Magic Swordsman Chapter 28: Denounce and Reap the Soul

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“…That’s a terrible accusation. I don’t understand. I wouldn’t attempt to kill Esther-san.” (Philip)

“Okay, I’m asking you this, but all of the requests Esther has received over the last few times have involved Philip-san, right?” (Toru)

“Yeah. What do you mean? I wonder if you were just calling me a murderer because I was involved in it. Or did I try to kill Esther-san directly? No, you really have some imagination. It’s a bit too much to call a guild employee who is doing his duty in supporting adventurer as a ‘murderer’.” (Philip)

“…You don’t usually talk this much.” (Toru)

“…” (Philip)


 Philip turned around but didn’t say a word.

 Up until now, Philip hasn’t spoken this much.

 He has always stuck to saying as few words he could.

 But when he saw me, he became more talkative, and words came out rapidly.

 Although it is not shown in his facial expression, it is proof that he is upset.


“There are several reasons why I thought so. First, the request for the subjugation of the goblin that Esther underwent. The request just to defeat a few goblins but she was swarmed by an army of them.” (Toru)

“Goblins are monsters everywhere. That kind of thing happens rarely. I guess she was out of luck.” (Philip)

“I think it would be a for a normal goblin subjugation, but the goblin subjugation Esther received was not a permanent request.” (Toru)


 When Esther reported the Goblin subjugation, Marie said, “This time, the special request is considered as a success.”

 In other words, it is clear that the request Esther received was not a permanent one.


“It wasn’t just any goblin subjugation because it was a request that the guild had issued differently than a permanent request. It was a request that Philip-san was involved in, right?” (Toru)

“Yes, that’s right, but I never tried to kill Esther with that-” (Philip)

“Be still” (Toru)


 When Philip tries to talk, I stopped him with [intimidation].


“This reconnaissance request is extremely difficult. You could not kill Esther using the Goblin request. So you sent Esther to the forest where Rock Worms are, in the guise of “Silver Wolf Sighting Investigation”. If she meets the Rock Worms, you hope she will die.” (Toru)

“That’s just speculation too. I didn’t know that Rock Worms were infesting the forest.” (Philip)

“But when you read the record, you weren’t too surprised at the appearance of the Rock Worms. You weren’t surprised because you knew about the Rock Worm right?” (Toru)

“No, I was surprised. I didn’t think there was any Rock Worm. I didn’t look surprised because I’m trying to be expressionless. If I’m so surprised the adventurers will get upset.”

“Yes, it’s true that you were surprised. But what surprised you was not the appearance of the Rock Worm. You were surprised that the Rock Worm was ‘subdued.’” (Toru)


 When Philip read the transcript, he was slightly surprised at the end of the transcript.

 It wasn’t where the word “Rock Worm” appeared, it was the word “subdued”, this is based on the report Marie was writing.


“You were at a loss… I’m not supposed to be the kind of person who can defeat Rock Worms” (Toru)


 He was surprised that I could beat the Rock Worms. That’s why he stopped me.

 This is to identify the person who disturbed his schemes.


“It’s easy to see if you knew of the existence of Rock Worms by a quick interview. I’m sure you’ll find out: for example, if you ask a guard who is watching people going in and out, what they observe. You’ll see a pattern. You’ll see that the guilds were informed not only about the Rock Worms but about the increase in goblins as well.”


 When I came to this world and Esther was the first to reach out.

 Even if she heard that I was a “Lost” person, she did not discriminate and taught me someone ignorant about the common sense of Eargard.

 Esther is my benefactor.

 I feel a strong resentment at Philip, who had trapped Esther.

 The [intimidation] naturally leaked from my body.

Philip, who was exposed to my [intimidation], opened and closed his mouth like a fish sweat began pouring from his forehead and he begins to pant.


