Magic Swordsman Chapter 103: Letter of Trial

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~Lily’s Perspective~



“…what-at…?” (Lily)



 I can’t understand what was happening. I can only stand there with my mouth agape.


 A dagger in Tucker’s chest, as Mina opened her mouth.



“That’s why I said, ‘that’s a bad move.’” (Mina?)



 My spine went ice cold at the sultry tone of Mina’s voice.


 Mina’s tone made me realize that it was that man inside, even though he looked like Mina.



“How……” (Lily)



“I used [Soul-Change – Central Dogma]. I can transfer to another body, but not without repercussions.” (Mina?)


“No way…” (Lily)



 I shook my head in disbelief.


 I didn’t want to believe that the man’s soul got into the party because I destroyed the man’s body—thus helping him.



“Hmm, this body is not good enough. I thought it would be better because you came here. However, it might be impossible to clear the conditions to enter an elf. Well, this should be fine for the time being.” (Mina)


“Who… Who are you…” (Lily)


“Amy. I’m a soul in service of the King of Gods.” (Mina => Amy)


“King of… Gods…?” (Lily)



 I can’t understand what the other person is saying.


 But I understand only this.


 The person in front of me is not Mina.



 —It’s an enemy.



 I quickly held my cane.



“As expected, this body isn’t strong enough to rival you, so I’ll run away.” (Amy)



 Amy turned on her heel and started running toward the city.


 She was not going very fast.


 I can surely kill her now.



 I poured mana into my wand and began to cast my magic spell.



(That thing killed Liger and Tucker!) (Lily)



 I know that. It’s an undeniable truth–



“… Kuh!” (Lily)



 Blood drips from my lips as I bite hard. The memory of my friend is interfering with my magic.


 I know I should kill that thing right now.



 But, but, but…



 While I was at a loss, Amy vanished.


 What was left behind were the memories of the friends I had had and the two dead bodies of those friends.



 Lily collapsed to her knees and was unable to move for a while.


 The B-rank party [Cat’s Paws] was thus destroyed.





~Aaron’s Perspective~



 In a room in the guild, The “God’s Eye”, Aaron Dilmut had a difficult expression on his face. The reason for this expression was a letter that had arrived from the Royal Capital.



 A letter from King Felipe of Yuster.



“I never thought I would receive a letter from His Majesty the King. That’s too–” (Aaron)



 As someone, who had quickly read through the contents of the letter, I can’t help but press my fingertips hard against my brows.


 The contents of the letter were to make me take responsibility for the attack on Finlis and the loss of trust in the Adventurers’ Guild and to dismiss me from my position as guild master. Well, that was not the contents of the letter.



 Surprisingly, the letter was addressed to two adventurers active in Finlis, and it was an order to make special arrangements for them.



 The two adventurers had recently traveled to the capital to fulfill their assignment.


 They received this special letter because of their outstanding performance there.



 I had heard the details of what had happened in the capital. A strong warrior of the demon tribe went on a rampage, many people died, and countless buildings were destroyed.


 With the help of the Vice Commander of the Silver Wing Knights, who was on patrol, the two individuals fought off the demon. Thus the damage to the Royal Capital was minimized.



 In addition to the damage, the timing of the incident was the worst.



 On the day of the incident, a ceremony was being held to announce the succession to the throne. The graveness of the incident occurring amidst the high-security situation was enormous.



Thus the kingdom could not avoid being criticized by other countries, who may say, “Can’t the Kingdom of Yuster immediately put down even a single criminal? The kingdom’s face would be completely destroyed.


 The two adventurers who had been summoned to the kingdom quickly staved off the worst of the situation.



“I don’t blame them for wanting to present them a reward and test them at the same time.” (Aaron)



 It was a special treatment opportunity granted by the king.


 However, it is not an unconditional reward.



“The conditions are the worst. I don’t know if he wants me to move up in rank or not.” (Aaron)



 The letter (probably written by the guild master at the Adventurers’ Guild headquarters) was accompanied by the conditions of the quest.


 It is not so easy to find a quest that meets these conditions.



 –If only it were normal.



 For whatever reason, there was, by chance, one quest that met the conditions written in the letter.


 It was a quest that was once attempted by a party of adventurers aiming for A-rank but failed with the deaths of three of the four members. Since then, no one has taken up the challenge, and the quest has been kept away for a hundred years.



 Perhaps the conditions were such that the master at the headquarters had chosen the most difficult one from our list of quests.


 Or maybe—



“Did the God of Fate’s magic have a hand on this?” (Aaron)



 I muttered under my breath.



 In fact, that God of Fate must have blessed them both.


 —But what kind of fate is placed on them?



 God does not give only rewards. He always prepares trials.



(If those two are receiving special treatment from God, then…) (Aaron)



 I can’t help but feel anxious about what kind of trials await them in the future.






 The door of the room was knocked on three times.


 That knock was done by Marie.


 She brought those two people.



“…Well.” (Aaron)



 After a long but short pondering, I welcomed the two adventurers.


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