultrasonic sound not audible to normal human ears.



(…What is it, what is going on…?) (Giran)



 A flurry of dust falls from the ceiling, it seems to be emanating from the upper floor.





~Kure’s Perspective~



 Just before the stairs descending from the fourth basement to the fifth floor.


 Sudou, who was leading the way, stopped, followed by the others and I.



“Sudou–” (Balls)



 Beyond that, I was at a loss for words.


 A naked man stood in front of us. His back in front of us.



(……!) (Kure)



 In an instant, my skin crawled.


 The man slowly turned around and looked at us.



“…What? What is this?” (Watanabe)



 The man muttered so with a voice without any intonation.



(…This person…) (Kure)



 I thought it might be a bandit in hiding, but at first glance I knew it wasn’t.



“There are some familiar faces… Are they memories of this soul…?” (Watanabe)



 The bare skin was oddly pale and slick with what looked like mucus. The body is slender, with a minimum of muscles, and only the arms are unbalancedly long. Not a single hair on his body, down to his eyebrows—even his genitals don’t exist.



(He’s not human.) (Kure)



 More ominous than any creature I’ve met so far, more than the Demon we faced in Ouji Metro.



“…what are you…?” (Sudou)



 Sudou, who was closest to him, asked. His voice trembled slightly.



“Hey, stay away from him.” (Balls)



 The voice of Fungal Balls was unusually tense.



“Oh… this smell… hmm.” (Watanabe)



 The pale man sniffed like a dog, thrusting his hand forward.



“Move back!” (Balls)



 Fungal Balls screamed, and it was a moment.



 A golden hypha ball hit Sudou from the side.


 A flash of something ran straight to where Sudou was standing, and Sudou’s right hand was separated from his shoulder and flew through the air.



“–Oh, I missed.” (Watanabe)



 What was severed was the pale man’s right hand–an arm that had been morphed into a long blade shape.


 The golden hypha ball pulled Sudou’s huge body, which was writhing in pain, towards us before the man’s second blow could reach him.



 At the same time, countless hypha balls were released at the man,



“What’s this?” (Watanabe)



 The man’s left hand also turned into a blade, and he swung both arms like whips to take us down.



“Everyone, run away! Go!” (Balls)



 The man swatted away the hypha balls that were raining down on him, swinging his arms carelessly, and closed the distance between them with light footsteps.



“An obstacle.” (Watanabe)



 A blade was swung down.


 It was Yoshitsune’s black sword that blocked it just before it fell on the Fungal Ball’s brain.



“Guu… Gii…!” (Yoshitsune)



 The two swords pushed back and then struck each other several times at blinding speed. The two clashed and exploded without leaving any sparks.



“Sad.” (Watanabe)



 The two arms swung with force and flicked Yoshitsune’s sword. The man stepped forward to finish him off,



“Nice faint.” (Watanabe)



 I slipped in from Yoshitsune’s blind spot and stuck my palm on the man’s side.



([Booty]) (Kure)



 Dong, the man’s body shook.



(—!?) (Kure)



“……what?” (Watanabe)



 Surprised to the point of being lightly pushed, without changing his expression. He swung his sword like it’s nothing.



 Swinging down from above. I align my hand with his dull elbow and pull it back with my fingers on the inside of the joint. With a jerk, the man’s center of gravity collapses forward, and I slide to his feet, tangling his ankles and knocking him over onto his face.



 Snap and his Achilles tendon snapped and was torn,



(I knew it…) (Kure)



 Like it didn’t matter, a thrust approached, and I immediately jumped back with a backflip.



“I’ve never seen anything like this before… and I don’t remember either.” (Watanabe)



 The man had one leg flailing, but he’s still standing calmly.



 The Achilles tendon was definitely ruptured. That is the highest level of pain that can be inflicted on the human body, and yet there was not the slightest twitching. It was obvious that he felt no pain.



 And the feedback of from [Booty]- the shock did not penetrate or diffuse. I was not sure, but at least it was different from any other creature I had ever hit.



“Enough, you guys, back off. I’ll do it, and for the first time in a long time, I’m going to be serious.” (Balls)



 Fungal Balls slipped past Yoshitsune and I, who were repositioning ourselves.



“Mr. Fungal Balls…” (Kure)


“Watch, burn it into your eyes. I’ll show you.” (Balls)



 The man turns his back on us and starts walking around,



“Oh yeah… this is… I forgot…” (Watanabe)



 Muttering, he picked up Sudou’s arm,



“Hmm… *Sniff*…” (Watanabe)



 He rubbed it under his nose and sniffed it, like what you would do to a cigar.



“……!!” (Watanabe)



 His eyes fluttered open, body trembling, and then—



“Haha… Hahaha…!!” (Watanabe)



 With a terrifying devilish smile, he stared at the others and me.



“This smell… well, you were unexpectedly close, my brethren.” (Watanabe)


“Enough. Die, ball-less.” (Balls)



 The moment Fungal Balls held up his hand, the man roared with his mouth split wide open to his ears.



 The voice itself was inaudible to my ears, but it vibrated so violently that my eardrums almost ruptured, and stone wall shook.



 The man grinned at the others and I who were frightened for a moment, then kicked the floor. Turning his back and ran towards the stairs.



