Metro Labyrinth Chapter 92: Big Bro

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“Everyone! Mr. Abe, Big Bro is here!” (Kurano)



 Kurano calls out, and the hunters, who had been relaxing on the tatami mats, suddenly stand up and dutifully prepare tea and cushions.



“Thank you for your hard work! Welcome, Mr. Abe!” (Hunter)


“Oh, he’s got the carbuncle tribe with him! It’s just as rumored, it’s real!” (Hunter)


“Amazing! Sugamo’s new hero! The greatest rookie hunter in history!” (Hunter)


“Just like the rumors say, he has that smooth as baby’s butt face! (Hunter)


“Leave me alone!” (Shuu)



 It seems that the guild has been informed (by a messenger bat) that Kurano and his friends came here, but I am perplexed by the unexpected response from the young men. Kurano pushes me from behind and makes me sit by the hearth. Tamiko, without a second thought, plunges her head into a basket full of rice crackers.



“No, no, don’t trouble yourself. We will leave as soon as we ‘re done.” (Shuu)


“What are you talking about, Big Bro! Please have a cup of tea and take your time.” (Kurano)


“Okay fine, I’ll have a teacup… *gulp**gulp*” (Shuu)



 By the way, it’s at the right temperature. And then, from the tea set, wow! And from a magic beast’s cheek pouch comes the sound of chewing.



“I want to know about Ouji!” Describe it, please. Let’s hear about your epic adventure.” (Hunter)


“Maybe you’re very versatile.” (Hunter)


“How did you find the new floor? Did you really turn a thousand magic beasts into your disciples? Did you really turn the Wolf of Ikebukuro who was trying to take all the credit into a floor rug after you beat him in a fight?” (Hunter)


“Is it the birth of a legendary provincial delinquent?” (Hunter)



 The other three were also glancing at me with fiery gazes. They all look about the same age as the 18-year-old Kurano, and in terms of air, each one seems to be just starting out.



“So~ what is it Big Bro?” (Kurano)



 I had a vague recollection of his face and name, but I had not forgotten that he had called me “uncle” twice when we first met.



“Well, you see, Only three of us were classmates. We’re from the Sugamo branch the 107th May Flower.” (Hunter)


“It’s a small branch school in the countryside, right?” (Shuu)


“When I first met you, you were modest and said you were level 28. Later, when I heard your real level, I was scared to death!” (Hunter)



 The one who misunderstood the level and age and answered.



“I was surprised to find out that you were the first rookie in the history of New Tokyo at level 68! We are the golden generation, the Abeshuu generation! I’m going to follow you for the rest of my life, and we’re going to make history.” (Hunter)



 I was too agitated, so I try to calm myself down while clearing my throat.



“Well, I don’t need a younger brother or a follower.” (Shuu)


“Abeshuu is my disciple, squeak. My virgin disciple, squeak.” (Tamiko)



 I shove the squirrel with its cheekbags full into the bowl once more.


 The four boys were fidgeting and looking as if they wanted to say something.



“The rumors were true… He’s a virgin…” (Hunter)


“Sugamo’s strongest virgin…” (Hunter)


“It’s okay, Brig brother… me too, actually, I’m still one…” (Kurano)


“I’m not a virgin. I don’t remember admitting it even once.” (Shuu)



 I’m not going to get anywhere at this point, so I cut off the idle chatter and moved on to talk about my work. It’s not because I don’t want the allegations of my virginity to be dredged up.



“From this month, the four of us and two young hunters from Komagome City will be working as night guards. Together with the village’s other Fungal Class holders.” (Shuu)



 Baphomets are nocturnal, despite being goat-headed, so we are only on duty after dark. During their stay, the day and night were usually reversed like this.



“They always come every day, don’t they, those goat pests? They never seem to get tired.” (Hunter)


“The only ones that come into the village and misbehave are five or six a day at the most. Their number and movements have become more active during the rainy season, and recently the number has been increasing little by little again.” (Hunter)



 It seems that the situation has not changed much from a month ago.



“Are you, Komagome, and the other villagers doing all right so far?” (Shuu)


“We have plenty to spare, Big Bro! To tell the truth, the village chief is stronger than us!” (Kurano)


“Don’t be arrogant. Didn’t the others go to the metro?” (Shuu)


“This is where we work, but when we are not busy, we go to help the villagers. However, we just go to the first floor to gather medicinal herbs and mushrooms and hunt beasts.” (Kurano)


“What have you done since the strike team came in?” (Shuu)


“…I went there once, but nothing special happened. The first time I went there, I saw a lot of people and I was like, “What’s going on?” The goat monkeys, even the ones in the shallow layer, were just going about their normal business.” (Kurano)


“I see…” (Shuu)



 A subjugation force consisting of 30 people rushed in, and if they are currently active, it would not be surprising if some kind of change appeared in Baphomet’s behavior. Without any information, it’s incomprehensible or even eerie…



 In addition, we also ask for information on the location of the metro and the beasts that inhabit it. It’s an important story for the mission, so I pull Tamiko out of her tea break.



“…Yeah, I got it. Thank you, that’s very helpful.” (Shuu)



 When I stood up with my cloak and luggage in hand, Kurano and others looked puzzled, saying, “Huh? What?”



“Are you going to the Metro now, by any chance?” (Kurano)


“Yes.” (Shuu)


“No, no, no, it’s almost night. Those goat monkeys are so excited after the sun goes down; you know? Are you going around making havoc at night?” (Kurano)


“Do you still think that?” (Shuu)


“Big Bro, even if you’re the strongest in Sugamo, jumping into their nest alone, or even just the two of you, at night is…” (Kurano)


“I know what you mean.” (Shuu)



 Certainly, it would be safer to wait here until morning.


 However, I am not doing this out of self-confidence or conceit.



“The reason for this is to investigate the situation, so I need to see them at night. And if there is a strike team struggling in the deeper levels, I need to go help them as soon as possible.” (Shuu)


“But I learned in the guild training that our safety comes first when we go on a scouting quest, right? If we don’t return safely, we won’t be able to bring back any information.” (Hunter)


“I’m very aware that Big Bro is a god amongst men, but… it’s better to wait for dawn…” (Kurano)



 Well, their point of view is probably more correct.


 The only thing is, I’ve already made my decision. I’ve discussed this with Tamiko along the way.



“Of course, I don’t intend to be reckless and act beyond our means. Even so… if there’s someone waiting to be saved, that’s reason enough for us to put our bodies on the line.” (Shuu)



 The young direct a gaze like I’m the sh*t.



“Big Bro……” (Kurano)


“Our Big Bro…” (Hunter)


“Abebro…” (Hunter)


“I don’t need that kind of look. Also, I don’t know what Abebro means.” (Shuu)



A/N: I’m afraid the chapter is bit short on words.


Next chapter, they will finally go to the metro.



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