Metro Labyrinth Chapter 57: The Monster of the Senju Tribe

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 Here’s a battle I should never lose.



 Kure said he didn’t intend to take my life.


 I don’t know how much I believe him, but at least that restriction doesn’t apply to me.



“I’m sorry, but I’m going to try to kill you.” (Shuu)



 There should be no laws when dueling in New Tokyo, but I recall there a code that would bind private fights between hunters (Sumo seems to be in sports).



 Nevertheless—it was the other side that set it up. Even if I should have killed him, it would have been in self-defense. I can proudly say that my butt is more important than this pervert’s life.



“Of course. Can I call you Little Shuu?” (Kure)


“Stop it. Stop the psychological attacks.” (Shuu)



 Cure bends down and puts forward an opened hand.


 It’s kind of like a wrestling stance.



“…Aren’t you going to bring out hypha weapons?” (Shuu)


“I don’t have one. I’m a [Fighter] and at level 50 I have mostly buffs. You don’t have to believe me, though.” (Kure)



 No way, are you going to come in unarmed? No matter how much you call yourself a martial artist, I feel like that would be reckless.



“I belong to the Senju Tribe, Kure Izuho. I’ll be poking you later.” (Kure)


“…Sugamo’s Shuu Abe. [Holy Knight]. Level 68.” (Shuu)



 I glared at him. I hope this terrifies him and he backs down, but the glint in his eyes growing stronger says something else.



“…I can’t believe this, but I wish it is true… This is unbearable…!” (Kure)



 It made the pervert even more excited. Are you some bush snake?



 So without hesitation I summon my [War Hammer]. It’s not like I am taking the unarmed declaration as gospel, but I kept my left hand free based on my experience in interpersonal battles.



 If I wanted to take all possible precautions, I should probably use [Ashura] as well, but if possible, I don’t want others to see it. It is the last and final trick.



“I’ll make one more declaration. I will not use any striking attacks.” (Kure)


“Eh?” (Shuu)


“So—” (Kure)



 Kure’s feet stomped on the gravel.



 The lowered posture, the expression on his face, the reddish-blue speckled markings on his body, all suggest the intimidation of a beast on the verge of pouncing on its prey.



 Grinning, Kure laughs.



“It’s time to fight!” (Kure)



 As soon as he finishes, Kure accelerates from the first step like a bullet and charges low, lower and lower.



(Yeah!) (Shuu)



 But I was able to react. I swing down the [War Hammer], a direct hit to the head. Ah, I might have killed him…


 But then, Kure dodges it with only a few millimeters between the two of them.



(Wha—) (Shuu)



 The [War Hammer] hits the ground. At the same time, Kure places his left hand on the back of my right hand, gripping the weapon. Place his right hand under me and twist his body.



“Ugh!” (Kure)



 I can describe it as a moment of realization.


 In that instant, without any sense of discomfort, my body flips to the side. I am dropped with my back to the ground.



(Kotegaeshi!) (Shuu) [T/N: Kotegaeshi is an Aikido technique.]



 Dodging my counterattack using a lower kick, Kure grabbed my right arm. Pinning my shoulders between his legs and pulling my elbows.


 An Ashi-Hishigi. [T/N: Ashi-Hishigi is a Judo technique.]



“Haha! I got you—” (Kure)



 Just before I am locked, I hit his knee with [Iron Fist] with my left hand. “Guh!” Kure’s face contorted in pain, and the force on my arm relaxed. So I forcefully pulled it out.



“Raaah!” (Shuu)



 The fist that I swung down shatters the ground. Kure, who dodged by rolling backwards, keeps his distance.



“…I thought I had completely got you. The fact that you counterattacked before I could even get you is a trick you can’t pull off unless you’re anticipating the move.” (Kure)


“Kotegaeshi, huh? And Ashi-Hishigi.” (Shuu)



 The technique in which he twisted my right hand first and throwing me. I had experienced it several times. It’s the kotegaeshi of Aikido.



