Magic Swordsman Chapter 3: Testing the Skill Board

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As a test, I threw pebbles I found on the ground. Check the flight speed and increase [Strength] by 1.


>> [Complete Enhancement] [Complete Enhancement+1]


 I pick up the pebbles again and throws them at full force.






 It doesn’t seem to change much.


 I then made a jump. With the image of jumping up to the top of a cliff about 10 meters away, I pushed through with all my might.


 However, my jump didn’t even reach a meter in height, let alone on the cliff.



 (It’s about the same as when I first arrived here.)



“It looks like it hasn’t changed at all. Why?”



 At around level 1, the effect is too low and I cannot feel any change.


 However, with 100 points per level, I cannot waste that many points to confirm the effect.


 Before experimenting, I decided all the skills that seemed necessary.


[Sword Art] [Magic Art]


 (I cannot say for sure, but this world is likely to have a lighter view on life and death than Japan. It is essential to raise [Sword Art] and [Magic Art] to protect yourself.)



 Also, [Intuition] and [Thought Acceleration] are necessary to protect yourself. If it were just like Japan, I would not just could die.


 [Language Comprehension] is the most necessary skill to live in this world. This has to be selected.


 After that, I choose the skill considering my desires and their benefits.



 (As I watched the skill carefully, I suddenly noticed something different.)



“… [Magic Sword]!”



 Magic sword generally means a sword imbued with magic or special power.


 Generally speaking, it is a magical sword. On the other hand, it can mean a demon’s sword or a sword with a demonic skill.


 I do not know which it is and what it does, but it seems that you can get it on the skill board.


[Magic Sword] requires 5 points to acquire.


 Although slightly higher than the average value of other skills it cost less than [Complete Enhancement] and [Limit Break].



“It’s cool, but… it’s just my desire to acquire it talking.”



 This is a skill board prepared by the self-proclaimed God.


 God often tests humans. Therefore, something may happen if I choose the wrong skill.



“But…Yeah, I want to get the [Magic Sword] skill.”



 Men are children at heart no matter how old they are. Weak to the idea of justice, legendary weapons, ultimate magic, and so on.


It was Toru who resisted the temptation of [Magic Sword] for a while, but in the end, he gave in and used skill points.




Toru Minasuki

Level: 1

Race: Human – Job: Hunter → Primary Job: Swordsman – Secondary Job: Mage

Rank: – Skill points: 1000 → 0



[Complete Enhancement + 5]

[Body Enhancement + 5] [Magic Enhancement + 5]

[Natural Recovery +5] [Enhanced Resistance +5] [Limit Break]

[Stamina +5] [Magic +5]

[Strength +5] [Dexterity +5]

[Agility +5] [Intelligence +5] [Luck +5]



[Sword Art Lv4] [Magic Art Lv4]

[Intuition Lv4] [Intimidate Lv4] [Thought Acceleration Lv4]

[Magic Grimoire LV4] [Chant-less Casting LV4]

[Language Comprehension Lv4] [Blacksmith Lv4]

[Magic Sword Lv1]



 The acquired skills also affect the job.


The profession changed drastically as soon as I acquired [Sword Art] and [Magic Art].


Regarding [Limit Break], it got me curious so acquired it anyway. This seems to be a good skill so I took it, just in case.


Regarding the effect [Limit Break], I have no idea right now. When I tried to use it, nothing happened to my body. There is no sign that my body became easier to move.



“I tried acquiring it because the name sounded amazing, but I guess it was a mistake.”



[Limit Break] is 100 points for each level up. At the moment, I can’t feel the effect of acquiring the skill.



“Hmm. It might have been nice to use the points to level up other skills and not [Limit Break].”



 I am slightly regretting it, but I cannot help what I chose.


 I stop myself from regretting past actions.


 After acquiring my skills, I am now worried about other things.


 First of all, is there a limit to the number of skills that can be acquired? The maximum number of skills is unknown even the maximum level is unknown? No hint has appeared on the skill board.


 Next is the change in the number of points required to improve skills.


For [Complete Enhancement] and [Natural Recovery], the number of points was the same regardless of how many times they were improved.


