Magic Swordsman Chapter 32: Even After Finding a Good Job…

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“Let’s finish this request soon”


 I said to Ester while she was eating her delicious breakfast.

 Esther, who had just dipped black bread into the soup, leaned her head in that position.

 Her ponytail sways seem to be asking, “Are you taking breakfast for granted”.


“Our immediate goal is to rent a house where you can work in the morning. You can’t rent a house forever unless you clear the request and earn money. However, it’s an E-rank job. I can’t earn enough to keep a rented house.” (Toru)

“I see. First of all, let us both aim for a rank up!” (Esther)

“Exactly.” (Toru)


  I don’t know the price of Eargard’s house rental, but I think that if we think about renting a house, we will have to make a lot of money.


“One goblin subjugation reward is 40 gards. This is going to be a bit tough.” (Esther)

“Yes, not only rent and living expenses, but money we need money during preparations for requests.” (Toru)


 Our best chances of being able to pay for all our daily expenses and rent is to aim for an income where 30% of it is devoted to rent.

 This was the common sense when I was still living in Japan.

 If this also applies to Eargard, E-rank adventurers’ monthly income still causes some worries.

 Therefore, it is better to rank up.

 If we reach D-rank, you can undertake a better job than E-rankers.

 Even if we rent a house, we have enough leeway.

 I am not anxious about the increasing difficulty of requests we accept so we could rank up faster.

 However, the Rock Worms I defeated the other day is a D-rank monster.

 I thought that if the difficulty we faced on subjugating Rock Worms is the usual for D-rank monsters, we would be able to subdue them without anyproblems.


“So, let’s go see the requests.” (Toru)

“Okay. By the way, Toru, are you free once we’re done at the guild?” (Esther)

“Hmm. I have some free time after we finish accepting a quest… Is there someplace you need to go to?” (Toru)

“Oh, there’s a place I want to stop by. I want you to come with me there.” (Esther)

“Okay. We’ll do it, after looking over the requests in the guild.” (Toru)


 I forced black bread and salt soup into my stomach once again.






 After breakfast, we went to the guild as soon as we’re done.

 The other day, Philip’s, the chief receptionist, wrong doings were revealed to the whole guild.

 As a result, many Finlis-based adventurers are now distrustful of the guild.

 It was probably the cause of the guild being empty despite most adventurers should have been here like the day before.

 We headed to the E-rank bulletin board after crossing the empty guild hall



“Hm…? One gold coin completion reward?”


 A request with a completion reward of one gold coin caught my eye.

 As an E-rank request, it is quite a great start.


“What happened Toru?” (Esther)

“Nothing, this is the request.” (Toru)

“One gold coin!?” (Esther)


 As a reward, even Esther, who was used to taking requests had her eyes almost pop.


“There might be a catch?” (Esther)

“Hmm” (Toru)


 The guild’s sins have just come to light.

 It’s only natural for Esther who was a victim to doubt E-rank requests giving this much.

 However, on the contrary, I thought that there was no catch to the request.


“But at the moment, should we just take an easy to complete request?” (Toru)

“What do you mean, Toru?” (Esther)

“Surely, if they make low-rank quests give high rewards people would definitely suspicious. you make a low-ranking request and get the rewards so far, anyone will be suspicious. If there is a backside, I think that it is not easy to train like this.” (Toru)

“Maybe so.” (Esther)

“For me, I wouldn’t post such an easy to understand request like it’s saying, ‘I’m a suspicious request!’ setup like a normal quest.” (Toru)


 For the time being, I check more requests that are posted.


[Urgent Request] Large cleaning task [E-rank]

Contents:   Cleaning task of Neisse Church

   Clean the areas within Neisse Church.

Clearing conditions and period: Until client receives the holy sign

Reward: 1 gold coin

Failure condition: None

Failure penalty: None




 There seems to be no room for anything in terms of the content of the request.

 Since it is not a battle request, there is no danger of losing lives on the way. In addition, the condition of failure is limited to the case where the user declares retirement.


“Ester. What is this holy sign?” (Toru)

“The holy sign is a symbol that represents God. There are a total of six pillars of gods in Eargard, and each has a holy sign.” (Esther)

“Really” (Toru)


 The holy sign is similar to a family crest and/or a sovereign’s seal.