 One of my friend in college belonged to an aikido circle. He was a weakling who was only interested in video games and anime, or rather, he was a guy like that who had gained some halfway decent strength, and whenever he got drunk, he would come close to me wanting to try some techniques on me.



 Thanks to this, I had already experienced some of his techniques, though they were on a different level of sharpness than those of my friend. My body jumped up on its own before I could even feel the pain, or else my wrist would have been destroyed.



“Oh, you know me well. It’s a little surprising.” (Kure)



 As he spoke, Kure bent his wrists and stretched his elbows. Stretching his joints.



“An ancient killing technique, [Jujutsu/Ju-jitsu], which traps the opponent like a tentacle and bends them to the extreme. [Aikido], a traditional self-defense technique that uses the mysterious power of [Aiki], the technique for breaking down and controlling the opponent, is derived from this technique. [Wrestling] is a martial art of heroes that charms you using their well-trained bodies. I use the [Kure-Style Life or Death Technique], which is a fusion of these three martial arts.” (Kure)



 Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Wrestling? Is that really wrestling? If this was mixed martial arts, he would be a grappler.



“All of these techniques have long since fallen into disuse even among Senju, and are only found in a few documents. They have been considered useless against Metro Beasts. The way you just got out of it… it’s almost impossible for any other hunter to handle it… so I’m afraid you’re in for a treat…” (Kure)



 I’m not happy to be praised, but I’m glad I was able to react quickly. Otherwise, my right elbow would have been shattered.



“As I said, I don’t use strikes. I pursue hunting only by throwing, grappling and finishing. That is my pride as a submission master.” (Kure)



 Kure licked his lips and crouched down again. And now I realized another horrifying fact. A chill spread from my body.



“So, let’s start over.” (Kure)



 The nightmarish fact that I would have to deal with a nightmarish very honest to his desire enemy, who will attack me endlessly, seeking only a close contact attack.



 I took off my jersey jacket. Underneath, I am wearing only a tank top with the back open.



“Oh? Are you becoming serious too? That’s what makes this so worthwhile.” (Kure)


“This definitely means something else, right?” (Shuu)



 I am confident that I can win even if we go head-to-head.


 The experience of fighting people over level 50 in quick succession after coming out to the surface is huge.


 Still, there is no need to force myself into the opponent’s range. Or rather, I don’t want to get close.


 It is easier mentally to cut him down from a long distance. If the opponent wants to get very close, it is always better to fight by pushing him away.



(Do I mainly use [Fireball] or [Thunderball]?) (Shuu)



 No, considering the opponent’s agility, it would be difficult to hit him. He probably has a lot of experience in “that kind of combat”.



(Then, maybe [White Bullet]?) (Shuu)



 No, I am not accurate enough to aim at an opponent with that speed. I’m still in training.



(No, no–then, it’s fine with the idea of hitting with a few shots, right?) (Shuu)



“… I’ve decided. This looks interesting, so let’s go with this.” (Shuu)


“Oh? What?” (Kure)



 The smile disappears from the face of Kure, who is pleased with himself. Seeing hypha growing from Shuu’s back forming a pair of hyphae arms.



“… Huh, [Ashura]… Weren’t you a [Holy Knight]…?” (Kure)



 It was a natural question, but I didn’t give him an answer.


 Cure become more vigilant and braces himself, crouching further. I relaxed my arm.



“—I’m sorry, but I won’t let you get close anymore.” (Shuu)



 Woosh, Kure’s cheek was cut and blood splattered.


 His eyes widen, but his surprise is short-lived as he leaps back to the side. A hole opens in the wall behind him.



“Wait, so you’re really serious!” (Kure)



 Ra-ta-ta-tat! and the ground explodes. I should have aimed at his feet, but he avoided it with small leaps.



“Stop dodging!” (Shuu)


“Hey, that’s terrible! I’m going to be covered in holes!” (Kure)



 My fourteenth Fungal Skill, [White Bullet].


