Magic Swordsman Chapter 14: Get the Guild Card and Find an Inn

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A/N: We are near the good part. Just a little longer.



“Umm, can I proceed with the application procedure?”


“Ah, yes. I’m sorry for the tangent. Now that the ability test is completed, I will issue the guild card. This ability test is a bit of a special case; I am wondering what to do. By the way… Toru-san will start from F-rank, is that okay?” (Marie)


“Of course”



 I shakes my head vertically.



“Thank you. Now, let me talk about the Adventurer’s Guild Terms.” (Marie)



 The receptionist took out a worn-out parchment from under the counter.


 Explaining the guild’s rules while tracing the letters on the parchment.


 The rules are not particularly difficult. First, an adventurer shouldn’t attack civilians. Second, an adventurer shouldn’t harm their clients. Third, an adventurer shouldn’t cheat on his/her quests. For me, who has lived for nearly ten years as a normal functioning member of society, everything was just commonsense.


 Also, I will also receive a brief lecture on how to accept requests, how to make a report, and selling materials.



“An adventurer must follow these rules, but there are exceptions if involves self-defense or missions. Please be careful so you won’t violate the rules.

 After completing a certain number of quests, the adventurer’s rank will increase. The higher the rank, the more rewards you can receive, but the difficulty of quests will also increase. Please be aware that should you fail a subjugation quest, you may also lose your life.

 Please note that failing a quest due to negligence or not matching your ability before taking, will incur a penalty. If you keep getting penalized, your adventurer rank may drop.

 Regardless of rank, depending on the reason for the quest’s failure, you may also get expelled. Please note that if you are expelled, you will not be able to register again for a certain period.” (Marie)


“Yes. Could you tell me a little more about the guild ranking system?”


“Yes. The guild rank starts at the lowest F and to the highest A. This rank is tied to the rank in difficulty subjugating a monster. However, it is not always the same as your rank. Please note that some cannot be defeated alone. Please see this paper for specific examples of monster and adventurer ranking.” (Marie)



 Specific examples of adventurers and monster rankings were printed on paper.



Rank A = World-class adventurer: Dragon, etc.

Rank B = Nationally renowned adventurer: Ogre King, etc.

Rank C = First-class city adventurer: Troll etc.

Rank D = Normal adventurer: Goblin King, etc.

Rank E = Beginner adventurer: Goblin, etc.

Rank F = Newly Recruited adventurer



(Well… Goblins were E-ranked monsters)



“Is there anything else you need?” (Marie)


“No, it’s okay.”


“Then, I will give you your guild card.” (Marie)



 Esther presented a card similar to a business card.


 When I touched it, letters started to appear on the surface of the card.



“Oh! The letters are showing.”


“Your soul’s wavelength is registered in the guild card. This makes it possible for the card to read the soul’s wavelength of the owner and the status will appear on the surface. This assures that there is no risk of misuse for any lost card. However, please note that if you lose it, you will receive 10 silver coins as a reissue fee.” (Marie)



 10 silver coins are worth 100,000 yen.


 I have not even owned anything close to 100,000 yen in Japan. This had my handshaking for a while.



“Oh, thank you very much”


“Congratulations. Now Toru-san is an adventurer.” (Esther)




“I give one advice as to your senior.” (Esther)



 Esther pointed at me and tilted her head up slightly before telling me her advice as my senior.



“Adventurers shouldn’t let themselves be mocked. If a request from a client comes, he/she may choose ‘the person who seems to be strong’. Toru’s tone is too polite but makes you sound weak. Also, only merchants use a polite tone, so unless you want to be mistaken as one, avoid using it.” (Esther)





 I do not think Esther’s is wrong, but it could be biased. I turned to the receptionist and inquired.



“Esther-san’s words are generally correct. There is indeed such a trend among adventurers.” (Marie)


“Do all speak roughly?”


“It depends on the occasion, the quest, and the quest giver.” (Marie)


“So that’s it”



 For example, when meeting with the head of an organization, an appropriate attitude is required. Even though I am an adventurer, I must act appropriately or I could seem like a brute.


 It means that the TPO is necessary. [T/N: time, place and occasion]



“By the way, we don’t care about an adventurer’s tone of speaking.” (Marie)



 The receptionist is human, even if she doesn’t favor any adventurer initially. As a human being, you they can’t help but be offended by rude people.


 This is the same in Japan. If the other person is taking politely towards someone. It could leave a good impression and make interactions go smoother.


 Aside from that neither adventurer and client should be offended. So no one would hire or be hired by someone rude.



