Magic Swordsman Chapter 18: First Request

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Taken by Esther, I came to the area outside of Finlis.


I was absorbed in the magic I used for the first time.


 I resisted the urge to say something chuunibyou, such as “Kukkukku” or “I must calm the evil sealed in my hand”. [T/N – a.k.a. middle-school second-year syndrome: typically used to describe early teens who have delusions of grandeur.]


 This time I barely resisted, but I do not know when another episode will occur.


 Chuunibyou urges are dangerous.


 While using magic, I realized that changing my image would change the magic.


 For example, [Fireball]. If I use it without any image, a ball of fire of about 10 cm (4”) in diameter will fly towards the target.


 When I was creating an image before activating it, I could change the size of the flame and increase or decrease the power of the spell.


 I am not planning on imagining [Flare]. I wanted to use [Fireball], so I tried to make it as small as possible and increase the firepower to the maximum,



“And what? What are you doing?! It looks excessively dangerous. I am leaving now!” (Esther)



 Esther was upset.


 I thought that she was exaggerating, but I became so scared of her unusual reaction that I stopped from casting it.


 Not just, power. The color of magic has been changed.


[Fireball] can be changed into various colors if you imagine the flame’s power.


When imagining a BTB solution, [Water Ball] was changed to yellow, green, and blue. [T/N – BTB (Bromothymol blue) solution is used for pH indication for alkali substances. Colors range from yellow, green, and blue. Just google for more info]


The image of [Rock Needle] changes colors from varying shades of white to black depending on what substance I imagine. However, even if I try hard, I could not make it golden or silver.


I thought it would be interesting if the [Rock Needle] turned, golden or silver, but ordinary plains do not contain large amounts of gold and silver. Therefore, the color does not change.


 Besides, it was not possible to change if the substances thought off are low in concentration.


 The only thing that did not change color was wind magic.


 Since air is colorless. There may be colored air in this world, but I do not know that. If I did not know, I cannot have it manifest in my magic.



“I think that if I collect and release colored smoke, I can add color to [Air Cutter] as well. I think it will take time and effort if I do not prepare the smoke first.”



 However, just because it can be done does not mean that the power of magic changes or that it became easier to use.


 It is just a hobby.


 I am accustomed to magic while performing various experiments.


 When I noticed, the day has already begun to end.



“Oh, I am hungry…”



 When I was no longer able to concentrate as my stomach called my attention.


 I used magic to level the bumpy ground to not be a bother to others.



“Toru. I will be back soon.” (Esther)



 Esther, who had been training herself very hard, was putting her sword in a sheath and wiped her face with a towel.


 So far, she has not interfered with Toru’s magic practice. She had not talked to him since she stopped Toru’s [Flare]-like [Fireball].



“Sorry, I am sorry to have wasted your day.”


“No. It was good because I was able to concentrate on my training.” (Esther)



 The two of us quickly passed through Finlis’ gate and returned to the inn.


 After finishing the dinner that was not quite tasty, we ate enough for the skipped lunch. I returned to my room and immediately collapse into my bed.


 By the way, dinner was a steak that was hard and chewy as leather with an overwhelmingly salty taste.





 Before bedtime. I suddenly reminded myself of a classic fantasy training.


 Like muscle training, “if you continue to use magic, your magical power will increase.”


 Therefore, I decided to use magic before going to bed to increase my magical power.


 The magic used is of course not the kind like [Fireball] or [Water Ball]. If I used such spells, the inn will collapse in no time. Good thing [Lighting] can even be used at home.


 However, if one normally uses [Lighting], the room will be so bright and people will not be able to sleep.


 So I decided to put [Lighting] under the bed.



“How many can I cast?”



 I tried to cast many spells. However, I did not feel that my magic power has decreased.


 It was useless to cast one by one, and it became troublesome after a while and he cast one with all the mana he can pour.


 Immediately, the bed began to shine like a UFO.


 The amount of light seems to emerge from that single light alone.


 If someone were to look straight at this, they will go blind.


 However, I ran out of magical power after activating [Lighting] multiple times and faint after doing so. Luckily, I avoided the horrors of blindness.


 I woke up the next day,



“What is this…?”



 I was at a loss of words for a while because of the radiance that overflowed from the bed.


 When my head started to clear, I finally remembered, “Speaking of which, I had cast a lot of [Lighting] last night.”


 Some disappeared during the night, but there was still a fair amount of [Lighting] left in the futon.


 Waking up with a shiny futon was a very surreal experience.


 It feels like I am Tutankhamun reborn. [T/N – Tutankhamun, “Boy Pharaoh”, is a well-known Egyptian pharaoh. For more info, google him.]


 It became something like magical sarcophagus, not a bed…


 Anyway, I silently disabled the [Lighting] and prepare for the day.