 However, for [Stamina] and [Sword Art], level 1 is 1 point. Level 2 has 3 points. Level 3 was 6 points, and the required points gradually increased.


 Finally, the notation.


 The passive skill is “+” notation, while the technical skill is “Lv” notation.


 It’s still unclear what the difference is or if there is any.



“I wish I had a little more explanation.”



 The skill board is not a user-friendly design.


 I want to complain to the creator that the user’s needs and wants are ignored.



 (I have to find a way to meet the self-proclaimed God.)



 I swore in my heart.


 After allocating the points, it was the techniques that made me feel a big change in my capabilities.


As soon as I raised the [Intuition], he began to feel subtle changes that he could not feel before.


he couldn’t use [Magic Arts] at this time.



“How can I be a magic swordsman even though I can’t use magic?”



 That’s a perfectly normal question. However, it is such a mysterious effect because the skill board normally shows improvements when skills are acquired or enhanced.


 Not being able to fully utilize the skills is a problem, so I can’t help but complain about the skill board.


 It can be assumed that there are some special conditions or knowledge for using magic, but I am, from Earth. I have never seen or used magic. There’s no way around it.


Needless to say, I cannot live here without [Language Comprehension].


 However, there is no one to talk to, so I can’t make sure that [Language Comprehension] is working correctly.



“It would be disappointing if [Language Comprehension] wasn’t a skill useful in conversations.”




 It would not be funny if I can’t communicate with anyone in this world. I’ll need to find skills that help in communicating if it doesn’t work.


[Blacksmithing] is only chosen because I want it. I decided that I would like to make my equipment using the skill.


 However, I have no idea when I can make my equipment.


 I regret that I might not have had to select it now.


[Inventory] as a skill has the same function as the inventory of games.


 If I focus and think about storing the pebbles in my hand, the pebbles will be stored using [Inventory].


When I want to take out from [Inventory], I just imagine what I want to take out and just think “come out”.


[Inventory] has the advantage of carrying and storing a lot of items all at once.


 Whether or not I travel around the world in the future, it can raise my quality of life just by possessing the ability.


 And finally, [Magic Sword].


[Magic Sword] can be leveled up. 5 points were needed to acquire [Magic Sword].


 On the other hand, 1000 points are needed to raise from Lv1 to Lv2.



“Is there a difference between 1 and 2?”



 I think that skill points may be acquired as my level increase. This is because most games that acquire skills use similar systems.


 However, how much should level would I need to raise before I could collect 1,000 points?


 There was a desire to compare lv1 and lv2 magic swords, but rather than raising the level of [Magic Sword], the performance may be better if the passives and technique are raised.


 Raising the passives and techniques first, and if there are extra points, that’s when I’ll give it a try.


 There’s still a problem with passive skills.






 I tried to increase the basic skills as much as possible, but at the moment I can’t feel any major physical change.


 I threw a stone while leveling it several times, but I could not confirm the increase in the stone-throwing speed.



“Isn’t there a visible change when I raise my skill, is the skill limit 100?”



 It’s good to try and improve myself with the special power of skill board, but I don’t feel stronger. I’m quite disappointed.



“Maybe the average person might already have acquired about +5 level in passives.”



 The skill board was only given by the self-proclaimed god and is likely to be a rare skill.


 Still, it is easy to guess that the skill items themselves are complicated. The proof is that there are really good skills.


 If even the skill seems simple, I am worried about the intention of the self-proclaimed god who mixed the [Increased Vision].


 Aside from that, it is natural to think that skill boards are skills that allow you to visualize and distribute passive skills and technical skills in the world.


 Then, there is a good chance to increase the skill without using the skill board. By practicing it will naturally increase.



“How strong are people in this world… level 100?”



 I trembled with the overwhelming difference.


 Everything is different.


 But it’s interesting.



“How nice”



 My lips formed a wry smile.


 Rather than living in a world where I know what I can do in the future, a world where I don’t know what the future holds is many times more interesting.


“Lack of directions” is just the same as “multiple destinations”.


 It was then that I became excited about my new life in a different world.


 I [intuition] is telling something to me.


 At the same time, my hearing is picking up the sound of mozo……mozo…….



“…I don’t think this is another person.” 



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