“Okay. Thank you for your advice.”


 I politely replied to the Marie’s words.


 Then the receptionist smiled widely. I seem to have passed her “test”.



“…Toru?” (Esther)





 Esther’s cold voice made my shoulders shake.


 I was about to take my guild card,


 I accidentally dropped the card that cost 100,000 yen to reissue it, and it got stuck in the gap on the floor and I almost lost it.


 To not lose it, I carefully stored the guild card in my [Inventory].



“…I forgot to tell you something.” (Marie)



 The receptionist leaned over the counter and approached me.



“[Inventory] is extremely rare, and it is a useful skill by itself. Be careful not to let yourself be known to hold [Inventory] until you can protect yourself. There are many ways to manipulate people.”



(Hee! What is that scary……?)



 Marie’s threat was carved on my heart.



“This is the end of the guild briefing. Do you have any questions?” (Marie)


“No, it’s okay”


“Now, let’s talk about the spirit crystal of the earth that I received earlier.” (Marie)



 Marie took out the paper on which the assessment results were written and read it out to me.



“There were 15 spirit crystals in total. Since they were all of the very high quality and translucence it has a buying price of 10 silver coins.” (Marie)



 The total says 15,500 garde. About 15,000 Garde and a bonus of 500 Garde is paid for the spirit crystals.



(I earned a few months’ salaries in Japan in just one day!)


“Are you okay with the set price?” (Marie)


“Well, oh, waaa!”



 I was scared of a large amount of money, but I managed to nod.


 Marie carried a cloth bag containing 1 gold coin and 55 silver coins. I was about to store it in my [Inventory].


 However, I remembered the advice of “Be careful not to be seen” as she said earlier, and he reluctantly held it firmly in my hand.


 I am uncomfortable because I suddenly got a lot of money. People passing by or approaching from behind felt like they are aiming for my money.



(Haaa……. I want to throw it inside my [Inventory] soon.)



 I was teary-eyed with worry when Esther smiled and said,



“Then, Toru. Let us go to the city well.” (Esther)


“City well?”


“Ah. There’s a city well that everyone can use.” (Esther)


“I want to secure an inn near the well.” (Esther)



 The sun has already set and the area is getting dark.


 I could not sleep yet, so I needed to secure an inn for tonight.


 But Esther shook her head with a grin.




“First, you have to stop looking like you bathed in blood, or else the guards will be called.” (Esther)





 I only noticed it when it was pointed out,


 I was still covered with goblin “bits” and dirt.





 I was washing my clothes and body near the city well while getting stared at by passersby.


 After washing, Esther gave me a cloth to wipe myself with.


 I wrung my clothes as dry as I can, but it still clung to my body and chilled my skin.


 Still, it’s better than not washing-off the “bits.”




“It’s better than before Toru. So when you enter the shop, the guards won’t be called.” (Esther)


“I see. Thank you.”


“Don’t mind it! The benefits I have received are priceless.” (Esther)


“No, I’m thankful for the help you made.”



 After being covered by goblin blood and offal, Esther not leaving me alone after leaving the guild touched my heart.



“Next is to buy new clothes. The goblin’s stench is persistent. You can wash-off the blood but the fishy odor doesn’t disappear. It’s better to replace everything.” (Esther)


“That’s right. Then can you guide me to a clothing store?”


“Sure” (Esther)



 I went to a clothing store with Esther and bought some used second-hand clothes. Esther paid for the clothing.


 I said I would pay, but she said, “You helped me and got your clothes dirty. I’m going to buy your clothes. So let me pay!”


 I was carrying a large sum of money that I could use to pay, but I decided to accept Esther’s words. If I didn’t do that, we would be arguing non-stop.


 Finally, I asked Esther to help me find an inn.



“Anything else you would like to know?” (Esther)


“Hmm. Oh yeah. Do you know how to use magic?”


“Ah, magic. I know it, but…” (Esther)



 Esther, who had been answering everything enthusiastically until now suddenly became somber.



“What’s wrong?”


“No, why is Toru wondering? I don’t know if you can use magic.” (Esther)


“Oh, yes.”



 It is said that those who are “Lost” are inferior in performance to the Eargard people so that they are called “Inferiors”.


 I may not be able to handle magic. That’s true, even if I am taught by Esther.



“We don’t have magic in my original world, so I’d like to try it. But if I can’t use it then I’ll give up.”


“Ah. to use magic, we have to walk down the streets so we can find some at the store just past that path.” (Esther)


“Is magic being sold?”


