Magic Swordsman Chapter 36: Gift from God (curse)

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 My ears heard a strangely familiar voice that was definitely not Esther’s.


 I was astonished at the view my eyes have laid upon.


 ――It was the pure white space.


 ――In front of me was a self-proclaimed god who is still wearing the same wearing white clothes.


 My breathing stopped for a moment.


 I lost comprehension of what was happening. My mind completely blanked for a moment.



“… Lo, login bonus?”


“Don’t boys like you enjoy hearing that?” (Nesis)



 Were you googling men’s hobbies? This self-proclaimed god was tapping at the smartphone with her palm as she tells me this.


 She threw the phone away and leaned toward me then said.



“It’s the first memorable ‘first login’ since I sent you to Eargard. This time I’ll give you a special gift as my blessing!” (Self-proclaimed god =] Nesis)


>> Obtained the title [Nesis’ Servant].


“No, it’s fine.”


>> The title [Nesis’ Servant] is refused.


“Why!??” (Nesis)


“If I have it, I might become a believer or something like that, right?”


“… tsk, so?” (Nesis)



 Did this god just click her tongue?


 I looked directly at her eyes.



“It’s an honor for anyone in this world to receive special blessings from me. It’s a very good blessing, so don’t be shy and take it.” (Nesis)


>> You were bestowed with the title [Nesis’ Servant].


“I don’t need it”


>> The title [Nesis’ Servant] is refused.


>> But the title [Nesis’ Servant] is cursed.


>> The title [Nesis’ Servant] could not be removed.


“… Did you do something strange?”


“It’s okay, don’t mind it, don’t mind it.” (Nesis)




 The self-proclaimed god laughed at me while looking quite smug.


 I had a lot of questions to ask this god since I came to Eargard.


 But it is quite hard to recall the questions.


 Her sudden appearance caused the inside of my head to turn white.



“… By the way, why is (the self-proclaimed) God Here?”


“Why are you full of doubt? I’m Nesis. I’m worshiped as the god of fate in this world!” (Nesis)



 The girl who called herself Nesis was really exuding this smugness, “How about that?!”


 I can’t help but look at this pitiful Nesis.



“… Who is worshiped? Even though you have no believers.”


“Ugh!? I don’t have zero believers! There’s one!” (Nesis)


“There is only one person huh. The other gods have many believers…”


“Hey, belief on me isn’t something that all humankind can accept! And just because they have many believers doesn’t mean that deity is powerful!” (Nesis)



 Nesis’s speech sounds like the excuse of someone extremely socially awkward.


(… Isn’t that one believer… me?)


 While Nesis was busy fidgeting and sweating. I remembered that I particularly wanted to hear about one thing.



“By the way, Nesis… -sama? I have something to ask about [Magic Sword].”


“You don’t need to ask. Oh yeah [Magic Sword]. You’ve already improved it to Lv2? How easy is it to use?” (Nesis)


“It’s not bad, but why can’t it cut humans? Or is it only humans that can’t be cut by it?”


“Yeah. Only humans can’t be cut, though, the humans you think are a little different from the humans in Eargard.” (Nesis)




“There are quite a few ‘demons’ in this world, as you might say. Including those, that the [magic sword] can’t cut.” (Nesis)


“Why is there such a specification?”



 I believe the specifications of [Magic Sword] are not bad at all. On the contrary, there are many situations where it is better to have that as a safety measure.



“Murder can become a habit.” (Nesis)


 It’s the line of the detective Hercule Poirot in the detective story written by Agatha Christie. [T/N: Hercule Poirot is a character from a series of mystery novels made by Agatha Christie. His first appearance is in her book The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1939). For more info, ask google-sensei]




 I don’t know if someone like me who has never killed a person can become addicted to murder.


 However, if I become addicted to it, I might never be able to be cured of it.


  The restriction on [Magic Sword] was exactly what I wanted.



“The reason why humans can’t be cut is not that it was made that way, but because it’s not its intended effect. The main purpose of the blade is the restoration of a person’s fate.” (Nesis)


“Fate… restoration?”


“If someone twists a person’s original destiny, the power within the [magic sword] can restore that person’s original destiny. An example is a person who had a ‘manipulated soul’.” (Nesis)



 Based on Nesis’ words, I remembered the changes from when I slashed Clement and his friends and Philip.


