Magic Swordsman Chapter 136: The Possibilities Are Endless

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 I take Amy’s angry shouts head-on.



 Normally, I would have been disheartened to hear such anger directed at me. But now I was in the middle of a battle, and Amy was right in front of me.


 She tried to invite the monsters in and destroy Finlis. In the process, many people lost their lives. Among them was a woman with a life in her belly.



 He also sent a demon folk she manipulated to the Royal Capital of Yuster to kill everyone. Many people were killed by the demon folk. But the demon folk was also a victim of Amy.



 So were the adventurers who were killed at Mount Rheitis a hundred years ago. They were dear companions to Lily.


 And now she has struck Finlis. The city that people had worked so hard to rebuild was on the brink of destruction again.



 There is no heart that can be moved by the voice of the person who has plunged everyone into misery.



 Without answering Amy’s question, I launched another attack.


 Cutting, stabbing, and retreating.


 Pursuing, feinting, slashing back.


 Little by little, Amy is being chipped away with the [Magic Sword].



>> [Eyeball Weight Estimation] has been sealed.


>> [Tilling] has been sealed.


>>[Cherry Seed Skipping] has been sealed.



 Each time I attack, a skill is sealed. However, only those skills that are irrelevant to the battle are sealed.


 These are skills that I took before starting the battle. When I attack Amy, my skills are sealed. If I continued to fight, my combat skills would soon be sealed in no time. Because I foresaw this, I made decoys with my remaining points.



 There is only one point per skill. All of them have no effect in combat even if they are sealed. However, it is extremely difficult to determine which skills are necessary and which are unnecessary during a short period of time in battle.



 However, the skill board has a [Stowing System]. I had registered all the skills that I thought I would never use in the past in the [Stowing System]. This time, it came in handy.



[Farming] [Tilling] [Sewing] [Dressmaking] [Jewelry Crafting] [Alchemy] [Goldfish Scooping] [Ring Tossing] [Die Cutting] [Cherry Stem Tying] [bluffing] [Printing] [Pampering] [Cushion Throwing] [Four-legged Race] [Ring Threading] [Archery Games] [Framing] [Sawing] [Nail Driving] [Chiseling] [Singing] [Death voice] [Makeup] [Quick Draw] [Guitar Playing] …




 I opened the [Stowing System] where all the unnecessary skills were collected and quickly allocated one point at a time.


 Those skills were good decoys, preventing the main skills from being sealed.



(—I can do it!) (Toru)



With the [Magic Sword], physical damage cannot be inflicted. Therefore, I felt like I was swinging endlessly, but finally, I got a response.



 Slash, stab, evade.


 Feinting, slash up, slash down.


 I attacked, and attacked, and attacked so that my opponent would not be allowed to attack.



 Against my rush of attacks, Amy was unable to find a way out.


 If I attacked, my skills would be sealed. Most adventurers would have avoided this at all costs. However, with me, knowing that my skills were going to be sealed, continued to attack Amy.



“—Chii!” (Amy)



~3rd Person Perspective~



 Toru’s fighting ability is better than Amy’s, no matter how she denies it. Her main skill is the ability to seal any skill.


 If only Toru’s major skills were sealed… Hoping so, she dares to let him cut her arm.



 This time!


 She hopes it will, but Toru’s movement didn’t change.


 She made a mistake again.



(Why?) (Amy)



 While just barely deflecting Toru’s attack, Amy shouted,



“How come you haven’t run out of skills? There is a limit to the number of talent skills a human being can acquire. Why haven’t you lost your skills!?” (Amy)


“My skills have been getting sealed since a while ago.” (Toru)


“Then why!?” (Amy)


“Because I still have more skills.” (Toru)


“…Huh!?” (Amy)



 Amy couldn’t understand Toru’s words.


 There is a limit to the number of skills a person can have. The limit is ten at the most. The more than that, the less time you will have to learn.



 —It was supposed to be.



“That’s absurd. There must be a limit to the number of skills a human being can acquire!” (Amy)


“There is no limit to a human’s potential skills. Don’t you decide the limit of human potential!” (Toru)



 The reason she was cornered so far was that she was underestimating human potential. Yes, that’s what his gaze told her.



 A human with so many skills that even a devil’s Sacred Treasure cannot seal.



“Well… not yet!” (Amy)



 Amy put all of her remaining soul into it and activated the [Space-Time Magic Law].


 She unleashes a [Complete Stop] toward Toru.



 As expected, this was not something that could be avoided. Amy was convinced that Toru had been stopped. That was the moment.



The [Space-Time Magic Law] disappeared without a sound, right in front of Toru.



“Huh!?” (Amy)



 The technique used now is a part of God’s power by using souls. It is not something that a human being can remove.



“Why……!?” (Amy)



 What in the world could have made the Magic Law? Watching Toru carefully, Amy fell to her knees upon noticing it.



 The purple in his eyes is the God of Fate, Nesis.


The red of the [Magic Sword] is Agni, the God of War.


 Of the patterns on the inside of the robe, blue is Hermetia, the God of Magic, and green is Amanomehito, the God of Nature.


 The white on the boots is Forcels, God of Justice.


 The yellow of the bracelet is Alphas, the God of Technology.



 All of Toru’s armament is imbued with the power of the Six Pillar Gods!



 Those six powers erased Amy’s [Space-Time Magic Law].



(I never thought that Toru had the blessings of not only Nesis but also all the Six Pillar Gods…) (Amy)



 Items with divine colors are so valuable that they are dedicated to the church head temple as sacred treasures. I don’t know why a mere inferior person has so many of them.




 Did the gods favor him that much? Or maybe all the gods noticed Amy’s scheme was using Toru as a deterrent.


 No one will know for sure, but this is what she knows.



(From the very beginning, I had no chance of winning…) (Amy)



 Realizing her own defeat, Amy laughed.


 At that moment, the [Magic Sword] was thrust into Amy’s chest.




A/N: The setting of the Skill Board having a lot of garbage skills was a stepping stone for this moment.




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