“But this clear condition is uneasy…” (Toru)

“Sure. We may be made to clean endlessly.” (Esther)


 However, the reward is attractive.

 I didn’t want to give it up just because it was suspicious.


“Let’s ask a little bit more about it.” (Toru)


 So I grabbed the request form and walked towards the reception.

 At the reception was Marie, who has taken care of me during my registration as an adventurer.

 She smiled widely as she looked our way.


“…Toru?” (Marie)

“Hi!” (Esther)


 Suddenly Esther slipped in front of me while wearing a hard to read expression.

 Somehow I was scared that my heart began to beat faster.


“Good morning, Toru-san and Esther-san” (Marie)

“Good morning Marie” (Esther)

“Good morning, Marie” (Toru)

“What kind of business do you have today?” (Marie)

“I have something to ask about the request.” (Toru)


 I presented the request form.

 Marie, looking at the paper, blinked looking quite surprised.


“This request, why is the reward so unexpectedly generous?” (Toru)

“…I’m sorry, Toru-san. From which board did you find this request?” (Marie)

“It’s from the bulletin board there.” (Toru)


 Saying that, I glanced at the bulletin board for E-ranker.

 However, it seems that Marie doesn’t know all the requests.


“Toru, sorry, can you wait for a moment?” (Marie)

“No problem.” (Toru)


 Then Marie headed to the shelf behind the counter.

 The shelves contain a large amount of books that may be relevant to the request.

 After pulling out a few books from the shelves, Marie glanced back towards the request and returned to the counter again. However, her expression is a little confused.


“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Regarding the rewards for the large cleaning task, there was no mistake with the amount.” (Marie)

“… what’s wrong then?” (Toru)

“That’s… I’m a receptionist, and I’ve received all the requests, but I just don’t remember this request at all.” (Marie)

“Is it a fake request?” (Toru)

“Since I don’t have the name of the client, I thought about that possibility. However, there was a contract issued by the guild when request was given by the client, and the reward was already paid in advance.” (Marie)


 It was posted on the bulletin board following the formal procedures.

 But Marie says she doesn’t know about it.

 This caused Esther to purse her lips.


“Toru. Seems like this request is a trap. This may be some of Philip’s work.” (Esther)

(…) (Marie)


 Esther’s words made struck Marie hard and she looked quite gloomy.

 There have probably been a string of people backing out of a request similar to Esther.

 But I thought about it more and.


“No, let’s receive this quest.” (Toru)

“Toru. Did you listen to me?” (Esther)

“Yeah. The guild went through the formal process before posting the request, right?” (Toru)

“It went through all the proper channels, that’s right.” (Marie)

“Huh, don’t you think it’s not suspicious?” (Esther)

“But the rewards are already in the guild, so it’s not fake!” (Marie)


 Marie desperately defends the guild amidst Esther’s accusations.

 Looking at the two, I have to say something.


“I am listening to Esther’s opinion, but it seems like the reward is real. And I want to earn as much and as fast as I can.” (Toru)

“…Why is Toru so particular about this request? Can we not take other requests?” (Esther)

“Because this request seems interesting, right?” (Toru)


 Esther’s question was answered by my laugh, hopefully easing the tense atmosphere.

 Requests that the receptionist does not know.

 They don’t know the name of the client and when it was posted.

 However, the request passed all the proper channels and the request fee has been paid.

 It’s quite the mystery.

 There’s no doubt that I am very interested this mystery.


“I would have rejected it if this was a subjugation request, but I don’t think it’s a life-threatening request. (Toru)

“Sure, maybe…” (Esther)


 Esther is still reluctant, but I have already decided to accept this request.

 We can fail without any disadvantage. It’s a waste to not accept.


“So Esther, Marie. Where is this Neisse Church?” (Toru)



 My questing is greeted by silence from the two.

 It was like, “Are you planning to accept the request without knowing that?” Are they saying that to me?.


“…Toru. The Neisse Church is a church somewhere in Finlis.” (Marie)

“Yes, it’s said to be somewhere in Finlis.” (Esther)

“What do you mean by that?” (Toru)



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