Magic Swordsman Chapter 33: The Church of Alphas

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Not only the request, but the building that will be cleaned is also mysterious.


(Isn’t Esther reluctant because I don’t know if the Nesis Church exists…?)


“Is there a Nesis church?” (Toru)

“Yes, there is it, but it is said that it cannot be reached by any normal means.” (Esther)

“Normal means?” (Toru)

“Nesis is the god of fate. That’s why there is a rumor that unless you are destined to find the church, you cannot visit the church.

 Some people tried to go to church, but some people can’t reach the church even if they journey towards it.” (Esther)

“Once in the past, we’ve conducted a large-scale search through the guild, but not all adventurers have arrived, some have not.

 There are those who have reached the church, some who have been there but couldn’t reach it again, those who have never reached the church, and those who have reached the church only during the search.

 Reports on the location of the church were mixed, and even the guild personnel couldn’t tell where the location was within the city.” (Marie)

“What is that amazing” (Toru)


 Listening to their story, I became even more interested.

 A church of the god of fate, where people may or may not find.


(The person who arrives at the church is given the sense of being a chosen one. That’s great!)


 I was quite happy to accept the mysterious request; I didn’t even listen to Esther’s “hunches”.



 Finlis is currently the most prosperous city in the country, with a population of about 30,000.

 When Finlis was built, it was about 2 kilometers from the northern and southern boundary, but now the population is ballooning and it has become a huge circular city with a diameter of 5 kilometers.

 The original town area is in the center and is now considered as the aristocratic area.

 With the circular area at the center, a boulevard extends across north and south, east and west.

 Finlis source of water is a river near the northern area.

 The city has great waterways. Besides, wells have been installed all around Finlis, the residents will never have water problems.

 A fountain is set up in the central plaza that symbolizes Finlis’s abundance of water.

 There are big divisions such as the northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest, and they became known as craftsmen’s quarters, commoner quarters, and commercial districts.




│Craftsmen┌──┴──┐Commoner │

West   ├──────┤  Noble  ├───────┤ East





 The place where we are living is located in the southwestern section facing South Boulevard.

 The Adventurer’s Guild is in the Southeast at the commoner’s district.

 Today, I was walking towards the aristocratic district, with Esther walking in front.

 I am walking and I thought of asking,


“Hey, Esther. Where are you going?”

“For the time being, I’m thinking of gathering information about the Nesis Church. When it comes to information about churches, it’s best to ask church officials.” (Esther)


 So that’s it.

 Esther was opposed to the request before but seems that she changed her mind.


“And I think Toru isn’t very familiar with this world’s religions. It’s an opportunity, so why don’t you decide on a religion to belong to?” (Esther)

“Hmm. Religion huh.”

“Was there no religion in your previous world?” (Esther)

“No, that’s not the case.”


 I just never believed in religion.

 But, I respect Animism’s values.


“Everything holds a soul so be caring.”

“Every grain of rice is a blessing, so eat without wasting food.”

“The spirits are always watching. So don’t do bad things.”


 However, it was not just animism in general, but the moral codes within.

 I can’t say I believe in any faith.

 Also, I never believed in God in the first place.

 I think about what I said to the self-proclaimed God before I came to this world is still true for me.

 However, whether it can be spoken in front of the locals is another matter.

 I should change the subject.


“Speaking of which, who are the six pillar gods of Eargard?”

“Oh, I remember them well. That’s right, there is a tradition that Eargard was created by six pillar gods. Forcels the God of Justice, Alphas the God of Technology, Agni the God of War, Ermetia God of Magic, Amanomehito the God of Nature and Nesis the God of Fate” (Esther)

“Which of the pillars does Esther believe in?”

“Of course, it’s the war god Agni! When I became an adventurer, I became a believer and received his Blessing!” (Esther)


 Esther puffed up her chest with pride.

 And her ponytail is swinging with pride and joy.


“Blessing… is it like a talisman with a spell?” [T/N: 加護(Kago) – can mean divine blessing, divine protection, or a talisman]

“Is it an amulet? No, it’s like a blessing… Maybe divine protection doesn’t exist in Toru’s world?” (Esther)

“Hmm. Yeah, I don’t think so… I think so?”


 Although the words exist.

 And, “This is the blessing of God!”, There was no such thing on Earth.

 Even if there is, it is only due to people’s belief that “this miracle is due to God’s Blessing”.


“It sounds like… a very miserable world.” (Esther)


 She looked at me like a cat abandoned during a storm.


(I don’t know what I said, but I’m sorry!?)


“It was not a miserable world.”

“Ah? But the lack of God’s blessing means that the human beings in your world were abandoned by God, right?” (Esther)


“It’s probably why the people from your world come here…” (Esther)

“Well… sorry.”


 I cannot refute her words I felt I had to apologize.


“Oh, what is it like to have divine protection in this world?”

“Oh, yes. For example, the protection of the war god Agni slightly improves a person’s fighting capability.” (Esther)

“Oh? Just a little bit?”



 Esther looked away.

 Her once-proud ponytail is suddenly dulled. She looked like a person who had barely missed passing a test.


“Well… When I joined and got baptized, I received a blessing from God and a title appeared in my status. There the strength of the protection depends on the title.” (Esther)


 In other words, the title given to Esther wasn’t great.