“Recently, adventurers’ requests have been failing. Is this your fault too?” (Toru)

“You-you’re wro…” (Philip)

“What did you want to achieve by failing inexperienced adventurers one after another?” (Toru)

“I, I am…” (Philip)


 Philip’s eyes suddenly lose focus. The words that come out of his mouth are fragmented. He doesn’t know what he wants to say.

 There was a bad aura emanating from Philip’s body while the sounds from his mouth become more unintelligible.

 It was the same as Clement and others who previously tried to kill Lid and me in a trap.

 I frowned in the dark atmosphere that would quickly pollute anyone with a touch.


“I don’t know what’s going on, but Esther is my benefactor — I won’t let her be harmed.” (Toru)


 Philip has a position. So Esther will not be able to easily deal with him. I would have silently overlooked him if he left things be.

 It will also be difficult for her to reach out to other adventurers.

 As long as he can oversee her, Philip will not miss his chance at causing violence.


“Chi… Don’t get in my way! What can an ‘inferior’ person do as a new adventurer!!” (Philip)

“Kill!” (Philip’s inner voice 1)

“Destroy!” (Philip inner voice 2)

“Twist and crush!!” (Philip inner voice 3)


 Philip screamed, pushed to action by a voice echoing from his chest.

 Then, a feeling of elation that is making him lose himself filled his body all at once.

 While soaking in the strong pleasure, a calmness spread all over Philip.


(……Is the boy in front of you the same person as the one they were talking about?) (Philip)


~3rd Person Perspective~


 Oily sweat runs down Philip’s temples.

 Up until a moment ago, Toru had a smirk that made him look like was irritated.

 However, the irritation he felt from Toru changed and something else appeared.

 It feels as if he was being condemned by God or the devil.

 Toru releases pressure that is making it difficult for Philip to breathe even when he is used to rough adventurers projecting bloodlust.


“I repeat. Do not do anything to Esther in the future.” (Toru)

“…I refuse!” (Philip)

“It looks like I have-” (Toru)


 The second Philip refused.

 A shiny jet-black blade appeared on Toru’s hand.

 As soon as he saw the blade, the voices lurking inside Philip all became frightened.


〝This pressure… is it a sacred weapon?” (Philip)


(It’s stupid!) (Philip’s inner voice 1)


“Why human beings!” (Philip’s inner voice 2)

“Go to he—!?” (Philip’s inner voice 3)


 Those “voices” creaming loudly in Philip’s chest vanished as soon as Toru stabbed Philip’s chest with the jet-black blade.


>> Purification of Soul Confirmed

>> Acquiring 1000 skill points

>> Level 20→21

> The rank has risen to rank II



~Toru’s Perspective


“It’s confirmed; I think my personality has changed…” (Toru)


 I, left Philip in the small room, was upset by Philip’s bold actions.

 I’m not the kind of person who never gets angry.

 I get angry when there’s something I dislike, and sometimes I even screamed.

 However, I never acted violently while getting dragged by my emotions.

 Even if a human had an unbreakable weapon, it would be unthinkable to wield it filled with murderous intent.

 I felt as if someone had taken over my body.

 I’m not sure if this is because of the [Magic Sword] or because of the atmosphere of the Eargard.

 And if this is my true nature, I’m quite horrifying.


“I have to learn how to restrain myself.” (Toru)


 Shaking my head, I reproach myself.

Philip, who got stabbed by the [Magic Sword], is calm as if something had been removed from him. It is the same as when Clement and others were slashed.


“Is it fine to slash people with [Magic Sword]?” (Toru)


 If that is the case, then I can calmly deal with another person by wielding the [Magic Sword] every time an opponent gets angry.

 However, I will become nothing more than a dangerous person. Some adventurer who attacks people whenever someone gets angry at me.

 Every time I use the [Magic Sword], I might get a notorious title such as “Slasher” or “Untouchable”.


“…Yeah. I should only use the [Magic Sword] only against monsters.” (Toru)


 That’s what I decided.



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