Magic Swordsman Chapter 11: Ups and Downs in the Adventurer’s Guild 

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The man steadily walked over and gazed at Esther.

 He called Esther “Esther-san”, but she knew that he didn’t respect her at all.


“Was the requested goblins subdued?” (Creepy Guy)

“Of course. However, there was a big difference between the requested content and the actual number of goblins.” (Esther)

“well well……” (Creepy Guy)


 The man turned to Toru there.

 At the moment when the eyes turned to Toru. His skin crawled like cockroaches were walking over his spine.


“Who is that boy?” (Creepy Guy)

“He’s Toru. He got involved in subjugating the goblins.” (Esther)

“I see. Esther-san saved the boy there and couldn’t defeat the prescribed number of goblins. It’s a shame, I’m sorry.” (Creepy Guy)

“It’s different. The request was successful.” (Esther)


 Esther took out a cloth bag from inside her breastplate. Opening it then seeing it filled with goblin ears.


(What’s going on in Esther’s breastplate?)


 Up to now, the adventurer card has come out in various moments. But this time it’s extremely special. The bag that came out is not small enough to fit in a breastplate.

 Is her chest smaller than I imagined? When I thought that, Esther gazed at me sideways.


(Hiii!) (Toru)


 The receptionist, who received the bag and opened her mouth, opened her eyes wide.


“E, Esther, how many goblins have you subdued?!” (Marie)

“Hmm, there were thirty to fifty bodies?” (Esther)

“so much……” (Marie)

“Can you confirm?” (Esther)

“Oh, I see. I will evaluate it immediately.” (Marie)

“–Hmm” (Creepy Guy)


 A man snorted beside the rushed receptionist.


“A subjugation while protecting this child? Did Esther-san do it? You must have cheated or something, right?” (Creepy Guy)

“How rude, but I would have been killed by that many goblins by myself.” (Esther)

” So, who is the helper?” (Creepy Guy)

“Ah. Toru killed most of the goblins.” (Esther)

“Eh?” (Creepy Guy)


 Esther was very proud of herself.

 Her grin was so wide it looks like it’s reaching both of her ears.


(Why is Esther proud…) (Toru)


 It was then that Toru’s sense of tension vanished.


“This dirty little child, hey you” (Creepy Guy)

“… that word, take it back.” (Esther)


 Esther was angry at the man’s words.

 It was so strong that I couldn’t even feel it during the battle with the Goblin. The atmosphere made the man feel pressured.


“Okay, I’ll take it back.” (Creepy Guy)

“… Is that all?” (Esther)

“Guu… I’m very sorry, Toru-san.” (Creepy Guy)

“No. It’s a fact that I’m a bit dirty.”


 Esther and the man were relaxed because of his neutral tone.

 The light tone of Toru is not to soften the place. Even if a man said that he was a little dirty, Toru thought only “Well, that’s right.”

 He’s indeed dirty, so it can’t be helped.


“Fufu. Toru has a lot of humor.” (Esther)


 Esther blew out a sigh in relief.


“Good, Philip. There’s hope for you yet.” (Esther)


“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Please check because the assessment is over.” (Marie)


 In the meantime, the receptionist finished the assessment. Using that as a signal, the man called Philip went back to the back of the counter as if nothing had happened.


“I confirmed the ears of 43 goblins in total. This is the reward for the achievement of the request accepted by Esther. Since the number of goblin subjugation was quite large, this time it’s considered a special request has been cleared. I added a bit.” (Marie)

“Oh, that helps.” (Esther)


 Esther received a small hemp bag with a reward from the receptionist.

 She took out a few large copper coins and put them in her purse bag.

 The remaining with the bag she handed to Toru.


“……this is?” (Toru)

“It’s a reward for Toru” (Esther)

“No, but-” (Toru)

“Toru killed most of the goblins. I’d be troubled if I had received all of this.” (Esther)


 It was Toru who was extremely thankful, but there are no words to describe his feelings.

 However, a loan should be returned immediately.

 Toru took out a large copper coin from the hemp bag and pressed it against Ester.


“This is the money you used to get me in. With this, my debt was repaid.” (Toru)

“Well, uh… no, you didn’t have to worry about this.” (Esther)

“I will be in trouble if you do not receive it.” (Toru)

“…………all right” (Esther)


 Toru imitated her words making Esther smile.


“Assessment is over, but is there anything else?” (Marie)

“There’s one. I want Toru to be registered in the guild.” (Esther)

“Okay, so please fill in the required information first.” (Marie)



 Toru takes a pen and looks at the paper presented. Items include your name, place of origin, weapons to handle, job, etc.


(Weapons are swords. What kind of work should I write? I wonder if it’s a swordsman or a magician?


 Toru worried for a while and wrote “Unemployed”.


