Magic Swordsman Chapter 39: Looking for a Weapon for Esther

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 I was looking over three-piece armor and a weapon for myself just in case.


 I was looking for a breastplate, plated gloves, and shin guards. Moreover, an iron dagger for a weapon.


 I chose the lightest dagger.


 It is just a show weapon, so I do not need a high-performance weapon. The price is also reasonable.


 I thought iron would be a good choice for the breastplate, but when I tried it on, I found that the iron breastplate hindered my movements.


 Every time I move, a part of it presses hard on my body.


 When I jump lightly, the breastplate moves up and down rubbing against the skin. Moreover, the rubbed part hurts.


“Esther, why do you often wear an iron breastplate?”


“I am used to it. I became used to it. After that, I adjust it myself so that it fits my body. I am used to putting it on.” (Esther)


“So that is it”



 In that way, do people personalize mass-produced products?


 I was impressed with Esther’s efforts.


 Still, I did not want an iron breastplate that much.



(I am an “inferior”, and as long as the armor fits, my height is the best choice.)



 I am not being self-degrading.


 If the older adventurers see me wearing expensive armor while I am just a newbie and Lost, I would just be made fun of.



(If someone has expensive armor, they are probably adventurers with great material collecting skills.)



 Aside from that, even after I bought the armor, Esther was still focused while looking at the sword.


“Are you done, Esther?”


“Toru, so you have already decided.” (Esther)


“Yeah. I have been looking at the sword all the time, but is there anything I am looking for?”


“… Ah, yeah that is right.”



 Esther is being evasive in answering my question.


 Therefore, Esther draw out his sword and I looked at it closely



“Actually, my sword is broken.” (Esther)



 The blade of the sword has become quite disfigured


I have the [Blacksmith] skill and it helps me understand how severe the damage was.




 It is not enough damage to shatter the sword, but it is impossible to sharpen it.


 Even if it is sharpened again, the blade becomes so much thinner and it becomes quite fragile.


 It is safer to buy a new one than to subject it to sharpening and reforming where it is just gonna be less durable


 However, Esther has a difficult expression on her face.


 It is just a matter of buying a new sword, but why is Esther having a hard time deciding.



“Esther. Maybe you do not have money for buying a new one?”


“No, I have the funds.” (Esther)


“Hmm? Then why are you looking quite sad?”


“Breaking a sword is shameful for any swordsman.” (Simon)




 Simon, who was sitting silently at the counter, answered my question.



“Swords usually break due to lack of ability. Therefore, you broke my sword before you become a well-known swordsman. Well, you should feel ashamed of showing your face.”


“Sorry, I am sorry …”



 Simon’s veins on his head were bulging in anger.


 Esther, who was glared at by Simon dropped her shoulders in shame.


 The sword is damaged because of Esther’s lack of ability. I have an inkling of the idea of such a theory.


 Japanese swords only show their true value when used by expert swordsmen.


 However, if an immature swordsman is wielding it, the sharpness will be dulled and the sharpness of the sword will not fully shine through.


 The same is probably true for Esther’s sword.



“Tsk…. So what kind of monster did you hit?” (Simon)


“I used it to fight Rock Worms” (Esther)


“Rock Worms!?” (Simon)



 Simon’s reaction to Esther’s words was a bit too much.


 He immediately rose from his chairs and his eyes we about to pop out.



“So, were you able to cut the Rock Worm?” (Simon)


“No, I could not cut it at all …” (Esther)


“… I see.” (Simon)



 Simon lost his steam and collapsed on the chair.



“Even if you try your best to slash a Rock Worm with that sword, you cannot cut it. Well, even if it does not break, it is going to be ruined. Look at what happened to your favorite sword.” (Simon)


“… You are not mad?” (Esther)


“Hmm. But there better not be a second time.” (Simon)


“Thank you!” (Esther)



 Simon’s words filled Esther with relief.


 With that cleared, we searched for a good sword from the shelves.


Even if we find a product that seems to say, “this is it!” However, after we look at the price tag we silently return it to the shelf.


 After doing this repeatedly, we could not find any longswords.



“… As expected, a budget of one gold coin is too restricting.”


“I wish I had a little more money.” (Esther)



 There were many good products.


 However, all of them are very expensive, all of them starting at five gold coins.


 It is not very expensive, but it cannot be purchased with our lack of financial leeway.


 However, a longsword that can be purchased with a single gold coin had the same quality as Esther’s previous sword.


