Metro Labyrinth Chapter 56: Red Raider

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 I woke up. My bladder is tight and full, even though I have not been drinking.


 I put the clappers down and quietly go outside. I did my business in a bush a short distance away from the small room and as I was about to return, I stopped.



 Slippery, as if it had crawled out from the floor, a shadow attacks me from behind without a sound.



 But I can see it.



 I turned around and slammed a roundhouse kick into the enemy who is pouncing on me.


 The opponent is crouching as they were blown away, but they avoid falling by digging the soles of their shoes. They coughed, clutching their stomach as if the kick had some effect on them.



“… do you need something?” (Shuu)



 I have a pretty good idea who it is by the outline. He straightens his back and looks up.


 He has a cool, idol-like face, with slicked-back red hair.


 He is that handsome guy who was at the camp. He belongs to Senju Tribe, if I am not mistaken. His name was…



“… Ah, Mr. Kure Izuho.” (Shuu)


“…I’m honored that you remembered me. You have quite the great kick, Abe Mr. Shuu.” (Kure)



 Kure smiles at me. His refreshing smile is looking quite creepy at this moment.



“What are you trying to do? That move was not just some joke, right?” (Shuu)


“I thought I was completely hidden behind you. Yet you intercepted my attack accurately without even looking at me. I was a little surprised, but that’s your strength, isn’t it?” (Kure)


“That’s not an answer.” (Shuu)



 Kure stops and throws his luggage onto the grass. He takes off his cloak and even his jersey jacket.



“Mr. Abe. I would like to get to know you better.” (Kure)


“Eh?” (Shuu)


“Yesterday… ever since I first saw you, I couldn’t resist it.” (Kure)


“Huh?” (Shuu)



 The young man looked straight at me and continued.



“The first time I saw you, you were stronger than anyone else who was there. The twins and the old men were very skilled, but you had something special that they didn’t have, that no other hunter I’ve ever met had. I could tell. I honestly don’t remember the taste of the meat or the wine. Everything about me was intrigued by you.” (Kure)


“Uh, umm…” (Shuu)



 I thought it was “that”, but was relieved to find it was not. The phrasing is still suspicious, though.



 He seemed to have figured out that I was the highest level in that group. And he also has an inkling of my secret cheat. It might have been different if the werewolf had been there.



 Kure removes even his undershirt with a smooth motion. The upper half of his body is exposed.



“Whoa… Whoa…” (Shuu)



 There is a plump chest there. However, an event such as “Oh, a woman!?”



 Her height is almost the same as that of me at 175. However, his bare body is filled with a mountain range of muscles. His pectoral muscles are so thick that they bulge out of his chest, his abdominal muscles are so ripped that he looks like a power ranger, and his deltoids and biceps are so thick. There is a macho body that is clearly disproportionate to his androgynous features.



 He has tattoos on both shoulders. The right side looks like a hunter’s Insignia, and the left side is probably the Insignia of the Senju Tribe.



“Hey, you’re putting your hands together…” (Shuu)


“That’s exactly what it means. A match. In other words, let us use our everything and fight each other.” (Kure)


“No, I know what you mean, but…” (Shuu)



 I am reminded of the sumo match with Aomoto, but it seems to be different from that.



“I don’t really want an exchange of lives. Ah, Mr. Abe can fight with killing intent. As far as I am concerned I win if you can’t move.” (Kure)


“No, no, that’s why I’m doing it…” (Shuu)



 Cure makes a wry smile and scratches his head.



“I know… from your point of view, there may be no point in fighting me. But this is the Metro, and at any given moment, a battle is waiting to be fought. It’s the same with humans.” (Kure)


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” (Shuu)



 It reminds me of Noa’s story. I remember Noa telling me that the Senju Tribe is a tribe with its own culture, and that all of its members practice martial arts. He is a seeker type, or a “I’m going to meet someone stronger than me” type of person who doesn’t care about the people around him. Just like that Sekitori.



“Well… then, I’ll give you a reason to fight. If you win, I’ll give you everything I have. My luggage, my savings, the pornographic books hidden in the ceiling of my parents’ house. Everything I can have at my disposal, including my own life.” (Kure)


“I see…” (Shuu)



 The words “pornographic books” rather than “luggage” or “savings” appeared in my mind.



“In exchange, if I win… I want you to go out with me.” (Kure)



 It takes a while for the new words to soak into my brain.



“What?” (Shuu)


“I want you to go out with me… as my boyfriend…” (Kure)


“Huh? Huh!?” (Shuu)



 The handsome man keeps a straight face, but his cheeks are slightly tinted.



“…To put it bluntly, it’s love at first sight.” (Kure)



 I took a deep breath and screamed out with all my pent up emotions.



