Magic Swordsman Chapter 27: Activation of Acquired Skill

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“This is Esther’s mission, but I will consider it as completed. Are you sure you want to sell the Queen Rock Worm’s magic stone?” (Marie)

“Ah. There are other Rock Worm magic stones, so I would like you to buy them as well.” (Toru)

“So–” (Marie)


 Before Marie could open her mouth and write down the reply. Suddenly, the door of the private room opened without knocking.

 Toru had sensed the person using [intuition] for some time, but Esther and Mary seemed to be surprised, and their shoulders shook before freezing up in surprise.


“…Chief Philip, do you need something?” (Marie)

“Yes. I didn’t hear that Esther-san came back. I came to check the situation.” (Phillip)

“I will give the report of the matter later.” (Marie)

“No, let me confirm it now. I’m the one who asked Esther to accept that request.” (Phillip)


 Philip is a man with a forked tongue. He’s in charge of Esther’s previous requests/

 He looks at Esther like she’s an ant under his foot. It was a look that looks at the other person a fool. As if he is thinking, “She shouldn’t have escaped from the forest.”

 At some point, Philip looked at Toru, like he’s saying, “What?”


“What’s that boy doing over there?” (Phillip)

“Toru is also an adventurer, he played an important role in this request.” (Esther)

“Hmm, isn’t Toru-san an outsider?” (Philip)


 Outsider, Philip says, he probably means someone who has nothing to do with a party or the request.

 He’s really good at finding faults.


“Yes, but…” (Marie)

“Isn’t it okay for him to leave that seat? Ah, yeah, Marie-kun. It’s a breach of confidentiality if he has been here for a while. I’ll have to report this to the management.” (Philip)

“……Yes” (Marie)


 Marie bites her lips. She would like to argue, but it seems that she could not stand the weight of his words.

 I was a little annoyed by Philip’s behavior.

 I am also involved. It is something else for someone who suddenly appeared and said that I should leave. No matter how true Philip’s words are, I couldn’t comply with it obediently.


“I’m very sorry, but Esther and I formed a party today.” (Toru)

“–!” (Esther)


 My words were fake and have just been blurted out on the spot.

 Esther, who was next to me, almost yelped loudly and moved a little closer to me.

 The ponytail on the back of her head is making swishing sounds. It’s like a dog’s tail.


(I’ve been thinking about it for a while… what is with that hair?)


 Esther’s mysterious hair, I leaned back to the sofa.


“I think if someone is a party member, then he is not an outsider. Isn’t that right?” (Toru)

“Esther-san. Are Toru-san’s words true?” (Philip)

“Yes, that’s right! Toru and I had formed a party, so he’s not an outsider!” (Esther)

“Yes. If that’s the case, there’s no problem with me being here.” (Toru)


 Philip shook his head as if he couldn’t help it.


“Maybe, please the report.” (Philip)

“Yes, Esther-san’s mission was successful. I haven’t organized it yet, but here is the report.” (Marie)

“Success?… Please let me see it.” (Philip)


 Philip received the report from Mary, and quickly read the contents.

 It was when his gaze was near the end of the transcript.

 His expression, which has always been smiling shifted slightly. The change was quick.


 But I didn’t miss it.


“…I understand the contents. Congratulations on the success of your request, Esther-san. Marie-kun. Please escort Esther-san to have her magic stone appraised.” (Philip)

“Okay, sir. Esther-san. Then please come with me to the counter.” (Marie)

“OK. Toru let’s go.” (Esther)


 When Esther said that I was about to stand up, but Philip called out to me.


“Wait a minute. Let us have a short chat.” (Philip)


 I can’t tell what Philip is thinking based on his expression. However, it was convenient for me.


“Esther. Go ahead.” (Toru)

“But…” (Esther)

“It’s okay” (Toru)


 I wondered if Phillip would do something. Esther had quite an uneasy expression.

 So I repeatedly said, “It’s okay,” waving my hands shooing her. So, Esther left the small room while looking back constantly as if her back hair is getting pulled from behind.

 After they left the small room I faced Philip.

 After all, even if I look at his facial expressions, I do not know what he is thinking. He is quite good at hiding his inner thoughts. Does it mean that he is not just a simple chief of the guild reception?


“This is a soundproof design. Please be assured that no matter what you talk about it will not leak outside.” (Philip)

“Huh…” (Toru)

“Then I’ll ask first.” (Philip)


 At that time, the color of Philip’s eyes changed.

 A slight glimpse of his true nature, which was hidden quite well.


“What are you?” (Philip)


 His voice was like a blade pressing against my neck. It is neither intimidating nor is his words. His intent is just that sharp.


“I don’t know why you’re wondering.” (Toru)

“A Lost person is not the kind of person who can defeat a Rock Worm.” (Philip)

“Well, I was careful in fighting a Rock Worm.” (Toru)

“… How can an inferior who can never go up from level 1 defeat a level 30 Queen Rock Worm?” (Philip)


 I see I began wondering.

 This was the reason why Esther is stressed that she could never “defeat” the Queen.


(Sorry. If you think I’m a “Lost” with a level cap of 1. But I think we can normally up… Isn’t it right?) (Toru)


 Then I realized something.

 When I was selecting skills, I didn’t think about anything in particular, and I just thought of taking [Limit Break] just because the name seems like it would help me become strong, but apparently, it was a skill to break my level cap.


(That is, if I didn’t take it, my level will never rise and so will my stats. I will still remain weak, and I won’t earn any skill points… it was quite dangerous!) (Toru)


 Cold sweat rolled on my spine, at such a possibility.

 Until now, the “Lost” who visited Eargard probably did not have a skill board, or did but didn’t put points to [Limit Break], or did not have enough points to acquire? It is likely to be one of these.

I was unconsciously avoiding the “dead end.”

 If I get stuck since this is reality there’s no reset button.

 To be unable to level up would have been a roadblock to my survival, which could end this life.


“I’ll ask again. Who are you?” (Philip)

“My answer remains the same. I’m just a ‘lost’ person.” (Toru)


 I replied sharply to his intense questioning.

 We were at a stare down for a long time.

 But it was Philip who broke with a sigh.


“That’s all. We’re done.” (Philip)

“Then I’ll ask the next question.” (Toru)


 I straightened my posture and asked before Philip close our small chat.

 Before coming here, I was checking some skills that I have.


“Why did you try to kill Esther?” (Toru)


[Condemnation +2]


 My words were invisible blades that threatened Philip, his breathing stopped.



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