Metro Labyrinth Chapter 59: Ouji Metro, 30th Underground Floor

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 Two days after the battle with Kure.



“We’ve finally arrived.” (Shuu)


“Squeak.” (Tamiko)


“We’ve arrived…” (Noa)



 Ouji Metro, 30th underground floor.



 I had imagined a special location suitable for the deepest floor, but it was still just a cave-like place. As for the slight difference, the color of the rock surface is somewhat darker—no, it’s just wet. It looks like a very damp floor.



“I don’t know… it’s amazing how we got here this fast…” (Noa)



 Noa has a look of half-disbelief on her face.


 From the twenty-fifth floor, each time we dive down one floor at a time, the strength of the golem and other Metro Beasts is carefully measured to make sure that there are no problems before proceeding. It took us about a week to reach the deepest floor, and although I feel that (as a result) we could have progressed a little more quickly, from Noa’s point of view, it seems that we were just on the right pace.



“I wonder how many years it would have taken me to do it alone—I wonder if I could even get here. But I had been able to come this far without any problems, I feel like I am losing my mind.” (Noa)


“The hardest part for me was that pervert.” (Shuu)



 The monster is looking at us as if he wants to be our friend!



 Do you want him to be your companion?



 → No



 The pervert left looking depressed.



 He said, “I’ll come back later to give you my savings and pornographic books,” but I don’t think I want to see him again, so I just left that alone.



 He seems indifferent to politics and worldly affairs, so I don’t think he would go so far as to break his promise and tell my secret along with his love for me. I don’t know where he is now, but I hope he is doing well in another world. [T/N: LOL. Poor Kure.]



 Anyway, the golem up to this point was about level 40 at most, and the other Metro Beasts were about 30 at most. They didn’t pose much of a threat to my current abilities. It is fortunate or unfortunate that we didn’t encounter any mature golems.



“I had accumulated some loot, but I knew I had to fight a mature individual in order to roll the premium gacha.” (Shuu)



 This is the deepest layer. If we can’t meet here, where can we meet? I feel even tenser.



“This is the most difficult part of the Ouji Metro. This is the last hurdle. We are aiming for Mithril! And the top priority will be a Parasite item!” (Shuu)


“Yes!” (Noa)


“Abeshuu, I need to pee, squeak!” (Tamiko)


“That’s our top priority.” (Shuu)





 According to the guide map, the 30th floor is almost circular. The stairs leading to the 29th floor are located near the southern perimeter. The first thing to do is to aim for the center of the map.



 On the way, Tamiko’s ears twitched on Noa’s head. She is working on her Nin-nin and Kunoichi senses.



“… Hmm?” (Tamiko)


“What is it?” (Shuu)



 Tamiko jumps down and runs away.


 The two of us rush after her, but Tamiko enters an oasis where mycelial plants are growing densely.



“Acorn! Acorns, squeak! Squeak-yeah!” (Tamiko)



 According to my knowledge, acorns are nuts, but in this fungal world, they are flowering plants that bear fruit similar to acorns. One such flower is the acorn dandelion, which can often be seen on the ground.



 The flowers are lush and colorful, and the fruits grow in a variety of colors. In the center of it all, a furball shakes in joy. She plucks one close to her paw and gazes enchanted at it.



“This is… her Mithril…?” (Noa)


“How cheap.” (Shuu)



 Tamiko collects the fruits and stuffs them into her cheek pouches and bag. The greedy squirrel searches the area with a hunter’s gaze, trying to complete all the varieties. The small animals that made this area their home are watching us from afar, wondering what’s going on. I’m sorry for disturbing you.



“I’ve never seen so many acorns, squeak! This looks so good, squeak!” (Tamiko)



 The acorns that Tamiko was pleased with were like sunflower seeds that grew on a flower similar to cluster amaryllis. It is white with red lines.



“That… hmm…” (Noa)



 Noa put her hand on her chin and looked thoughtful.



“It looks similar to the one I saw in an illustrated book a while back… It doesn’t seem to be poisonous, but we probably shouldn’t eat it when in the Metro Area.” (Noa)


“Is it okay if I eat it, squeak?” (Tamiko)


“I’m sure we can find a good book on it. You might want to check the library in Sugamo.” (Noa)


“The other ones might be poisonous, too, so if you haven’t seen them before, let’s take them home first.” (Shuu)


“Squeak-yes! Souvenir, squeak! We’ll have an acorn party when we get back!” (Tamiko)



 Tamiko is very happy with her large stock of souvenirs.



“Isn’t it better to eat regular ground food than acorns?” (Shuu)


“That’s that and this is this squeak.” (Tamiko)


“That was a stupid question.” (Shuu)





 After regaining our composure, we resumed our search.