“How dare you try to escape!” (Balls)



 The pale outline of the man’s body was hit by several hypha balls from Fungal Balls, but he still vanished into the back of the stairs without flinching.



“…Tsk, did I miss?” (Balls)



(What?) (Kure)



 They are probably ultrasonic waves, they are above the range of human hearing.


 I was taken by surprise, but he didn’t plan to fight back. If not a means of attack,



(……a signal?) (Kure)


(But what kind of signal?) (Kure)



“*Cough*! *Cough*!” (Yoshitsune)


“Yoshitsune!” (Kure)



 Yoshitsune suddenly coughs and falls to his knees.



“Are you okay? Is it a Metro asthma attack?” (Kure)


“…that monster, so much miasma… and…” (Yoshitsune)



 I looked down at his hand, which held the sword. The hand was trembling from the violent exchange of blows, even if only for a moment.



“That sword… Same as your brother…?” (Kure)


“Eh…?” (Yoshitsune)


“Hey, chicks. Your work ends here.” (Balls)



 When we looked up, Fungal Balls was tapping Sudou’s arm on his own shoulder.



“You guys should go back to the furball village first. I’m going on my own from here, and my babysitting time is over.” (Balls)


“But…” (Kure)


“The situation has changed completely. I didn’t know that monster was here.” (Balls)


“He is…?” (Kure)


“…’Conductor’…” (Sudou)



 It was Sudou who answered. The remaining arm is trying to raise the body. He looked pale, but the treatment of his men seemed to have stopped the bleeding for the time being.



“The Avatar of ‘Omnipotent Elephant’ Watanabe… This is the worst situation, if he is… the Sect Leader is in danger…!” (Sudou)





~Giran’s Perspective~



“–So, I didn’t get to find out why you were here.” (Tsuruhashi)



 The Commander is sitting down with his shirt and body covered in blood and wounds. Beside him lies the ‘Conductor’ who has lost his chest and is crucified with the black sword.



“… Ah… I heard that that the ‘Master Threadweavers’ are seriously going to start a war soon…” (Watanabe)


“Those little… from whom did you hear that?” (Tsuruhashi)


“Friends.” (Watanabe)


“How can a 50-year shut-in have friends? Who was it?” (Tsuruhashi)


“Doesn’t Matter… anyway, so I decided to say goodbye to what seemed like an eternity of a comfortable stalemate. I’ve been secretly looking for a place to move.” (Watanabe)


“Are you crawling under the ground like an earthworm and sniffing out a delicious smell?” (Tsuruhashi)


“Not for nothing. I never thought I would find two precious souls here that would lead me to further evolution.” (Watanabe)


“What? Two?” (Tsuruhashi)


“I have already received the message. From me to me and to the real me…” (Watanabe)


“…Ah, that’s enough. Later.” (Tsuruhashi)



 The black sword’s edge pierced between the eyebrows, and the “Conductor’s” body dissolved into a black goo that spread.



“Well, and… this is the worst. Not for the people of this country, nor for my plan.” (Tsuruhashi)



 I noticed that the sounds of battle that had been echoing throughout the floor had completely stopped. Neither the slime nor the other “Conductors” seemed to be here anymore.






“–Finally found you. You f*cking wolf.” (Maria)



 Hakuou Maria appeared.


 And with the Carbuncle Tamiko–



“……princess……” (Giran)



 Ikari Noah was glaring at the commander with a mixture of anger and fear.



“Damn, there are a lot of visitors today.” (Tsuruhashi)


“Ohoho. Somehow the brigade is on the verge of destruction due to mud buns and cannibalism, I will destroy you until not a blade of grass grows.” (Maria)


“…Oh? You’re a small fry. I am in a bad mood right now I’ll kill you in two seconds.” (Tsuruhashi)



 The commander’s temples are creaking. It was the first time I had seen this aloof man show his anger so much.



 Then rough footsteps approached.



“Commander.” (Kawatraro)




 It’s Kawataro. Behind him was Toroko and two children from the village of Hikifune. I think they are Kohada and Isaki.



“Hey, deputy commander. Are you safe?” (Tsuruhashi)


“A lot of our companions died.” (Kawataro)


“Looks like it.” (Tsuruhashi)


“…Engawa is also dead.” (Kawataro)


“I see.” (Tsuruhashi)


“Ikura, Ebisuke, Akagai, and Hamachi. Even Mujirami. They were killed by that humanoid monster.” (Kawataro)


“I see.” (Tsuruhashi)



 Kawataro’s fist punched the commander in the face. He clutched his chest, gritted his teeth, shook his shoulders, and fell to the ground.



“…Good grief.” (Tsuruhashi)



 The Commander looked up at the ceiling, shook his head, and then turned to Noa and Hakuou.



“Let’s meet your virgin.” (Tsuruhashi)


“……eh?” (Kawataro)


“That virgin-faced bastard from the old generation. We need his strength. If things go on like this, the country will perish.” (Tsuruhashi)




T/N: Oh dear. Poor Yoshitsune. Unless, Kang Jubei only had one of his sporangium stolen like Yoshitsune. Ummm… Good luck Yoshitsune.



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