 When I slashed them with the [Magic Sword], they became sensible as if they had completely changed.



(Where they manipulated by someone …)


 While I was wondering, Nesis clapped her hands.



“Oh yeah. By the way, why don’t you try using the skill board properly?” (Nesis)


“Hmm? No, I’m using it properly …”


“Then why haven’t you set your title?” (Nesis)




“Ah, you didn’t notice that. It’s okay. Your title can be set at the bottom of the skill board, so check it carefully later and set one.” (Nesis)


“Oh, okay”



 I didn’t notice that the skill board had such a function.


 However, it is not a mystery that I didn’t notice.


 There were so many techniques displayed on the screen that I couldn’t check all the way at the bottom.


 Suddenly, I remembered another one of the questions I should have been asking God.



“Oh, that’s right. Why did Nesis-sama add strange skills like [eye-ball weight estimation] to my available techniques!?”


“Because it looks interesting” (Nesis)



 It was just a whim eh.


 Anyway, it’s a silly reason.



“No, [eye-ball weight estimation]. If you activate it, you may open up a new path, right?” (Nesis).”


“Then, how about [mimicry]? If I imitate the king, I might become famous.”


“Are they really popular?” (Nesis)




 Certainly, impersonators that are also singers and entertainers were very popular in Japan.


 So what about here in Eargard?


 Even if I imitate the king, there is a possibility that the existence of the king is too obscure to the public and no one notices the impersonator.


 Or even if I was noticed, the future of being executed for Lèse-majesté seemed clear to me. [T/N: Lèse-majesté a French term meaning “to do wrong to majesty”, is an offense against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or against a state according to Wikipedia-sensei.]



“The range of skills is the range of possibilities. Even if it doesn’t seem to be usable at first glance, there may actually be effective uses. If you decide that you need [stubbornness] and activated it, your field of vision will narrow. Cool huh.” (Nesis)


“Huh …”


“Then, that’s it for this time.” (Nesis)


“Well, wait a minute. I still have something to ask–“


“That’s for the next meeting.” (Nesis)



 Nesis smiled and was already waving her hands.


 Her appearance blurred as if there was fog covering the area.



“Oh yeah, thank you for cleaning the church!” (Nesis)


“How did the guild issue a cleaning request–“


“I did, I did. There is a cleaning tool cabinet in the corner of the church, so you can freely use the tools in it. People will come soon, so make sure every corner is clean!” (Nesis)



 At the same time, she finished her words, the white space and Nesis disappeared from my vision.





 When I blinked, I was back from where I was before the white space.


 Next to me was Esther praying with her hands clasped together, perhaps this is the proper etiquette of this world.


 I felt like I had a conversation with the god of fate Nesis for nearly five minutes, but it didn’t seem like much time had passed in this world.



(Make sure every corner is clean?)



 I looked around and immediately found a cleaning tool cabinet.



(It really happened…)



 That made me realize that it wasn’t a dream or an illusion.



“Esther. There is a cleaning tool over there, so let’s use it.”


“Yeah? Why does Toru know that there are cleaning tools in that box?” (Esther)


“Well, that’s, somehow…”



 Only I know about the cabinet held cleaning tools.


 I inadvertently said something that Esther did not know, I hurriedly ran towards the cabinet.


 A deck brush, a broom, and a dustpan were stored in the cleaning tool case.




(With only these tools and the size of this room…?)



 The church pretty huge, about the size of two school classrooms, joined together.


 It hasn’t been used or cleaned for quite a while, so dust is piled up like a thick carpet inside.


 Also, there are many cobwebs on the ceiling, and dust had also stuck to the spider webs.


 There were several stains on the wall that I didn’t quite understand what they are and where they came from.



“Okay, Toru. We’ll finish it all at once before the sun goes down!” (Esther)


“… Hmm”



 If we don’t start working early, the cleaning will never end.


 However, even after working hard, it didn’t seem that the chore would end by the end of the day.



“What’s wrong with you Toru?” (Esther)


“I have something I want to try, is that okay?”



 With that said, I proposed a certain strategy to Esther.

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