Magic Swordsman Chapter 133: The Purpose of Setting the Skill Board

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Avoiding just in time.


 Immediately Amy stood up with her rapier and prepared to cut back.






 A violent metallic cry.


 It was a sound so loud that she was prepared for her Sacred Treasure to break.


 Amy slightly flung her body to absorb the impact.


 She landed on the ground while regaining her balance in the air.



 Toru pursues.


 She reacts immediately.


 Defend, evade, backstep.



“You… how long are you going to stay in that human body!?” (Amy)



 Reluctantly, Amy shouted.


 More than a minute had already passed. The limit for descending into a human body is one minute, and although it may vary slightly depending on the strength of the body, it is less than two minutes at most.



 Since Amy started fighting with Toru, one minute has already passed. If a god continues the Divine Descent any longer, Toru’s soul will surely be extinguished.


 She doesn’t care about Toru’s soul, but if the descent continues any longer, Amy will surely be defeated.



(That must not happen. …I will surely bring back the King of Gods!) (Amy)



 Clenching her molars, Amy put all her strength into her Sacred Treasure.



“Not sure how long, just until I get rid of you.” (Toru)



 The light overflowing from Toru’s eyes shimmered faintly.



  The god, perhaps Nesis, the God of Fate. The purple eyes are the symbolic color of Nesis. And from the manner in which he ruined her plan, Amy judged that to be the case.



“To destroy the soul of your servant for the sake of your own ideals—As expected, of a god who betrayed the King of Gods.” (Amy)


“I’ll make a special correction since you are mistaken. I will not destroy his soul. He’s my servant after all.” (Toru => Nesis)


“Then, shouldn’t you go back up to heaven? His soul will disappear because he can’t bear your divinity.” (Amy)


“Thank you for your concern. But it’s okay. This child has acquired the power to accept me properly. No matter how many hours or days, I can continue to descend to this child.” (Nesis)


“……what?” (Amy)



 Amy’s mind went blank at Nesis’ words.


 It is not possible for a god to continue to descend.



“You don’t mean to destroy the laws of the world!?” (Amy)


“No, this is a [World Law].” (Nesis)


“Impossible! Are you saying that you created a new law!?” (Amy)


“You don’t know it, but this law existed from the beginning.” (Nesis)


“No, that’s impossible…” (Amy)



“Just because you don’t know it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Even if you can’t see it, it’s still there. No matter how much you deny it, the truth will never change.” (Nesis)


“Kuh…” (Amy)



 If this continues, her plan will fail. Even if she tries to find a way to breakthrough, she can’t do anything with a god as her opponent.


 Amy is an offshoot born from the authority of a god. Since the superiority and inferiority of the two is already at the foundation, there is no way to reverse the situation no matter how hard she tries.



(I’m done……) (Amy)



 Just when Amy was about to give up.



“God. Please leave the rest to me.” (Toru)



 Toru, who had regained his body from God, muttered to himself.





 Long before Toru came to Eargard, Nesis had it on his skill board, A [God Seal].



 If the King of Gods—the evil god Earlerio—appears and tries to break the seal, it will be the power to stop them. And if the situation became beyond human power, it would also be able to stop them directly by itself.



 It is a skill that unlocks human limits and expands the possibilities to infinity.


 It is a skill that allows one to break through the limits of what God can descend to.



[Limit Break]



 Nesis always gave this skill to those who were reincarnated.



 Most of them did not acquire this skill. They thought that they could take this skill when they felt they had reached their limits. As a result, the limit came early, and they all died without being able to accomplish anything or become anything.



 However, someone who acquired the [Limit Break] skill finally appeared.


 That person is Toru.



 Toru acquired this skill first. Thanks to this, Nesis is now able to continue Divine Descent in this critical situation.



(If Earlerio is revived, it will be troublesome.) (Nesis)



 If things go badly, a second War of the Gods will occur. Also, the number of people living in Éargard will be greatly reduced. Countries will be devastated, and the technology and culture that have been cultivated will be lost. The wisdom of mankind, which has been accumulated little by little, will disappear.


 For Nesis, who wishes for the happiness of mankind, this is the worst possible future that cannot be overlooked. That is why she came here directly to stop the resurrection of the evil god.






“God. Please leave the rest to me.” (Toru)


“(—What!?)” (Nesis)



 Toru expressed his will.



 While Nesis was descending, Toru’s soul was isolated so that he would not be affected by her divinity. He was supposed to lose consciousness, and his body was not supposed to be interfered by him.



 When he stabbed Philip, the guild staff, or shot an arrow at Luka, it was always Nesis who was in control. Toru could not interfere in any way.



(Maybe this is also because of [Limit Break]?) (Nesis)



 Within a short time, Nesis changed her mind.


 If Toru wants to do it, it is the role of the God of Fate to watch over the end of that fate.



“(… okay, I’ll leave it to you.)” (Nesis)



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