Magic Swordsman Chapter 140: Epilogue 1

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 After Lily cast her magic, Amy disappeared inside Esther. With that, the commotion finally ended.



 However, that did not solve everything. The scars that Amy left behind in Finlis were deep. A section of the town was half destroyed and many people lost their homes.



 I was one of them. I am now staying at an inn in the commercial district, where I used to sleep when I first arrived in Finlis.



 Even though the disaster has struck again, the people living in Finlis are cheerful. They were singing songs as they cleared away the rubble, laid foundations, and erected buildings. It is in times of hardship that the residents of Finlis act cheerful.



 Esther regained consciousness safely. It was thanks to the magic Lily had developed to defeat Amie. And then there was one more person—



“Lord Toru!” (Luka)


“Ugh.” (Toru)



I, who had been throwing debris into the [Inventory] felt my shoulders shiver.


 After Esther woke up, Luka, who had been possessed by Amy, woke up. She seemed to be conscious while her body was being controlled, and her body trembled with guilt for a while.



 After that, for some reason, Luka zeroed in on me.



“Lord Toru. Thank you for fighting the devil that lived inside me the other day.” (Luka)


“Oh, sure…” (Toru)



“I felt a strong sense of justice when I saw you fighting with six gods in your body! It was as if Lord Forcels himself had descended!” (Luka)

“Ha-ha…” (Toru)


“Especially that blow that pierced my chest……(Fuaa)!” (Luka)


“—!?” (Toru)



 A chill runs down my spine when I see Luka with her hand on her rose-stained cheek. I immediately threw all the debris and ran away with all my might.



“Oh, Lord Toru. Please don’t run away from me~!” (Luka)


“Hiiii!” (Toru)



 Luka chases after me, as I run away, at breakneck speed.



 She is a priestess of Forcels Church, but she is also a member of the Adventurers’ Guild. She is a top adventurer with a rank of “C,” earning her the nickname of “Bloody Saint”.



 Naturally, her physical abilities are outstanding. My level may have improved considerably, but I am unable to keep Luka at bay.



 Until recently, she was a wanted criminal who, if caught, would have been beheaded immediately. However, it turns out that it was Amy, not Luka, who attacked Finlis twice. Furthermore, it was the Adventurers’ Guild that directly asked Luka to do the quest that caused her body to be taken over.



 Amie was guilty, the guild was indirectly responsible, and Luka’s own guilt and responsibility were minor. As it turned out, and with the statement of the Archbishop of Forcels, she was pardoned as a special exception.



 Instead, she is now under house arrest. She is banned from all adventuring and missionary activities. However, this is only to prevent the public from turning their anger against Luka. By the time everyone realizes that Luka was not the one who attacked Finlis, her house arrest will be lifted.



 As I was desperately running away from Luka, I spotted a woman in the corner of my eye, clad in a dark aura.



“Toru…?” (Esther)


“-!” (Toru)



 It was Esther.


 She did not blink once, and her pupils were dilated as she turned her eyes toward me.


 Seeing this, my body stiffened slightly.


 Luka caught me from that opening.



“I caught you!” (Luka)


“Ugh……” (Toru)



 Luka wrapped her arms around my body and two arms. Even though she has delicate-looking arms, it felt like I was caught in a vise.



(As expected of a C rank…) (Toru)



“Lord Toru. Why are you running away?” (Luka)


“No, that’s…” (Toru)


“You traitor…” (Esther)



 Esther, with her face sticking out of the shadows, has teary eyes. Caught between Luka and Esther, my back was peppered with cold sweat.



 Looking around, citizens, merchants, and adventurers alike were working and sweating to rebuild Finlis. They are all single-mindedly trying to rebuild their home.



(I might as well not even be here.) (Toru)



“Hey, Esther. I want to go somewhere.” (Toru)


“Where to?” (Esther)


“To the North.” (Toru)


“North… you mean the capital?” (Esther)


“No, farther north.” (Toru)


“So, you mean the Anutria Empire.” (Esther)



“I also want to go to the east.” (Toru)


“East… it is, I think, the eastern country. Did you receive a request from the guild, by any chance?” (Esther)


“No, I didn’t. I didn’t receive a request. It’s just…” (Toru)



 I looked up at the sky.


 “He” is not there. He is nowhere in this world.



 I just feel like “he” is there when I look up at the sky.



“I want to see all the different countries.” (Toru)



 A black-haired, black-eyed boy who once lived in this world died without ever having known any place other than a nameless village. Then I was allowed to use the boy’s body.



 The reason I am alive in this world today is that I borrowed the boy’s body. So, to repay the favor, I wanted to travel the world.



 His soul is probably nowhere to be found, but this body will see things for him. It would experience what he could not experience.



(I don’t know, maybe Lid would be happy with that.) (Toru)



 That was what I wanted to do most in this world.



“Is it safe to leave Finlis? Well… what if something attacks again or something?” (Esther)


“That seems it will be alright.” (Toru)



 At Esther’s question, I gently shook his head.


 Right after the battle ends, I heard directly from Nesis about the city’s future.



“Nothing will happen here for a while, so why don’t you go and tour the world? Also that ‘boy’ said that he wants to see the world.” (Nesis)



 The God of Fate went out of her way to guarantee Finlis’ safety. Nothing will happen for a while.



 Then it would be a good idea to travel the world.


 If that is what “he” wants, then so much the better.




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