Magic Swordsman Chapter 31: New Magic Sword Power ~Gold Version?~

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I waste the time as I erase the [Lighting] that I cast in the futon the night before.

 If it were the usual, it’s time for me to head to the inn courtyard and train early in the morning. But yesterday, the landlady has issued a ban on training on the courtyard.

 The sun has just risen and there’s still sometimes before breakfast is served.

 The quest on how to kill free time was born.


“When I was in Japan, I was killing time with my smartphone or computer.” (Toru)


 There is no such convenient device in Eargard.

 I thought and deliberated in my head for a while, but I remembered that I have the skill board.


“Yeah, I should allocate the skill points that were gained.” (Toru)


 The skill tree was displayed on the skill board is packed with the skills available.

 Like this, It would be hard to find the skill I want and It would be easy to miss the skills I might need.

 I can hide the skills I will never use by using the “hide” function I discovered on the skill board.

 As an example, I won’t ever need festival-related skills such as [Goldfish Scooping] [Disk Throwing], [Die Tossing], or cherry related skills such as [Cherry X’s and Knot] or [Cherry Seed Spitting].

 There are also a ton of other extraneous skills.

 It’s quite the hassle if I have to reorganize it every time.

 Looking at the A4 size skill board that appeared in front of me, I noticed something strange.


○ Status

Toru Minasuki

Level: 20→21

Race: Human           Primary Job: Swordsman             Secondary Job: Magician

Rank: I → II               Skill points: 2 → 1012



[Complete Enhancement + 8]

[Body Enhancement + 5] [Magic Enhancement + 5]

[Natural Recovery +5] [Enhanced Resistance +5] [Limit Break]

[Stamina +5] [Magic +5]

[Strength +5] [Dexterity +5]

[Agility +5] [Intelligence +5] [Luck +5]




[Sword Art Lv5] [Magic Art Lv5]

[Intuition Lv5] [Intimidate Lv5] [Thought Acceleration Lv5]

[Magic Grimoire LV4][Chant-less Casting LV4]

[Language Comprehension Lv4] [Blacksmith Lv4]

[Aikido Lv5] [Condemnation Lv2]

[Magic Sword Lv1]


“What’s this? Skill points are bugged!”


 Previously, when I distributed skills on [Condemnation], I had only 2 points left.

 My previous level was 20 and the rank was also I.

 I thought that the condition for leveling up was “defeating monsters.” However, I haven’t fought monsters since I acquired [Condemnation].

 All I’ve done so far is using [Condemnation] on Philip and sparring with Esther.


“…Did killing people grant leveling up or a large number of skill points?”


 I didn’t want to think that I had to cut down people to improve my level this way.

 Even if the level is simply an indicator of a person’s ability. Murder and injury do not seem to be the actual cause of leveling up.

 Is it peculiar to the Japanese people that they only wish to level up by rooting out evils and not murdering?

 I should consider something first; I have to identify the conditions for leveling up later. I have to focus on this first.


“Skill points are probably bugged… Why did I get 1,010 skill points all at once?”


 I have never earned so many points with just one level up.


“Is it related to the fact that my rank has gone up? If the rank goes up, I can probably get 1,000 points…?”


 I growl in frustration, but I can’t find a reliable answer to this mystery.

 I thought for a while. Then I have stopped worrying about it, it’s useless and pointless.

 Rather, how should I spend the points?


“1,012 points… It appeared at the right moment, maybe I should raise the level of [Magic Sword].”


 If you don’t have a lot of skills, I need to spend the points right.

 Since the number of points required to raise the level of [Magic Sword] is more than enough, I should level it up.


“No, maybe I should acquire skills for survival?”


 My parallel thoughts collided and conflicted.

 But I decided to spend the points in [Magic Sword].

 Just focusing on pure survival skills would not fulfill my hopes of adventuring.


“Appear [Magic Sword]”


 The magic sword appears in my hand.

 Gazing at it I memorized its status in my brain.


“… okay!”


 After remembering the status of [Magic Sword], I tapped the skill board.


>>Skill points: 1012 → 12

>>[Magic Sword Lv1], →[Magic Sword Lv2]


“Well… did it change?”


 I stare carefully at the [Magic Sword] I’ve just leveled up.

 [Magic Sword] still looks like a black blade with a red line, however, I could not see any change once it changed from Lv1 to Lv2.