 Noa, with a map in her hand, led the way through the maze of tunnels.



“…There’s something in the middle of the path.” (Shuu)


“Golem? Hunter?” (Noa)


“Probably just an ordinary animal, squeak.” (Tamiko)



 That’s convenient.



“All right, let’s continue as before.” (Shuu)



 First, we check out the Metro Beasts. If there is no problem, we will go on a golem hunt.


 According to the guidebook, most of the Metro Beasts that appear on the 30th floor are similar to the 25th floor. The guidebook also gives a rough assessment of the danger level (about five levels more), but of course, it is not as accurate as Tamiko’s [Risk Counter]. This is something that can only be determined by a hand-to-hand encounter.


 I tiptoed up to the corner and took a quick peek. In the square where a small spring flows out of a rock, a group of Giant Land Sahuagin, or Giant Wooper Loopers, hangs out. There are five in all.



“The level of the five Land Sahuagins… is about 35 for the one at the far end and about 30 for the others, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“It’s almost as expected. Noa, can you handle one?” (Shuu)


“I think I can.” (Noa)


“Tamiko, support Noa. I’ll handle the rest.” (Shuu)



 The ground shook with a boom.


 The three of us braced ourselves. The Land Sahuagins and the others were saying, “Gi! Gi!”, their backs to each other, slamming their legs with a thump.



 The feet of the five have their backs are wide open, and three hands rise up like pillars. Three escape through the gap before it closed in, but two of them don’t make it and are grabbed in the palm of giant hands.



 As their companions look up in dismay, muffled scream echoes through the air. The squeezed Land Sahuagins stretches out their skinny paws, but they quickly dry up and run out of strength. The tentacles of the main body seem to have sucked out all its fluids and sporangium.



“It’s scary no matter how many times I see it…” (Shuu)



 A scene of a golem eating. It is more like a monster than a beast.



 After watching their friends die, the three animals flee into the depths of the floor, screaming bitterly. The three remaining arms throw out the dried beasts, shaking the ground as it reveals itself.


 The three arms are legs that support a huge spherical body that looks to be five meters in diameter. At the top of the body, a rock tentacle reminiscent of a scorpion’s tail extend out. It looks like a robot super weapon from a science fiction movie. It is like beams would shoot out from its tail.


 There is no need for the golem to be humanoid. I had always thought so, but at the last minute, when it took on such a bizarre form, I had no choice but to recognize it as a boss-level individual.



“Tamiko” (Shuu)


“Yes, around fifty-five, squeak…” (Tamiko)


“Really?” (Shuu)



 If I apply some correction, it almost has the same combat ability as me.



(What are we going to do? Can I handle it?) (Shuu)


(…Ugh, come on.) (Shuu)



 Golem has no eyes or ears. It is said to sense its surroundings through sound and vibrations.


 The distance between me and the scorpion golem is about 50 meters. At this distance, it will not be able to sense us.





“What about the two seafood it squeezed, was it not enough?” (Shuu)



 The tail turned towards us. With a thud, an arm takes its first step and begins to drag its huge body.


 We have been noticed.



“Come on, squeak! Pigyaa!” (Tamiko)


“Mr. Shuu, what are we going to do!?” (Noa)



 The odds of winning are not low if I only look at their level.


 However, the opponent was clearly different from the previous opponents. The risk is too great to judge with only the level.



(It would be better to escape once and observe from a safe place.) (Shuu)



 The opponent is a golem, its legs are not fast, maybe.


 If we go back to the stairs, we might be able to escape.



 However, the opponent is a special three-legged one. It might not always be slow.


 The worst-case scenario is that we can’t escape, and it attacks us from behind.



(…we’ll just have to do it, one way or another.) (Shuu)



 We’ve spent a week coming here, and it’s approaching that objective.


 Then it would be a waste to run away without even crossing blades.



(Is this just an excuse?) (Shuu)


(I’ll get in trouble with my superiors later.) (Shuu)



“Tamiko, Noa, wait at a distance. I’ll leave it to you when the other beasts arrive.” (Shuu)


“Mr. Shuu…” (Noa)


“If I can’t win, we’ll run away. Be ready.” (Shuu)


“Abeshuu, give it a good kick, squeak.” (Tamiko)


“Yeah. I’m going.” (Shuu)



 I take off my cloak and jacket and hand them over to Noa. Then, walking from behind the rock, I confronted the scorpion golem.



(It’s been a long time.) (Shuu)


(To be serious and fight an opponent I don’t know if I can beat.) (Shuu)



 My hand gripping the [Katana] is trembling. Is this a warrior’s tremor, or is it something else?



“–I’ll take your Mithril, no hard feelings, okay?” (Shuu)



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