Magic Swordsman Chapter 17: First Magic

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Led by Esther, we arrived outside of Finlis.


I originally planned to practice in the courtyard of the inn, but Esther strongly discouraged me saying that it would be dangerous to do test spells within the city.


Her input is often correct.


If my spell does activate, there would be no problem. However, if the spell runs out of control, the inn may get damaged.


I didn’t think about that because I was pessimistic about my chances of using magic.



“Well, then what attribute should I use first?”


“Yeah. First, I think it’s better to start with a non-attribute like mine. If it’s non-attribute, I can coach you, and if you know the feeling of moving your mana, it might be easier for you to use another magic attribute.” (Esther)


“I see. That’s right. Let’s go start using non-attribute magic.”



I immediately picked up a non-attribute magic scroll from my [Inventory].



“Toru. You should read the words that appear on the surface while your mana is passed through the scroll.” (Esther)


“…Yeah, but how do you do it?”



I smiled at Esther’s explanation.


I have no idea of what mana is. My idea of what is that mana is, it is the source of magic. But I am not sure how to control mana.



“Be aware of the powers within your body other than your physical strength.” (Esther)


“Power other than physical strength…”


“Yeah. Even if you don’t put a lot of power into your muscles, when you put in this ‘Power’, you get a feeling of being stronger, like something is flowing in. That’s the source of magic, mana.” (Esther)



Gestalt is likely to collapse due to the influx of “power” coming out of Esther’s mouth. [T/N: Who is this Gestalt guy. Here is the vocabulary meaning.]



Refocusing, I trust her words and close my eyes.


I am diverting all my focus from my strength towards the ‘power’ inside my body.


After a while, I realized that I feel a completely different “power source” in my body.



“……So this is it.”



When I understood the feeling she’s describing, I was able to clearly understand the whole meaning of Esther’s words, which made no sense before. “… if you don’t put a lot of power into your muscles, when you put in this ‘Power’, you get a feeling of being stronger…”


When I understood it, it seems that there is no other better explanation than Esther’s.


Certainly, there was a feeling that Esther said that I could focus on the other “power” other than my physical “power”.


While being aware of this feeling, I used the scroll of [Strength Enhancement] .


Then, faint letters appeared on the surface of the scroll.



” ‘Strengthen my body by magic. [Strength Enhancement] !’ -Wow!?”



At the same time as I read the letters, the scroll changed and became a ball of light and jumped into my chest.


I was surprised and crossed my arms. But the light passed through my arms and entered into my chest.



“Success for the first time!”


“Yes, if you succeed this will happen” (Esther)



I suddenly had felt my head buzzing.


Certainly, Lily-san said that the scroll would disappear or second-hand resale is impossible, but I never thought, “You can’t resell because the scroll would disappear into the body after turning into a ball of light.”



“The spell of [Strength Enhancement]  should have been engraved on Toru’s soul. Try it now.” (Esther)


“Should I use the chant to use it?”


“Yeah. If you get used to it, you can even use it [Chant-less Casting] once you get used to it.” (Esther)





I have already acquired the [Chant-less Casting] skill.



(That was in the skill tree because it can be learned through practice)



I once again activate [Strength Enhancement], conscious of my inner “power”.


This time, [Chant-less Casting].


The next moment, I suddenly felt my body brimming with power.






I stepped on the ground and jumped forward.


I felt an acceleration that I had never experienced before. The scenery flows at high speed at the edge of my field of view.


Both [Strength Enhancement]  and [Chant-less Casting] were successful.



“I said that you can do [Chant-less Casting] eventually, but as expected, you already succeeded…” (Esther)



Esther’s eyes were glued on my back. Did she think that me using [Chant-less Casting] was strange?


However, I could use it without any previous experience. It’s probably nothing special.


I walked towards my original position while confirming the condition of [Strength Enhancement] .



“This magic is pretty good. I still have to be consciously casting the spell to maintain it, but if I get used to it, I may be able to maintain it without thinking.”


“Usually, it takes a month before you can use it while in action…” (Esther)



At present, it is good enough because people are usually dealing with a monster smaller than themselves. However, it does not mean that there will never be times when you will face a monster larger than themselves.


The size difference is proportional to physical strength. The greater the mass, the greater the attack power.


[Strength Enhancement] is an essential skill to overcome such physical phenomena.


Considering the life of adventurers in the future, they have to become proficient enough to continue to activate them unconsciously.



When I used my purchased scrolls one after another. I was impressed by the four types of spells, from the basic attributes.


[Fireball] pierced the ground I targeted, [Water ball] pierces deeper into the hole.


The [Rock Needle] made the ground produce spikes and [Air Cutter] cut the jagged spikes.


Although life magic was not flashy, it was very useful.


If one has [Ignition], they can quickly start a fire, and if someone has the spell [Water Supply] it can produce fresh drinking water. [Drying], makes wet clothes dry similar to clothes dried under the sun.


I cast one spell and then tried to activate it with [Chant-less Casting].


Its power is slightly weaker than when I was chanting, but it is still overwhelmingly fast.


If I can activate magic during close combat, it will increase the number of maneuvers I can do and it will be easier to corner my opponent. Also, it may be possible to avoid the attack from the opponent who chants to activate his magic.



