Metro Labyrinth Chapter 70: All the Actors are Here

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A/N: 8/22 – Some Fungal skills are changed from [Katana] [Knight Sword].



“Aaahhh!!!” (Shuu)



 Like an insane fighter, I swing my fist in close range with my opponent.



 Height-wise, I punched straight near the navel of the opponent. I don’t know if the vital point is near, but first I need to break through this guy’s shell.



 This is my only chance to win. If I get out of range again, I will be tortured to death by the “Hypha Kamaitachi”.



 [Iron Fist] with the highest hardness, I unknowingly broke the Strongest Material for Weapons called Magic Steel Frame. My fists were wrapped in light and fired one by one, putting my soul into it.



 Four shots, five shots, six shots. I didn’t miss the slight cracks running through the stone’s outer shell, which was only scratched by the [Katana].


 The jaguar slams the pommel of its stone sword in an attempt to push me away. My hypha arms now equipped with the [Round Shield] are strong! I then repel the attack to the side.



“Raaaaaaa!” (Shuu)



 Eight shots, nine shots, ten shots. The cracks spread out. The jaguar’s huge body moves backward, the attacks are now taking effect.



 Boom! And its knees swung up and clashed with my fist. I was thrown back, and a gap appeared.



 The stone sword falls from above. I ducked and slip through. I smashed the crack with the [Round Shield] on my hypha arm. In return, it stabbed with its tail and swung around. My cheek is torn and my side is gouged out while throwing me to the side.



“Enough!” (Shuu)



 The twin swords swung at an unabated speed. I dodged and flicked it with my [Iron Fist]. Then my right hypha arm is cut off.


 I plunged forward with all my courage. My left mycelial arm strikes with my [Round Shield] punch—it is cut off just in time and I fly backward.



“—This is f*cking annoying.” (Shuu)



 At a distance, I was gripping my [War Hammer] with both hands.



“Die!” (Shuu)



 The stone sword gouges off my right ear and shoulder. At the same time, a light-clad [War Hammer] slams into the crack.



 The jaguar’s body is bent over, and the stone sword falls out of its left hand. Staggering, the jaguar’s hands hold the crack as it crumbles into pieces.



“Die alre–” (Shuu)



 As I swung the [War Hammer] once more, countless white threads spread across my field of vision. Tentacles were released from the jaguar’s crack, and they entwined around my body as I tried to jump back. The [War Hammer] torn from my hand.



“Damn!” (Shuu)



 It crawls over my mouth, shoulders, and knees. The restraints are strong, and it is not easy to shake them off.


 This is bad, I stay like this, my blood will be sucked. A new hypha arm—



 The body is lifted above the jaguar’s head. Like a princess being carried by a King Bug. [T/N: A reference to the anime Valley of the Wind.]


 However, what awaits is not a miracle of healing, but a stone sword thrusting toward me.



 The cold tip of the sword was ready to pierce my stomach, but before that, both of my hands with [Ironfist] caught it.



 But it kept pushing. Breaking the skin on my stomach, pass the flesh, my organs—.



“Guh… Ahhh!” (Shuu)



 The [Katana] held by my hypha arms draws an arc. The tentacles clinging to me are cut off.


 The tentacles are pulled out of my wound, and I kicked the jaguar’s head, before landing on the ground.



 My thigs thighs are bursting with power as I lunged low and sharp.


 Tentacles and a stone sword intercept me.



 The jaguar’s flying slash met my hypha arms along with my [Katana] is cut in two.


 My hand plunged into the wound without care, pierces through the bundle of tentacles, and reaches the depths of the crack.



 Damn it, I think. I wish I could have done this with the hypha arm.


 It was a bad turn of events. I had to do it with my real hand.



 But I had no choice. I am already prepared.


 It’s been a long time since I’ve said this. I don’t plan of reusing the same line, but just in case.



“—Eat my balls.” (Shuu)



 I clenched the five fireballs I had created in my hands.


 The light was blindingly bright and exploded in front of my eyes.





 My right arm is missing from the elbow down.


 Flesh and bone are exposed, and blood is dripping continuously from there.



 I turned my tear-stained eyes away from the pain to the jaguar lying on its back. The stone body, even the tentacles that covered its whole body, is not moving even twitching.



 I blew up only the inside. It seems that the fatal damage has indeed reached the main body of the jaguar.



(Though I just barely won… I am already all sorts of messed up…) (Shuu)



 I wonder how long it has been since I was injured this badly. Was it when I was forced to retread by the Satan Slime? No, I’ve been badly injured quite often after that. Well, it must have been since the Outsuka Metro.



 I am on the verge of exhaustion. My wounds are healing slowly and my body is losing strength.



 The mine operation has caused a huge explosion. I don’t know when the other beasts will come. I have to leave this place as soon as possible.



(I’ll just get the sporangium first.) (Shuu)



 I pick up the [War Hammer], smash the body, and pull out the filamentous body from around the chest. The lower half of the body is charred, and its fluid is spilling out from where a piece of stone had pierced through. I feel like I’ve done a terrible thing, but I guess it’s mutual.



 I drag my body, which has become as heavy as a stone and hid in the building close by.


 First, the sporangium. Nourishment to recover from fatigue, and accelerate my regeneration.



“…this is…” (Shuu)



 The removed sporangia were black.



 It does not seem to have been burnt. There is no smell of burning. It doesn’t smell rotten either. Or rather, I was alive until a while ago, so that wouldn’t be the case.



(The smell doesn’t seem to be a problem, but… why is it like this?) (Shuu)


(If possible, I’d like to check with Professor Noa first, but…) (Shuu)



 I’m starving, exhausted and my body hurts all over.



 Well, there’s nothing to complain about if it’s just a little upset stomach. Even poisons should be hard to affect me—it’s a delicate matter whether the poison can be resisted in my state.