“Oh, magic is basically an item.” (Esther)


“Is that so!”



 The magic that did not exist in Japan may finally be achieved.


 When I thought about it, I immediately wanted to go to the store.


 However, almost all Finlis shops are already closed. I had to give up on going to the store.



“Huh, is there anything else?” (Esther)


“Hmm…isn’t there anything special here?”


“What if I guide you around Finlis tomorrow!” (Esther)


“No, no. You might be busy.”



 Esther is an E-rank adventurer, higher than my rank, and also she is my senior.


 Of course, I wanted to get some additional guidance from her. However, I cannot restrain her from earning money by having her guide me.



“You can even join a party with other adventurers, but how about that?” (Esther)


“Thank you very much, but… It’ll be hopeless for me.”



 I am a new adventurer and an “Inferior” person. Even if we form a party together, I could only see the future that I drag her down.



“No, but–” (Esther)


“Thank you for everything, Esther. It was really helpful. If I hadn’t met Esther, I might have died, lost somewhere.”


“…” (Esther)


“If you have any problems, I will rely on you first. Until then, I’ll try to do it alone. If I don’t do it alone, I will have a habit of relying on someone and I won’t grow.”


“…I see. That’s right.” (Esther)



 My words made Esther’s expression sad.


 I thought it was bad for her, but my words rang true.


 If I didn’t move and think for myself, I will stay naive forever.


 For me to survive in Eargard, I must acquire the most important basic knowledge. To that end, I think that it is better to repeat trial and error on my own.


 In front of the inn shown by Esther, I turned to Esther and said,



“This is it, Esther. Someday let us meet again.”


“Oh, oh…” (Esther)



 Esther nodded vaguely.


 I walked towards the inn without checking Esther’s reaction.


 While walking away I wanted to return and find Esther running after him. Requesting that we could go on an adventure tomorrow together.


 That’s why I rushed into the inn to shake-off the urge.



“Welcome!” (Landlady)



 Immediately after entering the inn, a welcoming middle-aged woman made a loud voice.



“Are you a guest?” (Landlady)


“Yes. Please give me one room.”


“There are morning and evening meals. Which would you like to have?” (Landlady)


“Please both.”


“Then it is 40 Garde per night.” (Landlady)



 40 Garde, it’s is about 4,000 yen. This price is quite good while having morning and evening meals included. I was surprised at the low price.



“How is it, this inn is cheap right?” (Voice)


“Oh, I was very surprised. They even include two meals on my -What?”



 I spoke to the voice behind then I turned around and checked.


 Esther was there when we should have just separated.



“…Why are you here Esther?”


“I am staying at this inn too!” (Esther)


“Is that so……”



 My heartbeat skipped for a bit.



“Landlady, I brought you a good customer. He’s also my benefactor, so I’d like you to give him good service.” (Esther)


“Esther-chan, welcome back. I understand, leave it to me.” (Landlady)


“Oh, and for Toru’s room, if room 201 available can he stay there?” (Esther)


“Room 201?”



 I tilted my head.



(Esther said to the proprietor, “I want you to give him a good service, so I wonder if I will be in a better room than others.”)


“Oh, next to my room!” (Esther)





 As expected, I thought that having a woman’s next room would be bad, but I wonder if that was normal in otherworld inns.


 However, if a woman says, “Our rooms are next to each other,” this is embarrassing.


 I am is still a healthy young man (although the contents are of an uncle’s).


 Even if the other person does not have similar feelings, I will be troubled as a man, so please stop.



“Landlady, please not Room 201, but another room.”


“Well, it’s bad, Toru-san. It seems that only Room 201 is available.” (Landlady)





 I was stunned and now looking like an idiot. While the landlady snickered at me with a smile.


 “Is it a lie that there is no room?” I thought, I also need to have to look more confident. I cleared my throat afterward.


 Taking out the silver coins from the bag and settling for 7 nights. When the landlady put the key on the counter, the key was swiped up from the side.



“Then, let’s take you to the room!” (Esther)



 Esther who grabs my key quickly leads me to the room.



“No, I can go to the room alone.”


“What should I do if you get lost?” (Esther)


“I’m not easily confused. Look, give me the key.”


“It’s okay. It’s next to my room anyway. Isn’t it fine since we’re going in the same direction?” (Esther)


“Okay fine, why should I be in the next room?”


“Don’t say anything ok. Let’s go!” (Esther)



 My arm was pulled hard, and I was guided by Esther while going to Room 201 (which was just up the stairs), just as she said. 



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