“Oh, that’s right. I leveled up my skills, but my appearance hasn’t changed either…”


 I hoped that there would have been physical changes had my shoulders fall in disappointment

 But the level has risen. I think there have been some changes.


“When it comes to the changes– there are three possible improvements.”


① The blade has become sharper.

② A normal person can be cut.

③ Ability to change its appearance.



“I can’t confirm ① right now, but it has been very sharp from the beginning.”


 If it were any sharper, the stats would be more than what I should handle

 For me, an ‘inferior’ person and a newbie adventurer, I won’t be able to use this sword in a situation where its full potential is used. And I would like to avoid those situations where I have to test the sharpness of the blade.


“I will check ① later… I would like to refrain from testing ②.”


 For me, that property [Magic Sword] is a kind of safety.

 If I can slash people, I might kill someone like Philip.


 ② would make me a murderer if such an event occurs again.


 Perhaps I would have done something irreversible? If not now when?


“…Yes, I can confirm it right?”


 Readying myself from the pain, I touched the blade of [Magic Sword] with the tips of my finger.





 It passed through the blade of [Magic Sword].


“That’s good then…”


 Relief fills my heart.

 A sword that cannot hurt people is a defective weapon, but I still gained peace of mind because the sword cannot be used to kill people.


“If that is the case, the remaining one is…”


 When I muttered the possibility of transformation, my heart begins to beat in excitement.


 If ③ is correct, I would be super happy.


 Reforming, transformation, and merging/splitting are childish dreams.

 But dreams don’t just disappear.

 Getting up of the bed, I shouted in excitement.


“Come on! Come on! Transform!”


 Suddenly, the magic sword in my hand split in the middle.

 With the grip not moving, the split part rotates around and sticks under the handle.


(Hihihihi, it’s here!! Is this a large sword? Or a double-bladed sword!?)


 I excitedly watched the sword.

 When it is stuck under the handle, both ends bent to a slight arc.

 A translucent string is connected from the tip of the top to the bottom.


“Oh, it’s a bow!”


[Magic Sword] has changed to a bow.

 The sword sort of shimmered and suddenly it was there and the transformation is complete.


“[Magic Sword]but it is now bow… How is this correct?”


 The skill name is still [Magic Sword]. Though it transformed into a bow, it’s still [Magic Sword] on the skill board. It has not changed to [Magic Bow].

 In the first place, the transformations that I was imagining was seeing it have larger blades. Or it would change to a drill, probably a scythe. I would never have expected it to be a bow.


“But well… a transformation is a transformation.”


 The burning passion that had been overflowing suddenly cooled.

The fact that [Magic Sword Lv2] was a transformation is something wanted by inner child Toru.

 However, the transformed form is a bit of a letdown.


“I down even have bow techniques…”


 If I want to use it well I would have to spend some more skill points.

 Also, there are no arrows.

 –Congratulations, you have the strongest weapon! If you want to use it, please pay-up ♪

 Is it a free-to-play mobile game that only eats up money?


“But I don’t think I can even use it without proper skills.”


 I have experience in swordplay during my time joining kendo classes, but I have never touched a bow.

 As a test, I held the bow upright with my left hand and my free hand pulled back the string tightly.


“Ugu… What is this really hard!”


 My status is already raised to level 21, but I can’t even draw this properly without an arrow.

 It’s a ridiculously taut bow.




I managed to pull the string using [Strength Enhancement].

 However, although the strings have been barely pulled, my fingers felt torn.


“Well, that’s enough”


 I laughed from the strain in my arms. I accidentally released it.






 Immediately before The string returned, a jet-black arrow appeared in the center of the magic bow.

 The arrow was pushed by the translucent string, it penetrated the wall at such a speed that it could barely be noticed, and disappeared to the other side.




 Apparently, this magic bow was can make magic arrows if the string is pulled back.

If the characteristics of [Magic Sword] is also a property of the magic bow, those arrows cannot kill humans.

 Fortunately, the holes punched by the arrow is small that only a thin rope can pass through.

 Since there are holes in some of the walls of the inn, no one will notice when the number of holes increased by one.

 Wherever the arrow flies, whether it penetrates a wall or hits a bowl, it cannot harm a person.



“…Okay, it’s time for breakfast!”


 I pretended to have not seen anything.



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