 As soon as the sun rose, I left the inn.


 The day before, I was able to fully satisfy my desire to use magic, so today I wanted to find a request in the guild.





 The guild was quiet. It is not yet the time for adventurers to start working.


 There are no adventurers, but the guild was open.


 People are in the guild for 24 hours so they can respond when an emergency happens.


 There is no body at the reception desk, but there is a bell.


 It is the same as the front desk of the hotel, and it seems that someone will appear if I ring the bell.


 I looked at the bulletin board where the guild’s requests were posted.



“The request that can be received even by an F-rank is…here?”



 Luggage carry: Five large copper coins a day.

 Delivery: Four large copper coins a day.

 Water supply cleaning: Six large copper coins per day.



 If I looked only at this, I will feel that adventurers are just titles and that they are just temporary staffing for businesses.


 However, this is also an important job. Every job is indispensable tasks in the city.


 I found a request for “Herb Collection” among them.


 Since this request is permanent, there is no failure. If I brings medicinal herbs, I will be paid only for what I bring.



“It is good that there is no chance of failure.”



 It is impossible for me, but if I used Lid’s memory as my guide. I can collect herbs with this.


 Maybe it will be fine, but I decided to take this “Herb Collection” request without thinking too deeply.


 Since the request is permanent, it does not matter if I do not apply at the reception desk. Therefore, I left the guild as it was.


 I bought grilled meat for lunch at the stalls along the way and threw it into my inventory where no one could see it.



“Oh, hi. Uh…It is Toru, right. You alone today?” (Guard)


“Yes. I am going to collect herbs.”


“Already. Hmm, do your best.” (Guard)


“Oh, yes.”



 Presenting the guild card to the guard, I exited through Finlis Gate.



“…What was with that reaction?”



 I remembered the look the guard gave me as I left the gate. It was a stern expression. However, he said nothing and left me to my devices.



“Is it difficult to collect the herbs? Is it dangerous? But it is an F-rank request.”



 I cannot understand even if I think hard about it.



“Well, there seems to be no problems, it would probably be okay?” I rushed to the forest and headed inside.



 Various plants grew in the forest. For me, these plants look just like weeds, no matter how different they look.


 However, when I recalled Lid’s memory, I found that it was a plant with various effects.


Shibily grass, spice grass, licorice grass, disinfectant grass…


 There was no official name in Lid’s memory, but the memory of taste of each grass can be recalled with just a quick recall.



“…Maybe Lid has eaten all these grasses?”



 He lived mainly in hunting. However, it is not always possible to hunt for prey every day. There must have been days when no prey was found.


 At that time, Lid was eating grass to satiate his hunger.


 I began to tear up when I imagined the times Lid was eating grass. Getting hurt and suffering from the spiciness, and getting happy to find a sweet grass.


 I have lived in Japan without experiencing any inconvenience. I never got hungry to the point I had to eat grass. No matter how poor the people became there was food offered by the government to help people in need. That was once my normal.


 How blessed was I to never experience such a life?


 Eargard is not that kind.


 If I am not able to work, I will be forced to live on grass because to pay for future expenses.



“I must do my best!”



 I renew my determination to live in Eargard.


 When I walked through the forest, I found a medicinal plant easily. The collection method was also included in Lid’s memories. If possible, I should take only a single stem from the center without damaging the root.


 By doing so, the medicinal plants will sprout and grow without dying.


 A wild dog would often approach me, but it would run away with its tail tucked in with only a slight [Intimidation].


 The encounter rate with wild dogs is higher than before.



“Is it normal to target the same individual?”



 If the beasts become too persistent, I just have to slash them, or kick them far away.


 However, because the beasts look similar to a dog, I did not want to kill or harm it.



“I do not want you to get near me if possible…”



 Toru cast four [fireballs] overhead while thinking. Rotating it repeatedly.


 The activated Fireball has a modest power. It is dangerous if the magic power runs out while in the middle, and if the power is too strong, it will burn the trees.


The reason why he activated [Fireball] is to train his magic.



 If I can do this unconsciously, it will be much easier to activate magic next time.



[Fireball] When four are getting easier, he added another one. When five became easy, he gradually increased the number to six.


 In rare cases, the control would be disturbed and the trees would be burned, but Toru immediately extinguished the fire with a [Water Ball], he had been preparing to use.


 When he was searching for medicinal herbs while practicing magic, he noticed that beasts suddenly stopped appearing.



“…Is my intent understood by the wild dogs?”



 The reason why the wild dogs would not get close to him was not that they knew that he did not want to kill them.


 It is simply because they do not want to approach a suspicious person with countless [fireballs] on their head.


 If ones’ survival instinct is functioning properly, they will be afraid to approach such dangerous people.


 However, without realizing it, Toru hummed satisfied and collected herbs.

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