Magic Swordsman Chapter 25: A Confrontation

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 As soon as Esther woke up, We started traveling toward Finlis.


 Perhaps because she’s more refreshed, we traveled at a faster pace. Her lifeless ponytail also seems to have recovered. [EN: This is getting weird] [1]


 Just before the sun has dyed red. We arrived at Finlis without any hindrance.



“Oh, Esther and Toru. Welcome back. Were the both of you safe?” (Guard)


“Yes, thanks for everything.” (Toru)


“What do you mean? I didn’t do anything. Good luck.” (Guard)



 After showing the guild card to the guard, we went through the gate. I went straight to the guild.



“……Hmm?” (Toru)



 Outside the guild, I stopped and squinted my eyes in concentration. Somehow I can hear quite the racket from within the guild. As I listened, I could hear a man yelling.



“What’s wrong, Toru?” (Esther)


“Nothing, the guild is just a bit noisy. There might be a fight happening inside.” (Toru)


“Just a fight? Then it’s a daily occurrence.” (Esther)


“If you say so.” (Toru)



 Is it similar to the Edo period in Japan where fights happen on a daily occurrence?


 I, who has lived in modern Japan, never thought that I would ever involve myself even if I witnessed a fight in front of me. I will most likely erase my presence and quickly leave the scene.


 So again this time, I didn’t want to go near the scene and obstinately stood my ground on non-involvement.


 But Esther has already entered the guild before I could have stopped her.



“……It can’t be helped” (Toru)



 I followed Esther, sighing while catching up to her.


 The atmosphere changed once I entered the guild.


 The disturbance was apparently caused by two men who’re wrapped in bandages and causing a ruckus. Both men were at the receptionist’s desk complaining and shouting.


 I’m curious about what is happening but my desire to be uninvolved was steadfast



“So, tell me about the kid you recently registered as an adventurer. Tell us where he can be found!” (Drunkard 1)


“He injured us!!” (Drunkard 2)


“Sorry, I cannot answer queries regarding an adventurer’s personal information because of the confidentiality rules.” (Marie)


“Isn’t it illegal to injure a fellow adventurer? You mean you’re just going to leave alone a person who breaks the rules of the guild!?” (Drunkard 1)


“No, I mean…” (Marie)



 When I heard the men talking about me, I immediately turned around and began my way towards the exit of the guild.


 But I was a little late, the receptionist noticed my existence and her eyes widened. The men noticed her reaction and they turned around to see what it was.



“Basssstaaaarrrrdd!!” (Drunk 1)


“Grrrrr! You’ll be Sorry!” (Drunk 2)


“…Toru, do you know those people?” (Esther)



 Esther calmly asks me, in contrast to the men who are screaming.


 My stomach is quite upset.



“Uh, yeah. Well, were they a friend or someone you’re related to?” (Toru)



 I was previously attacked by them.


 I was attacked and counterattacked in self-defense, but I could not think that they would come to give a “thank you”.


 As she heard my words, Esther’s ponytail waved like a puppy’s tail. [EN: WTF!!!]



“Toru made friends in Finlis!” (Esther)


“No, no matter how you look at it, they’re not friendly!!” (Toru)


“Oh really?” (Esther)



 Why do I have to be a friend to someone who acts violent and has poor hygiene?


 Having such a friend would reflect badly on me.



“Why are you bothering the receptionist?” (Toru)


“Because of what you did, we can’t accept any request!” (Drunk 1)


“Huh…” (Toru)


“Hey, hey. Maybe you’re just new to being an adventurer and you may not be familiar with it, but it’s prohibited by the guild’s rules for an adventurer to harm another adventurer. At worst, it is possible to be expelled from the guild.” (Drunk 2)


“……I see” (Toru)



 When shouted at in a loud voice, the receptionist replied with a look that says, “I can hear you fine.”



“If we sue you, you’ll be expelled.” (Drunk 1)


“No, but in my case, just self-defense–” (Toru)


“Do you realize we could have you expelled, won’t you be in trouble? You’ll be in trouble!? If you don’t want to get into trouble, pay the treatment fee!!” [2]



 A man screams loudly, blocking Toru’s reply.


 Indeed, they did not come to get me expelled, but they used it as a reason to squeeze money out of me.



“You started-” (Toru)


“I’m going to sue through the guild if you don’t pay us money!” (Drunk 1)


“So as I am–” (Toru)


“So tell me what you’ll do! (Drunk 2)


“that–” (Toru)


“I’m telling you to give us an answer!” (Drunk 1)


“… Shut up.” (Toru)



 The men who screamed so that I wouldn’t be able to talk were both smirking. I’m so annoyed I used < Intimidation >.


 Immediately, both of them fell on their asses.


 The other adventurers, who were looking at the situation from far away, paled and stiffened.


 The people at the bar hid their faces behind their mugs as if they were saying, “We’re not here.”



“I was attacked by you guys, so I acted in self-defense. By the guild’s rules, there wasn’t any problem with self-defense right?” (Toru)


“…Oh, that’s right. Yes, it’s allowed.” (Marie)



 The receptionist began shaking and nodded many times.



“I-it, it’s not self-defense. You have attacked us!” (Drunk 1)


“Oh, yeah! You were clearly aiming for our lives!” (Drunk 2)


“No, it was self-defense…” (Toru)


“Then is there evidence?! We’re the ones injured!” (Drunk 2)



 They are two and I am just one person. Looking only at the number of witnesses, I am at a disadvantage.


 However, since it is said that I injured them, it is impossible to not side with them anymore.



(I’m tired…) (Toru)



 It has become troublesome to deal with them. Better yet, I want to ignore everything and leave Finlis.