“Hou. Toru can write letters.” (Esther)

“Ah… yeah. That’s right.” (Toru)


 When Esther told me, I realized what I was writing. Toru was casually writing otherworld characters without any feelings of a discrepancy.


(Is this also because of the [language comprehension] skill? It’s convenient, but it’s kind of strange.)


 It’s okay if you write unconsciously with your hands moving, but you know what you’re writing. I should not be able to write Eargard characters.

 When the questionnaire was filled up, the receptionist returned from the back of the counter with a transparent ball.


“I’ve kept you waiting. Well, Mr. Toru. Please put your hand on this crystal.” (Marie)

“This is?” (Toru)

“This is a tool to observe the soul.” (Marie)

“Observe the soul…?” (Toru)


 I do not understand what it means. Toru tilted his neck.


“This is mainly to check if the soul has been stamped with a “mark” in the past.” (Marie)

“If you are from a village, you may not be familiar, but in a big city, a person who commits a felony has a “mark” on his soul.” (Esther)


Esther told him about the transparent ball whose meaning was not understood. She insisted that he didn’t know because he was from a village.


“So that’s it” (Marie)

“Other than that, you can also easily measure your suitability as an adventurer.” (Esther)

“It can do that.” (Marie)

“Yes. Since it is a qualitative tool in the least. It cannot see what kind of potential you have, but it is used as a reference for your suitability to a request.” (Marie)

“Is that so. I understand.” (Toru)

“Okay, please.” (Marie)


 Toru gulped and put his hand on the crystal on the counter.

 Then a small light shined in the middle of the crystal.


“Oh” (Toru)


 It is like a light bulb that responds to human hands and emits light.

 Toru eyes were glued on the magical reaction he saw for the first time.


“eh?” (Marie)

“eh……” (Esther)


 However, in contrast to Toru’s reaction, the receptionist and Estelle were excited.


“What happened?” (Toru)

“No, that’s… I thought something because Toru’s light was so small.” (Marie)

“Maybe he has no talent?” (Esther)

“No, it’s not the size of light that determines talent…” (Marie)


 Esther asks the receptionist with confidence.


“Oh, yeah, yes. Whether or not you have talent is not the size of the light, but the brightness. Toru-san has a certain level of brightness, so there is no problem…” (Marie)


 The receptionist cut the words there and continued with a look that seemed uncomfortable.


“When did you come to Eargard?” (Marie)


 At the moment when the receptionist asked, Toru felt like time had stopped.


[When did you come to Eargard?]


 This question does not come out unless they think that Toru is from another world.

 In other words, the receptionist suspects that Toru is a different-world person.


“……why” (Toru)

“If I make a mistake, I apologize and I will correct it. This soul measuring instrument changes the intensity of light according to the “soul record”. Usually, it is the age of the person registered in the guild. The fist is about the size of a large fist, but Toru-san has no record of his soul.

 Looking at your possible age, you can’t get such a tiny light unless you suddenly appeared from nowhere.

 In other words, if the light is so small, the soul may be of a “lost person” who has come to this world.” (Marie)

“A lost person…” (Toru)

“You’re a lost person!?” (Esther)


 The reaction between Toru and Ester was the opposite.

 Being called a lost person, Toru is pondering what to do when being from “a different world.” However, Esther made a surprised expression.

 Toru wanted to avoid people hearing that he was from a different world. Because if he is known as such he would be branded as a strange person.

 But if the lost person is asked straight-on he can’t answer with a lie.


“You’re right” (Toru)


 Toru nodded.


“Maybe if you’re a lost-person you can’t register in the guild?” (Toru)

“No, that’s not the case. Some people have been lost and have been registered in the guild in the past.” (Marie)

“There seem to be many lost people” (Toru)

“Yes. It’s a bit rare, but it seems to happen several times a year.” (Marie)


(Hey, are you okay to send people from different worlds so often?) (Toru)


 Toru was disappointed at the work of the self-proclaimed god.

 Sending a soul from another world is likely to have a bad effect on Eargard.


“I understand the meaning of the light. I would like to ask if I can register in the guild even if I’m a lost person.” (Toru)

“Are you sure you want to register?” (Marie)


 The receptionist remembers.


(She’s very cautious) (Toru)


 That was when I had doubts.


“Hey, it’s that “tomato bastard” is also a lost”. (Drunkard 1)

“Being an inferior person wanting to become an adventurer is a death wish, so quit and quit.” (Drunkard 2)

“Gyahahahaha!!” (Drunkard 1 & 2)


 Perhaps both were looking at the appearance of Toru from the attached bar. Two adventurer-like men with mugs laughed.

 Their face is very red. Both seem to be quite drunk.

 Toru leaned in their words.


“Inferior?” (Toru)



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