 By flicking the white acorn’s buttocks hard, it is fired at the speed of a bullet.



“Noa! Keep your head down!” (Shuu)


“Yes!” (Noa)


“Let’s go! [Quadruple Machinegun Hands]!” (Shuu)



 That’s what I named it.





 White bullets were fired without pause from the muzzles of the four guns, one in each hand and one in each hypha arm. The stone floor exploded with a rattling sound, the walls gouged, and debris ricochet.



 It was just a barrage of bullets. I never set my sights on the target, but the barrage of bullets kept him from getting too close.



 And then, slow and steadily. The hypha arms switches from a bullet to a projectile.


 The mycelial balls released from the fingertip raises pillars of fire and scatters electricity.



“It is wicked! It’s one-sided genocide! Hyah!” (Shuu)


“Ugh! These are Bullets right!?” (Kure)



 Just like a disaster, violence unfolds in the distance. With a firm determination to never let that pervert get close to me again, I unleash all the long-range attacks I have at my disposal.



 Kure maybe good at avoiding. However, his skin is torn and his flesh is gouged out.


 Even when he tries to close the distance, he is unable to catch me, a mobile turret with even greater mobility.


 Eventually, a shot hits him in the shoulder—and what splatters is not blood, but shards of mycelium.



([White Armor]) (Shuu)



 This is the first time I’ve seen one in the flesh. The body surface is covered with a thin film of mycelium, a defensive type of Fungal Skill, like the Tamiko’s Hypha Shell. I notice that his upper body is covered with a faint white hypha, instead of red and blue patches.



“Gah!” (Kure)



 Three bullets hit Kure’s arm, which is protecting his head. Blood sprays from his arm, mixed with bits of mycelium, and the guard’s posture wavers. The [White Armor] is thin, and its sturdiness does not seem to be as strong as my shields.



“Shaaa!” (Kure)



 The bullet that I fired was straight into his unguarded chest—just before that, Kure smacked the bullet. Snaping from the side, like swatting a fly. The bullet that strays wildly lands behind him and falling to the ground.



“…eh?” (Shuu)


“… I’m sorry. If I listen to it, I am able to see it coming.” (Kure)



 The next time he saw bullets, it was fired from both sides at the same time at the same direction. Kure’s hands swooped. The bullets landed behind him.



“The action of flicking your thumb seems small, but it’s big. The tendons in your wrist, the muscles in your forearm. As long as I can figure out the ‘trigger’ that activates the attack, there’s no way you can pull off a trick like this.” (Kure)



(No, no, no, no.) (Shuu)


(This is not some samurai show.) (Shuu)



 Licking the blood dripping from his palm, Kure bent down.



“I’m curious about your Fungal Class, but I can wait until after the match… We’ll save it for pillow talk.” (Kure)



 It is the posture of a suicide attack as if a wounded beast had prepared itself for a desperate fight. Or like a pervert about to unleash his full libido on his target. [T/N: LOL]



“Now—this time it’s my turn.” (Kure)



 A moment of silence.


 The two sweaty men’s breathing becomes deeper in the tense atmosphere, starts to overlap.



 Kure kicks the ground. Straight towards me.


 Bullets are fired from all my four arms.


 Kure’s body moved. The bullets only lightly scraping the [White Armor] and he passed through.



“Got you–” (Kure)



 A superfast tackle. But I predicted it.


 A counter knee kick moves into Kure’s nose—or rather, just barely passes through.



“No–” (Shuu)



 Kure’s lips curved into a grin, entwining me in a way that locked my legs. A Kotegaeshi.



 He tensed and snapped, locking—just before that, a [Katana] grew from my hand and stretched to Kure’s face. Kure leans back and while he dodges the tip of the sword, I pull my legs out.



“Can you handle this too!?” (Shuu)



 While Kure was on his knees, I swung my [Katana] down at Kure’s shoulder.



 —I thought he took it,





 Kure’s knee moved and he stepped halfway. His left wrist and my sword overlap, and the [Katana] is knocked away.