 I can feel herself clamping down on whatever feeling is bursting from her.


“So, let’s talk about divine protections,” Esther wipes her tears. “You can check your status by going to church. You can see it even if you aren’t a believer, but you need to make a donation. Toru have you seen your status yet?” (Esther)

“Oh, well, umm.”

“You should look into it, at least once.” (Esther)



 I gave her a vague nod.

 I already have a skill board so I can check my status anytime for free though.

 However, no one else knows the existence of my skill board.


(I don’t have to check my status on the church… But if I don’t check it, I might look suspicious.)


“Well, I will check my status after the request and blessing is over.”


 It seems to be an awkward topic to talk about blessing and status, but we are currently carrying out a cleaning request for the Nesis Church.

 I was a little curious about divine protection, but the request is the highest priority.

 I changed my mindset of enjoying another world tour.

 We have arrived at the Alphas Church, the closest to the guild.

 The Church of Alphas was a flat stone building.

 There are no sharp roofs usually seen in modern churches. It looks like the Greek Parthenon. [T/N: The Parthenon is a temple for Athena, constructed at 432 BC can be found in Athens, Greece. Google for more info.]

 At the topmost area of the entrance of the Church, a circular pattern was drawn with the letters “Technical god Alphas”.


(Is that a holy seal…)


 In front of the Church, there were rows of shops along the path. It’s like the Nakamise of Sensoji Temple. [T/N: Nakamise is a commercial street near Sensoji Temple located at Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. Google for more info.]


“Low price! “This is the best meat skewer in the world!” “All items are at an affordable price!” “This price is low because it’s a defective product! ” ” It’s only half price! Get it before stocks run out”


 The shopkeepers who saw me had a glint in their eyes and started promoting their products all at once.

 I was quite interested in the products but I can’t go shopping since I’m still working. Even though I really want to go and sightsee, I focused on opening the door of the Church of Alphas.

 The inside of the church was made of stone.

 In the center, were a set of chaise lounges where believers may sit are lined up. [T/N: Chaise lounges are upholstered single seat sofa where a person can recline. As if a sofa and a beach recliner had a baby. Google for more info.]

 There was a stained glass portrait at the far end, and the colorful light can be seen shining down on the altar as light passes through.

 As I was looking around the Church, a woman who seems to be a priestess or sister, dressed in a monk’s uniform, rushed towards me as soon as she saw me.


“Welcome! What kind of business do you have today?” (Priestess)

“Uh, um…”


 Sister is fully in sales-mode her speech is similar to salesclerks that can be found in Osaka.

 I wanted to find out the location of the Nesis Church immediately, but the words of the priestess are firing rapidly it’s so hard to interrupt her.


(I’m scared of her eyes!)


“Do you want to donate? Or get a credit card? If you register now, we can issue you a membership card for free!” (Priestess)

“Me-membership card?”

“Yes. If you have a membership card, you will get one point for every 100 garde donation and it can be used at the stores! By the way, this card can be used at most stores in Finlis. It’s a guarantee!” (Priestess)



 After I came to the Alphas Church. I found out if you go inside you may be talked to getting a membership card. This a department store or something.

 It is completely different from the church that I know.

 I stared at Esther but she just looked back at me.


(What’s this?)


 Esther smiled while looking at me.

 Apparently, this kind of occurrence seems to be normal when you go to the Church of Alphas.


(Alphas was the god of technology, so many believers are craftsmen or merchants? But what about this weird mood?)


 While holding a membership card in one hand and a credit card in another. I was holding down the sister pushing the cards towards me, I can’t help but sigh.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t come in today wanting to get a credit card. Actually–“

“Okay! When will you get one? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?” (Priestess)

“That’s not what I meant!”


 Is there no end to her sales pitch?

 This priestess has quite the guts.


“Ah, maybe you want to purchase holy water? Alpha’s holy water is just 10 silver coins great for all kinds of diseases, fire extinguishing, warding off monsters, purification, etc. If you are a believer. Then you can get the discounted price of 5 silver coins!!” (Priestess)

“No, I don’t need holy water…”


 I steeled myself to resist this tenacious Priestess’ sales pitch.


“I’m sorry. I’m not interested in receiving credit at all. I’m here today to ask where the Nesis Church is.”

“Oh, I see.” (Priestess)


 When I told her our actual business, the air around the priestess changed.


“… tsk”


(Did she just tsk’ed at me!?)


 It is the behavior of God’s pious servant.


“I’m sorry for being rude, but I really want to know where the Nesis Church is.”

“If you want to know become a believer first.” (Priestess)


(She’s now a recruiter!)


“Um… do you really know where the Nesis Church is?”

“… do… I know?” (Priestess)


 Her eyes suddenly began swimming fast.

 It’s ridiculous.

 I have no choice but to ask Esther what to do.

 Esther shook her head, saying, “Let’s go to the next church.”

 We accomplished nothing.


“I’m sorry but I’m not a believer, so we’re leaving.”

“… what? Bring me some salt!” (Priestess)


 She acts like a true merchant.

 I walked away quickly so that we wouldn’t be sprinkled with salt. So we fled and left the Church of Alphas.


A/N: The church tour (?) continues.



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