“Oh… Leftovers are bad, squeak!” (Shuu)



 This is a Metro rule first instilled in me by my teacher. I had no choice but to follow it.


 The first thing to do is to take a bite of the ten-centimeter-diameter piece.



“…Oh, it’s normal.” (Shuu)



 It tastes like the usual disgusting sporangium. It tastes a little bitter, but that’s acceptable.



 As I swallow a mouthful, I feel as if every hungry cell in my body is fighting for it. “Give me more, come on, come on!” My cells growled.



 When I finish the second meal, I feel a strange flutter in the pit of my stomach, probably from the damage, but it subsides in a few seconds. The cells, now well supplied with nutrients, begin to work. Platelets, please stop the bleeding.



 I had hoped for a little more, but alas, there is no level-up. It was only two days ago, after all.



 While the right arm is being repaired quickly, I also check the sandbag. Normally, I should run back to my friends as soon as possible, but the excuse was that I should wait for the wound to heal a little longer. I couldn’t stop but give in to my greed.



 This time. This time, since I was such a strong enemy, this time I would definitely get mithril—



“……What the f*ck is that?” (Shuu)



 When I opened it, there wasn’t even a single jewel inside, let alone mithril. It’s as poor as the golem the floors on the tenth floor.



“I don’t get it… It was so strong…” (Shuu)





 Once again, like Mithrilgar, my desires were blocked and I was left dejected.



 Tamiko’s [Risk Counter] was never wrong and it was also a super strong opponent. It seems that the quality of the sporangium was quite good as it entered my body. This gap though. How do I evaluate it?



(…Not a Mature individual, but a Mutant individual?) (Shuu)



 Not a strong individual that grew through predation and Maturation, but a different kind of creature that was born as a strong individual. I have heard of such Metro Beasts. If it was a strong but young individual, it may not have had much opportunity to absorb Ore Fungus.



(Well, it’s no use thinking about it now, is it.) (Shuu)


(Well, let’s get going. I have to join those guys.) (Shuu)



 My right hand is about to grow fingers. It’s not pleasant to see the flesh rising up, but it’s also somewhat fascinating. If it were someone else’s, it might just be unpleasant.



 Looking down the street from the doorway. As expected, zombies are gathering.


 I go through the empty room and go outside through the back door. Continuing down the back alley.





 I’m lost. I wonder where I am now.


 I used [Leaping] and climbed up onto the roof of a one-story building.



 The fog is settling in just right. I can see some of the scenery around me.



(…not good.) (Shuu)



 There is a huge altar at ten o’clock. It is shaped like a pyramid, more than 30 meters high and quite wide.


 A heavy thumping sound came from the altar. It sounded like stones being rubbed together as if they were coming from a construction site in the distance.



 It echoed intermittently. And in time with it—the place seems to be writhing slightly.



 For a moment, a disturbing thought crosses my mind.



(…Maybe that’s not an altar, but a go—) (Shuu)



 I verbalized the thought and then stopped myself from going on. It can’t be, it just can’t be. You’re tired, Abeshuu.



“—Whoa!” (Shuu)



 This time it came from one or two o’clock, closer to the forest. It sounded like a dog howling. Then came the faint sounds of battlefield noises–crashes, destruction, and screams. It was one street over from where he was now, in the direction from which Tamiko and the others had fled.



 I ran along the roof of the building. Taking a detour where there is a difference in height, before going down to the ground. The sounds of fighting are getting closer and closer.



(—There they are!) (Shuu)



 From the roof, I spot Noa and Kure. Tamiko is also on Noa’s shoulder.


 Together with several Chihuahuas, including their caped leader, they are fighting back against the horde of zombies that surround them.



 Kure is holding his own against several minotaur zombies. The muscular bull-headed individuals are swarming around, just like in a professional wrestling brawl scene. Kure is kicking them all off at once with his massive body, but he is outnumbered, and it doesn’t look like he will last much longer.



“—Ah!” (Noa)



 The Minotaur Zombie’s fist punches Noa in the face. Noa falls to the ground with a spray of blood, and Tamiko jumps up and grabs the zombie.



 The bull’s eyes are looking down from above Noa’s head as she tries to get up.


 It swings its elongated arms that are out of proportion to its large head.



 Noa quickly puts forward her hand. [Sticky Thread] is released from her palm and sticks to the minotaur’s head and arm. However, it is torn off with a light swing of its arm.



 The minotaur swings its arm once more. Noa wobbles as she tries to get up. She can’t evade, and no one can cover her in time, neither Kure nor Tamiko.



 –I made it in time.



 My [War Hammer], which has the momentum of [Leaping], smashes the Minotaur’s head in one blow.


 Noa was staring at me in shock as I slid in scraping the cobblestone pavement.



“…Mr. Shuu…” (Noa)


“Shuu!” (Kure)


“Abeshuu!” (Tamiko)



 I get up and tried to coolly reply to my friends, but this headless macho body is still trying to move.



 Just as I was about to kick it out of the room, the minotaur stops moving. A red line runs in a straight line from its neck to its buttocks, and it falls in half and bursts into flames.


 A double-edged sword that burns red—The hand that held the [Knight Sword] was covered with fluffy silver hair. The [Knight Sword] that was swung was distorting the air like a mirage.



“It looks like you’re in the middle of a party—did I make it in time?” (Giran)



 The impetuous handsome werewolf looks around with his blue eyes, his mouth grinning as his fangs peeking out.


 The strongest hunter of the Ikebukuro Tribe. He is Giran Taichi, the “King Slayer Silver Wolf”.


A/N: For Shuu’s “Fluttering in the stomach”, see “Summary of the Setting so Far”.


T/N: Noa is gonna be depressed again.



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