Magic Swordsman Chapter 132: The Divine Descent

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 A shiver ran down Amy’s spine.



(Well… He’s gotten a lot stronger again.) (Amy)



 Whatever the trick is, he is more intimidating than when she confronted him earlier. If they were to fight properly, she would probably be obliterated in the blink of an eye. Amy instantly sensed that much difference in power.



“What happened?” (Toru)



 Toru took one look at Aaron and Graf, who had fallen to the ground.


 His eyes gradually turned purple.



(—damn it all, a Divine Descent!) (Amy)



 Amy put all her strength into her Sacred Treasure.


 The color of Toru’s eyes is a sign that a god has descended. No matter how close she is to being a spirit under the King of Gods, if she is directly hit by the presence of another god, she will be extinguished with a single blow.



 The situation is desperate, but Amy’s lips curved in amusement.



(Your chance is ending soon.) (Amy)



 The Divine Descent is the direct transfer of a god’s soul into a mortal’s body. It is possible to use the power of the god in the body of a human being. But because the power of the god is too strong, there is a limit to the time of descent.



 —A minute.



 If she survives for just more than a minute, Toru will not be able to use his god’s power for a while.



(If I am not extinguished by a single blow, this is mine.) (Amy)



 Of course, Amy does not fight unarmed. Apart from the soul she uses as a vessel, she has hundreds of souls in her body. If she uses them as a substitute, she can avoid dying from a single blow.



 Moreover, if she receives even a single blow, she can seal Toru’s skills with her treasure.



 —The more they fight, the weaker Toru becomes.



 If a god’s servant can be eliminated, Amy will no longer have any enemies. Then, at last, the King of Gods will be back.



“You’re full of motivation, how scary.” (Amy)


“…I’ll ask you just in case. Are planning to surrender?” (Toru)


“There’s no way I would, you know?” (Amy)


“…” (Toru)



 It was the next moment when Amy threw a jab.


 Suddenly, a huge presence appeared behind Amy.



“Then die.” (Toru)


“–!” (Amy)



 Toru approached at a speed that she could not see.


 The [Magic Sword] was swung down from above.


 It is too late to evade.


 Amy put her Sacred Treasure to the path and parried the sword.



“—Gah!” (Amy)



 It was heavy.


 It was like boulders falling.



 Amy’s knees creaked under the weight of the attack. The Sacred Treasure grip is being chipped away with a screeching sound.



 Sacred Treasures are the pinnacle of armaments in this world. It is tougher than orichalcum and has superior strength and flexibility. Some say that only a god could destroy it.


 However, It is being shaved right in front of her eyes.



(What a destructive power!) (Amy)



 She pushed through will all her strength while cursing in her heart. Tilting her Sacred Tool and parry the [Magic Sword].



 She survived the blow. She was relieved, but at that moment.



The trajectory of the [Magic Sword] changed in mid-air. It turned at a right angle and sliced through Amy’s arm.



“-Gah!” (Amy)



 In a panic, Amy backsteps.


 Touch the upper arm and check the condition.



(There is no injury.)  (Amy)



 Just like the black arrow that had pierced her chest before, the sword did not seem to cause any wounds to her body.



 However, its power is tremendous. Ten of Amy’s substitute souls have vanished. Just with the tip of the sword grazed her, and that’s it. If a direct cut hits her body, she would lose more than a hundred souls.



 Just to be safe, Amy has collected more than a thousand souls, but if she is not careful, Amy’s herself could be purified in an instant.



(If I forget the margin, I will be destroyed.) (Amy)



 Amy puts on an Enhancement Magic. In addition, she changes her stance to a completely defensive stance. She does her utmost to survive the one-minute time limit of Divine Descent.



 She just barely parries Toru’s attacks. The following slash was also evaded just in time.


 Toru’s [Magic Sword] can’t be captured by her eyes. The only thing that allowed her to defend was her intuition.



 Hundreds of years have passed since Amy was born. Amy entrusts her fate to the intuition that comes from the battle experience that her soul has accumulated.


 She survives an attack form above and uses her Sacred Treasure to parry a horizontal slash.



 Backstep, evade, and parry.



 She blocks deadly attacks with just a pause.


 Cold sweat trickles down her back.


 Her mouth is dry with anxiety.


 Her breath hitches.


 She’s ready to take a breath.


 But the opponent does not allow it.



(…even now, huh?) (Amy)



 She has already parried Toru’s attacks so many make her bones are creaking every time she receives one.



(Hasn’t a minute passed yet?) (Amy)



 The number of sword slashes has already exceeded a hundred.


 Sometimes Amy applied multiple healing magic on herself.


 If she didn’t, her bones or joints would break and she wouldn’t be able to defend herself in time.



“You, it’s about time you die.” (Toru)


“You mad god!” (Amy)



 Amy struggles to keep her distance in order to regain her stamina and accumulated damage.



(It must have been a minute by now…) (Amy)



 Time flows much slower in battle than it normally does. But even so, it will soon be a minute since the Divine Descent.


 If the god disappears from Toru’s body—the divine energy disappears. If the divine energy disappears, she will no longer be able to be annihilated by a single blow.



 Up until now, she has defended herself completely, but now she will be able to deliberately take damage and aim to seal his skills.



 As Amy had regained her breath, readied her rapier, Toru sat back down slightly.



(It’s coming!) (Amy)



 The next moment after Amy prepared herself, the [Magic Sword] was swung.



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