“Wait a minute, Toru! Are you planning on destroying the area!?” (Esther)



I performed magical tests and aimed at the uneven, barren ground, but Esther got angry behind my shoulder.



“Yes, I mean no, but it’s better to shoot at the ground, right?”


“If it’s normal power the terrain should not look… that rugged, the guards will complain.” (Esther)


“Wow, that’s bad then. Should I aim at a distance? But I think it would be dangerous if there are people.”


“Similar to bow and arrow, magic also loses power over distance. It would be okay if no one is in the visible range.” (Esther)


“Well, I see. I’ll try it.”



Believing in Esther’s words, I fired a [Fireball] at a distance.






The ejected [Fireball] made a sound as if it crossed the sound barrier velocity threshold, and advanced steadily forward.
















and further.








The [Fireball] became a dot and disappeared from the visible range.


Shortly thereafter. A pillar of fire rose from the other side of the horizon towards the sky.



“…I’m sorry, Toru. Apparently what I said was a mistake. Forget what I said.” (Esther)





Never cast magic from a distance. I carved those words deep into my heart.


Subsequently, I used [Lighting] and [Blind].


When I chanted [Lighting], a small light appeared. It was a stationary-type magic.


It’s a magic that keeps shining endlessly if one puts it in a designated place unless the mana is exhausted or the caster erases it.



“Most people who have a mastery of Light magic will learn this [Lighting] at the very beginning. With this, you can reduce the cost of candles and stay up all night!” (Esther)


“It’s kind of like the lights kids would want to play with.”


“What are you saying? I suppose nights are time is when people study… Maybe it’s different in Toru’s original world?” (Esther)


“Oh, yeah. I think the activities at late nights are rather excessive.”



In Japan, there were tools such as PCs for gaming that could be played even at night.


However, there are no games or computers in Eargard.


The only things people can do here at night are studying or working at home.


What a healthy world.



“In my world, when I stay up late, my parents get angry, saying that I should go to bed early.”



“It’s the same in this world.” (Esther)



Esther smiled wryly.


It seems that parents in every world have the same job of putting their children to sleep.


I learned the [Blind] spell next.


[Blind] isn’t as flashy, but it is a spell that blocks your opponent’s view. If it is released during a battle, the battle situation can be changed.



“Efficacy depends on how you use it.” (Esther)



~Esther’s Perspective~



I was astonished by the variety of scrolls Toru had purchased and the results.


First of all, I was surprised that he succeeded in the [Chant-less Casting] of spells with just one try.


Since Toru, who used magic for the first time, succeeded in [Casting] for the first time, I felt the shock that the world would collapse, “There are no big elves in this world.” [T/N – Check A/N at the end]



“……impossible” (Esther)



Even more amazing is the power of his magic. Toru’s basic magic was powerful enough to transform the terrain.


Besides, the magic he casts reach far beyond one’s sight, without diminishing.


Even the advance magic I saw didn’t respond like this.


Is this truly basic magic!?


I am not a magician. However, I have the experience of seeing magic.


The basic magic that an ordinary adventurer uses is not as powerful as Toru’s.



“Usefulness of magic depends on how you use it” (Esther)



What more is he going to do?


For me, everything is getting more absurd!


Toru is convinced that he is using advanced magic, not basic magic.


And above all, Toru has mastered all the magic he purchased.


If he was a normal beginner, he should have run out of magic just by using a few spells. He should have run out of mana when he learned some of the spells.


If one is near the end of their mana cap, they will feel dizzy and tired. If one further use magic from that state, they will experience palpitations, shortness of breath, and eventually faint.


Toru had already released dozens of spells, but there is no sign that he will run out of mana.



“Is Toru a ‘lost’?” (Esther)



It seems pretty suspicious.


As a person who was originally born and raised in Eargard, I am still unconvinced.


I do not want to discriminate against “Lost people”. However, I still know that it is reasonable for “Lost people” to be called “Inferior” since their levels do not rise from 1.


Toru was far too far from the general image “Lost people” show.



“That is why we should form a party.” (Esther)



Esther received a tremendous amount of support from Toru.


That time against the hordes of goblins, I was prepared to die and never return.


Toru rescued me from that reality.


He will never be the kind to be too proud even in the future, he will not let it go up to his head.


However, apart from that, I thought.



(Isn’t it possible to go anywhere if I form a party with Toru?) (Esther)



Toru cut down a horde of goblins with only a black longsword. He possesses more than enough ability as a swordsman. Besides, his magic is also outstanding.


It is a super excellent talent as an adventurer. Anyway, I wanted to have a party with him.


However, my current ability is a problem.



“… after all, you have to support each other…” (Esther)



The party members are equal. Only if one supports the other it will eventually fail.


The parties work because they complement each other in areas they lack.


My ability was a bit insufficient to form a reliable party with him.



“I can’t stay like this.” (Esther)



To complement Toru’s mastery of magic, Esther pulled out her long sword.



(To keep being an adventurer and to be selected by Toru, I need to be stronger and grow even stronger!) (Esther)



To stand next to Toru.


Esther abandoned her pondering and simply trained.



A/N: *There are no big elves in this world.

It is a commonly used proverb in “Eargard” meaning “Totally impossible”.

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