“You made me think it’s ‘that’, then make me think it’s not ‘that’, and then, in the end, it’s actually ‘that’!” (Shuu)



 And now I know I don’t need that erotic book.





 I’m a little confused, so I’ll try to summarize the situation.



 To put it simply, “I’m challenged to fight by a prince character in a shoujo manga, saying ‘If I win, go out with me.'” Only in Ouji. It’s outrageous.



 The opponent is Kure Izuho. He is estimated to be at level 50. He is a hunter of the Senju Tribe, a group of martial artists, and his stocky physique suggests that he is trained in some kind of martial art.



 If I win, I will receive everything he has, including his possessions and himself. I will also receive a somewhat special pornographic book.



 If Kure wins, I, myself will become his.



“I’m sorry, I don’t want the money or the erotic books, so I don’t want to play.” (Shuu)



 A natural reply.



“No, I don’t want that. I want to be with you. And if I win, I want to go out with you and… let’s poke each other…” (Kure)


“It is a ‘poke’ from behind, right?” (Shuu)



 The cover of the hideout is removed, and Noa and Tamiko appear out of it.



“Mr. Shuu?” (Noa)


“Abeshuu?” (Tamiko)



 I seem to have woken them up. Or rather, there’s no guarantee that this commotion won’t stop Metro Beasts from approaching. Rather, I would like to do that now, so I won’t have to use [Beast Repellent].



“…What’s going on… at this time of night…” (Shuu)


“…Two men… There’s a squeaky smell between you two…” (Tamiko)


“…No… That’s…” (Shuu)



 How sharp, Tamiko. There is no excuse for this, but it is by no means my fault. My hatred for Kure grew stronger and stronger.



“I woke you up, my lovely friend, but you’re not my type.” (Kure)


“I’m sure.” (Shuu)



 He ruffled his red bangs and laughed mischievously.



“Are you going to run away from a match while in front of two girls?” (Kure)


“No, no, I will not be provoked by your words.” (Shuu)


“The moment you turn your back, I’m going to attack you again. What do you think? How far can you run?” (Kure)



 At a loss of objections, I could just scratch my head.


 It’s useless to say anything to people who don’t see reason.



“Ugh… I’m starting to feel like I can take it as long as we don’t have that relationship…” (Shuu)



 Frankly speaking, I hate it. There’s nothing for me to gain.


 I don’t have high hopes for this guy’s personal assets, and I don’t need some special pornographic books.



 Still, calamity sometimes comes without regard to convenience.


 All I can do then is to resist to the utmost of my ability.



(I’ll make you regret it so much that you’ll never think of getting involved with me again.) (Shuu)


(If anything happens, it will be an unfortunate accident, and my conscience will not be hurt.) (Shuu)



“Really? After that, we can take our time getting to know each other thoroughly and… just the tip is fine…” (Kure)


“You’re just aiming to poke me, after all!?” (Shuu)



 There is nothing wrong with sexual love, no matter what the object of desire. The heart and loving are free.


 Anyway, You mister, I’m afraid, are quite the pervert.



“Mr. Shuu… what’s going on…?” (Noa)


“Abeshuu… I’m kind of squeaked of that guy…” (Tamiko)



 The women’s gazes were painful.



“I don’t know what it is, but I’m going to fight this guy… Just in case, if I lose… Close the door over there and cover your ears…” (Shuu)



 Both of them still have “?” floating above their heads, but I moved my gaze and prepared for battle.



“I’ll win, a hundred percent.” (Shuu)



 I usually don’t say strong lines like this, but I’m declaring it along with my wish.



 —Kure’s appearance suddenly changed.



 An ecstatic smile is plastered over his face, and he clutches his arms as if to embrace himself.


 Then, with a jerk, he spreads his arms and looks up at the ceiling.



“I-I-I’m overflowing!” (Kure)



 Red and blue curves appear on his white skin. Like tattoos running all over his body.



“Mr. Shuu, that’s [Herculean Strength] and [Instant Response]! Be careful!” (Noa)



 I see, this is the mark of using buffing fungus ability. According to the illustrated book, [Herculean Strength] increases muscle strength, and [Instant Response] increases reaction speed. I had already experienced its effectiveness when I was in Aomoto.



 If this is the case, there is a high possibility that he is a [Knight] or a [Fighter]. Even if it was a High-Rank Fungal Class from a different lineage, it was clear that he wanted to get up close and personal.



“Oh, my God. What a pain in the *ss!” (Shuu)



 This guy is unstoppable.


 There is no other way but to fight. There is no other way but to win.



“–Even if you die, no hard feelings.”



 I harden my resolve.


 To protect myself, my future and dignity. I tighten my bottom.



T/N: Nyahaha!!! This is too much. Guard that booty Shuu.
I hope Kure is not just some comic relief character and has more depth like Bulat from Akame Ga Kill or the characters created by Clamp.

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