Magic Swordsman Chapter 29: Aftermath

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I returned to the reception floor and looked for Esther.


“Hey, Toru. Here.” (Esther)


 Esther waved her hand towards me. She’s standing at the counter.


“You’re done. Is the assessment over?” (Toru)

“Ah. By the way, Toru. What did Philip-san say to you?” (Esther)

“…No. Nothing important.” (Toru)


 Toru decided that “nothing” is the correct answer.

 If I explain it badly, I might accidentally admit that I used [Magic Sword] against Philip.

 It wasn’t a problem because Philip was safe, but I didn’t want to have Esther worry about it.


“That’s right. Toru. The purchase price of the magic stone was amazing. It was 50 silver coins!” (Esther)

“Oh!” (Toru)


 The price of the magic stone alone is an unbelievable amount of 50 silver coins.

 C-rank and D-rank monsters give quite the loot.

 If I compare 10 silver coins with a spirit crystal, it seems cheap, but it is like a bonus item.

 It’s not something that you usually aim for.


“It was a good sale huh.” (Toru)

“Hmm? No, this is Toru’s.” (Esther)

“Huh? No, I wouldn’t know about the magic stone if I didn’t have Esther. I surely would’ve left it, so it’s Esther’s money, right?” (Toru)

“That’s not right! The rock worm is something you subdued. It’s Toru’s money.” (Esther)

“Well, then take half then.” (Toru)

“No, but I didn’t do anything during the fight against the Rock Worms…” (Esther)

“If we’re a party, it doesn’t matter what you contribute, right?” (Toru)

“Huh!? Uh, yeah, of course, eh?” (Esther)


 My words made Esther’s eyes watery, and her cheeks were dyed red like roses.


“I suddenly decided it but was it okay for Esther to party with me?” (Toru)

“Of course!” (Esther)

“If so, please take care of me from now on.” (Toru)

“Oh, gladly.” (Esther)


 I held out my hand and Esther grabbed it.

 Thus I formed a party with Esther.

 What would the deceased Lid think of when he saw this scene?

 I suddenly thought of that.

 In a place where black hair and black eyes are not disliked and discriminated against. There are people who you’ll meet and help without discrimination, and people who you’ll form parties with.

 Lid’s soul may no longer be in this world,


(I’ll let your body experience a world you’ve never seen) (Toru)


 That kind of purpose for my second life may not be bad.





~3rd Person Perspective~


“Oh, oh. You’ve been hurt quite badly.”


 A laid back voice can be heard from behind.

 The man called Phillip by the locals—had a spirit known as Caim split from his body and turned around.

 There was a man in a black robe emerging from the darkness.

 It could be thought that the person was a woman by the tone of her voice, but you couldn’t see her true face covered by a hood.


 (-was I followed?) (True Philip)


 He was alert, but he was unaware of his presence.


“…Have I changed my body again?” (Philip’s Inner Voice)

“Oh, you are aware? A little mouse was annoyed, but I tried to bind your soul a little bit. This body is quite good.” (Amy)

“I know right?” (Philip’s Inner Voice)


 As if to brag about the new “Body”, the person spun around.

 Amy’s body can be freely ‘changed’.

 As if they were clothes and accessories…

 They are willing to desecrate the soul and human body created by God.

 There is no doubt. This person is a Caim. [T/N: So Philip and Clement and his gang were possessed by these Caims. I will still use the name of the bodies the Caims possess to identify them.]


“That’s right? Isn’t the spirit of your body broken? If you do overdo it, your body will rot while alive, okay?” (Amy)

“That’s right.” (Philip)

“What on earth did you do?” (Amy)

“This guy was about to expose all my actions to the guild. I had to do it.” (Philip)


 When the soul becomes weakened, Caims can take back control of the body from their host for a moment.

 If they keep silent, everything seems fine and natural… It was unexpected that Philip was actually not in complete control of his actions.

 If they don’t grasp Philip’s spirit, they wouldn’t have been able to secretly raise Rock Worms in the limestone cave deep in the forest these days. The plan of weakening the power of the adventurer’s guild, and the plans that followed. It was exposed suddenly.


“Hah. While saying that Finlis can definitely be crushed if you take time — does your body still work?” (Caim)

“I was doing well! No doubt, the plan was proceeding as planned! It was all because of that kid that caused the plan to go haywire…!!” (Philip)

“Yeah. The person that stripped your soul… a child? Who the hell are is he?” (Caim)

“Don’t know! But yeah, he holds a strong blessing of a God. I don’t know which minion of the six gods he is. But when he exerted his strength, I felt that God had descended.” (Philip)

“I see. If we move, God will also move.” (Caim)


 After saying that, Amy looked up at the sky.

 Bare white skin was slightly exposed.


(This guy…is it alive?) (True Philip)


 Amy is a friend.

 However, the Caim inside him was quite hurt.


“Well, that’s fine. Leave it to me-” (Amy)

“I’ll get on! I will leave Finlis soon and try to recover my soul.” (Philip)

“I understand.” (Amy)

“So, this is me…” (Philip)


 The Caims disappeared into the darkness of Finlis.

 Looking over his back, Amy pulled out the dagger hidden under the robe and a twisted grin can be seen.


“I wish I could leave Finlis safely and peacefully.” (Amy)



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