 If I leave the city without disproving their claims, I would become a criminal. I will certainly be banished from the guild, and it may be difficult to live in another city in the future.



(In that case, I could go to another country…) (Toru)



 While I was contemplating that idea.



“You have been making a lot of noise since a while ago!”



 From the back of the aisle next to the counter, a strong-looking man appeared with a pulsing vein on his forehead. The guild member who was in charge of Toru’s ability test.



“Gr, Graf-san! Here, this guy harmed us!” (Drunk 1) [TN: So Ogre-san is also known as Graf-san. Since the Author changed the name, I will too.] [EN: guys, remember this, so that you don’t have confusions later on]


“Because of the injury he caused us, I was unable to make money. This guy also took all of my money!” (Drunk 2)



 They came here and even added claims of robbery. It is at a level that is unlikely to be concluded by expulsion from the guild.


 When I was thinking about how I would argue, the man called Graf looked at me.


 He opened his mouth, with eyes that were cunning. [3]



“Are you guys dumb?” (Ogre → Graf)


“……eh?” (Drunk 1)


“…Huh?” (Drunk 2)


“Toru there is a ‘Lost’. You guys are almost D-rank. Isn’t it embarrassing to lose to a recently joined ‘Lost’?” (Graf)


“This guy is inferior!?” (Drunk 1)


“That is not true…” (Drunk 2)



 A memory from a few days ago was probably recalled by the two men.


 They did humiliate me in front of the crowd. They might have not remembered what they did since they were extremely drunk


 But they should’ve remembered after hearing that I was an “inferior.”


 Although it was an important piece of information, they forgot completely because of being extremely drunk and their feelings of anger and shame.



“Gyahahahaha!”          “You were beaten up by ‘inferiors’!”               “That’s something!”

“What, they lost to an ‘inferior’!? No way!”



 When other adventurers heard that I was a “lost” person, the adventurers who were looking at me from a distance began to laugh.


 The two drunks’ faces turn bright red from shame from being ridiculed by other adventurers.


 Losing to a “lost” person is equivalent to proclaiming to everybody and people who despise “inferiors” that he is an even weaker person more incapable than “lost” people.


 Now their fighting power and skills as adventurers are doubted.



“No, no. The man is not an ‘inferior’!” (Drunk 1)



“Yes, that’s right. We were beat-up by that guy! He is lying and pretending to be an ‘inferior’!”



“Why would you lie pretending to be an ‘inferior’?” (Graf)



 Graf exhaled deeply and asked the receptionist.



“Oi Marie. How was the measurement result of Toru’s soul?” (Graf)


“Yes… He is a ‘lost’.” (Marie)


“Is that so?” (Graf)


 What will you do?”, Graf asks the men with his eyes.



“… Ugu” (Drunk 1)


“Kuh…” (Drunk 2)


“This time monsters have injured you, so you tried to blame the new adventurer right?” (Graf)


“Chi–” (Drunk 1)


“Isn’t it so?” (Graf)



 Graf stared at the men with quite the intensity.


 His eyes are telling them, “Accept it.”


 They are not ‘lost’ people and their pride will be protected if they lose to monsters.


 But if they keep on insisting Toru beat them up, they would be known as inferior adventurers who lost to an ‘inferior’ for the rest of their life.



“…Fine! Let’s go!!” (Drunk 1)


“We’ll remember this!” (Drunk 2)



 The men quickly ran out of the guild with their faces red with shame, leaving the line of adventurers on the reception desk.


 The other adventurers roared in laughter as they watched.



“Oh, Toru. I’m sorry I had to expose your status.” (Graf)


“You had to.” (Toru)


 I shook my head at what he said.


 Graf-san’s remarks were filled with the intention of protecting Toru.


 He helped moderate the adventurers by not letting Toru be a victim and still saving the pride and reputation of the two. It was hitting two birds with one stone, no, three birds.


 It involved less exposure for me plus it was quick at reaching a peaceful solution for all parties.



“You may become involved in various troubles because I had announced that you are a ‘lost’ person.” (Graf)


“I’ve already been involved…” (Toru)


“Well, that’s right. I apologize, but if an adventurer gets involved, feel free to mention my name. It’ll help keep them in check.” (Graf)


“Thank you” (Toru)



 I can only see more merits by being exposed by Graf at this moment. But I swear in my heart that I will make use of his name whenever there is something troublesome in the future.


 When the atmosphere inside the guild began to settle down, we had finally reached the counter.



(It’s just a report, but I didn’t think the distance from the end of the line until the receptionist desk was so long…)


“Toru-san. Sorry for what happened earlier.” (Marie)


“No, don’t worry Marie-san” (Toru)



 I shook my head as I replied to what she said.



“You told Graf-san about my situation. And it’s okay because Marie-san helped me.” (Toru)


“……You’re too kind” (Marie)



 She told me where Esther’s whereabouts were very, very discreetly so that it would not violate confidentiality. It was precise because of that information that Toru was able to save Esther.


 It is a mistake to complain to her even if he was exposed as a “Lost” person.


 With a smile on her face, it lifted the heavyweight on Toru’s shoulder.




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[1]: Original TN was;

“Perhaps because she had been more rested, we traveled at a faster pace. Her lifeless ponytail also seems to have recovered”

So, the first part with the she had been more part, it didn’t sound quite right. So I changed it.


[2]: Here, The person speaking was not mentioned. So yeah. Although, it’s probably one of the drunks.


[3]: Original TN was;

“He opened his mouth, with and eyes full of cunning.”

I changed it obviously, but yeah.


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