(A Suwariwaza!) (Shuu)



 A friend showed me this one too. It is an Aikido technique in where you walk on your knees from a seiza and defends against a standing opponent. When he was demonstrating it on the wooden floor of his apartment with a smug look on his face, the knee of his slacks became slippery and he was left almost in tears.



 Kure enters my lower left side as I was left unbalanced. He then puts his arms around my torso. And then–.






 It’s coming, a Backdrop!



 The ceiling rolls back with the speed enough to leave an afterimage. I was knocked to the ground from the back of my head—but just before I was about to be knocked to the ground, my [Ashura] pierces the ground, killing my momentum.



“W–” (Kure)



 Undoing the arm that grabbed my waist, I landed on the ground with a backflip.



“Sh*t!” (Shu)



 Kure tried to grab my waist. I brushed it off and threw my fist. Kure evades it and tries to catch it—attacks and defense that doesn’t even catch the eye, switching between at a dizzying pace.



 My speed and power are superior to his. However, even with the two buffs, there is a gap that cannot be completely filled.



 Even so, Kure’s skill and judgment have more than compensate for this. If I had been wearing long sleeves, I might have been taken.



 However, when the hypha arms are mixed with offense and defense, the fist that even exceeds the number of rotations begins to catch Kure.


 His guard was not up to speed, and he was hit in the face with a “Guuuuu!” His face instantly swells up and fresh blood sprays out.



“Shhh!” (Kure)



 With a hook that should have decided the match, Kure slips past it and tackles my waist.



 Just before I was about to be locked in a grapple, I grabs my opponent’s arms with both hands and pushed him back, burning the soles of my shoes. Completely killing the momentum of the tackle, we both stop moving.



“Fuh, Fuh…” (Kure)


“Haa, haa…” (Shuu)



 Two rough breaths overlap, creating a brief stalemate.



 —My finisher was decided to be this.



 A special move from a famous manga that I’ve been fantasizing about doing ever since I learned about the hypha arm’s official Fungal Skill name, [Ashura].


 There was no way I would ever have the chance to practice this dangerous technique on a human opponent—other than a moment like this.



“—This is the end.” (Shuu)


“Eh?” (Kure)


“Ooooooooooh!” (Shuu)



 I gathered all the strength I could from my exhausted body and lifted Kure’s body as if I was pulling off a futon.



 Kure’s upside-down head rested on the side of my neck.



 With both hands, I grabbed both of Kure’s arms, and with my hypha arms, I grabbed both of his legs. The upside-down Kure is in a position as if I was spreading his thighs.



“Hey! What is this!? What are you going to do now!?” (Kure)


“Don’t the wrestlers of New Tokyo know this? Now, don’t bite your tongue.” (Shuu)



 I grinned. Then bend down slightly, squeezing my thighs. [Leaping].



 Jumping up to the ceiling, and then I dive down.



“Raaaaaaaaa!!!” (Shuu)


“Aaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Kure)



 My shout and his scream overlap.



“[Ashura] Buster!” (Shuu)



 Boom! The ground caves in as I land on my feet.


 All the impact is equally felt in my shoulders and arms.



 Kure let out a dry cough.



 As soon as I let go of his hand, he crumples to the ground with a thud.



 I don’t know what part of his body was damaged, and I don’t know how much the damage was.



 Anyway, Kure doesn’t move. He has fainted with the whites of his eyes showing.



“I’m sorry, but I win.” (Shuu)



 Kure Izuho, the Monster of the Senju Tribe.


 He bowed before my superhuman power.



 I won. I protected it. Both my pride and butt.


 I raise my fist high and let a burning fighting spirit dwell in my chin. In other words, I made them squeal.



“Please chant! One, two, three, daaaah!” (Shuu)




 The two girls peeking through the gap have blank gazes.




T/N: Ashura Buster is from Kinnikuman, BTW. I was LMAO translating this. I love how the author writes humor and drama without changing the tone too much and confusing the readers. So good!



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