 However, it will be useless when fighting the same opponent.


 Esther could not beat Rock Worms because she could not penetrate its hard exoskeleton.


 Since her loss is due to her weapon’s performance and not her ability, it is meaningless unless the weapon we purchase is at Esther’s level.



“Why do not you buy something else in the meantime? Then we buy a good weapon again after you have accumulated money?”


“No, I do not want to change weapons if possible.” (Esther)



 Esther shook her head at my suggestion.



“If you change weapons often, you have to adjust your senses when using one. It is good when you are a newcomer, but when you are a skilled adventurer, a slight error can be fatal. Therefore, when you have become a skilled adventurer, you will have a weapon you prefer. If you have, a weapon you fight well with, you will want to keep using it forever.

 I am not saying I am skilled, but I want to choose something that can be used for a long time. “(Esther)


“So that is it…”



 Weapons are like allies to who you entrust your lives.


 If it is too weak, it will break easily, and if it is too strong, you will be swayed instead.



(So I am pretty much swayed…)



 Finding the right partner is similar to choosing the right weapon.


 Then I saw a barrel.


 It was just a barrel placed near the entrance.


 Weapons were randomly placed inside it. It was as an umbrella stand filled with umbrellas and other things.



“…this is?”


“Those defective products. 10 silver coins each” (Simon)


“So cheap!”



 Are these “outlet” products? [T/N: Outlet goods are cheap goods that are usually slightly damaged goods or defective products.]


 I immediately checked the contents of the barrel completely hooked by the cheap price.








 All of them are inferior quality goods.


 There is only one weapon with a passable and can be used as a weapon.


 There is a reason why cheap things are cheap.



“Hmm, this is …”



 Still, I focused on searching for a bargain product, and a dagger caught my eye.


 It was a half-finished dull dagger.


 The grip is just wrapped with leather and it is quite deformed. There is also no guard.


 It was a dagger that was barely finished just to be considered a bad product, but my eyes were totally glued to it.


 Somewhere, I felt that it was different from ordinary iron.



“… Simon, what is the material used for this dagger?”


“Mithril” (Simon)





 My heart soared after hearing it, in my mind, “Fantasy metal!”.


 Mithril is a classic Japanese fantasy material and is a high-grade material that is said to have the property of conducting magic.



(Is this the same with Mithril in this world?)



 Let us try putting magic in the dagger.


 Then, the dagger accepted my magic without any resistance.



“Oh, this is amazing.”


“I know it is amazing, but that is no good. I cannot process the metal properly.” (Simon)


“You cannot process it?”


“Oh. The temperature of the furnace is too low for Mithril to melt properly.” (Simon)



 When I heard Simon’s words, I cannot help but believe him.


 The blade is dull and deformed because he could not form it properly.


 While I was staring at the ugly dagger. Somewhere in my heart, I thought, “I think I can do this.”


 I do not know if it is a conviction due to the [blacksmith] skill or my faulty assessment as a greenhorn.



(I am sorry; I want to check the [blacksmith] skill)



 Is it possible to use [blacksmith] while it has not been tested yet?


 I was thinking hard and I immediately negotiated with Simon.





“What, what!?” (Simon)



~Simon Perspective~


 The boy (named Toru) suddenly turned to me with a serious look.


 He has quite the presence, and he is a swordsman.



(What are you going to do to me!?)



 As a goblin glared at by a dragon, I cannot help but quiver on my knees.


 Do you want to take my life…?


 If he rampages here, it will instantly turn to a bloodbath.


 Does a person with such power care about such small matters?


 If so, is it because the prices are too expensive?


 Yeah, but it is cheaper than my own life! I will let you get as much as you want!


 No matter what he demands, at least my life and this shop must be protected at all costs! Yes, I am already determined even if my knees are shaking uncontrollably.



“Can you lend me your furnace?”


“Huh? ………… Ah, oh, okay.” (Simon)



 Oh, just that, it is cheaper than the future where my life and store are both lost.


 I was a little relieved so I allowed Toru to borrow the furnace.



~Toru’s Perspective~



 I was quite surprised.



(Oh, I was able to borrow something easily …)



 I was imagining that Simon would shake his head.


 A furnace is an important tool for blacksmiths. It will not be something easy to borrow…


 However, for some reason, I got an OK.






 Even though I think about it, I cannot answer why it was borrowed easily.


 I headed to the workshop with Simon. Simon was quite a generous person.

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