Magic Swordsman Chapter 4: Caterpillar?

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 The creature that was sensed by [intuition] is different from a human’s presence.


 Toru began to prepare without any hesitation.


 From the back of the cave. A huge thing crawled from the place where the light did not reach.



“It’s too big for a regular caterpillar…”



 It looks like a caterpillar, but it was dozens of times larger.


 If a person that does not like insects saw them, they will be really shocked.



“No way that all the insects in this world are huge… is it?”



 The world in which giant spiders and centipedes are rampant and this world sure is otherworldly.


 I cannot help but hope that it is not that kind of world.


 The caterpillar, which had been moving until then, responded to the pool of blood on the ground.


 The blood spilt by my body (previously the original owner).


 Crawling towards it and tasting the blood, then glancing at me.






 My spine froze.


 I began back-stepping following my instincts.


 The mouth of a caterpillar is in front of its eyes and nose.


 Then the mouth of the caterpillar cracked into three sections, like a chestnut in the harvest season.


 Countless fangs can be seen behind the mouth.


 If Toru were standing there, he would have had his second life finished prematurely.


 Of course, Toru did not have the power to avoid the opponent’s attack.


 He was only able to avoid the attack thanks to [intuition] and [Thought Acceleration].



“I’m glad I have acquired my skills properly!”



 (If I met this creature before I acquired my skills…)



 Considering that, cold sweat trickled along my back.


 The caterpillar positioned itself, again ready to attack.


 But before being attacked by the caterpillar.



“Come on [Magic Sword]”



 I was amazed.


 The [Magic Sword] that appeared is about 70 cm (2′ 3″) long. It was a single-edged long sword with a width of 5-10 cm (2″-4″) and a slight warp.


 The blade is black and there are red patterns scattered along with it.


 Raising a jet-black color that absorbs light, a murmur was heard inside the cave.


 The sound comes from the caterpillar.


 The body of the caterpillar, which was about to attack, was strong.






 My body moves towards the gap in the caterpillar’s defense.


 I move my body using the [Sword Art] skill.


 My movements were so elegant that it seemed like I had always held a sword.


 I cut the caterpillar and escaped behind it.


 With a single moment, I have slashed the caterpillar three times.


 I stopped myself.


 With the faint sound, the body of the caterpillar was bisected and quartered.


 At last, I relaxed and lost my tension as a squelching sound echoed behind me.


 Looking back, the caterpillar is divided into four parts.






 Inadvertently looking straight at the grotesque corpse, I glanced away immediately.



“This [magic sword] is amazing… I didn’t feel any resistance.”



 Of course, thanks to the follow-up of [sword art] skills. Although I handled a sword for the first time, I was able to move without any discomfort.


 I am an amateur when it comes to swordsmanship. Without skill, I couldn’t wield a blade and would probably use the sword like a club, or the sword would have missed.


 I confirm the feeling by closing and opening my hand.


 I have just transferred to another person’s body, and I cannot grasp the feeling that this is my body. It felt like I was inside a dream.



“I thought this was a dream.”



 It was the truth, Toru did not fall into the hole, and Toru just fell asleep due to overwork and fell asleep on the street. When he woke up, he was in Tokyo and was forced to finish work tomorrow until night…


 He will surely be back on the last train tomorrow, and if it is late, he will be staying overnight at the company.


 Most of the salary he got from his boss disappeared into his living expenses. Working like a slave, and wearing down his body and spirit.



“-I’m glad this is real!”



 Looking at hellish life in Japan that I recalled, my life turned a 180.


 I have no lover, wife, or children. The only thing that kept me connected to the earth was work.


 Once away from work, I realized that it was not the place I wanted to return to.





 Clenching my fist, I nodded strongly.


 I can’t go back anymore.


 Then I will live here.


 Once I decided to do so, the first step I have to do is familiarize myself with my new body.


 The sound was coming from the back of the cave again–this time, caterpillars were appearing in droves.


 I swing the [Magic Sword] and grinned.


 My back quivered and trembled with excitement.



“Well, let’s have a little spar with you.”



 Muttering, I dived into the large group of caterpillars.


 With a big smile on my face.





 How many caterpillars were there?


 I calmed down my rough breathing and sprawled on the ground, which was moist with the worm’s body fluids.


 I stopped counting after the number of subdued caterpillars exceeded 10.


 From the back of the limestone cave, an unusual amount of caterpillars appeared.


 If I was a weak person like when I was on earth, I would be out of breath and crushed by a group of caterpillars.


 However, probably because this body is young, or because the body became lighter each time the caterpillar was cut, it was possible to easily repel the swarm of caterpillars.



“Hah…hah… I think I’ve become able to move to properly after a while?”



 Gradually, I was able to master my body, which was not my own.


 However, there are some discrepancies in recognition.


 We are about the same height but I have to get used to the differences in weight and limbs.


 It is similar to when I enter a small room, it seems that I will always bump into things.



“…Speaking of which, there was ‘level’ in my status.”



 Recalling that information, I called the skill board.





○ Status

Toru Minasuki

Level: 1 → 8

Race: Human – Primary Job: Swordsman – Secondary Job: Mage

Rank: – Skill points: 0 → 70



 My level increased by seven. Is this the reason why my body is lighter than before? 


Thanks to the level up, skill points were increasing.



“Will the skill point increase by 10 points per level?”



 With this, there was a way of securing new skills.


 However, raising the level of [Magic Sword] to 2 is extremely difficult. Anyway, 10 points increase each level. To earn 1000 points, you have to increase your level to 100 without spending any points.


 I have killed many caterpillars now and raised my level by 7. If I keep the same pace, I can reach level 100 by hunting 14 times as many caterpillars.


 However, it seems impossible. The true value hard to be determined as the experience value required for leveling up gradually increases. It is unlikely that I can easily earn points.



“Really, what is level 100?”



 Level 100 is the summit when on a game.


 I did not think it was realistic for me, as I aimed to reach the top without spending any other skill.


 Unless the average level in this world is 100 and the level cap is higher, it will be a different story.


 If so, I would curse the god that dropped me into such a harsh world.



“Is there another way to earn points?”


 I have no way of knowing.


 Currently, I do not know anything about this world or skill boards.






 After calming down, I stood up and looked up at the cliff.


 It is a pity that I have come to this point and just starve to death.


 I must leave the cave before I become stuck and die from hunger.


 The closest exit is on the cliff.


 However, the cliff is about 10 meters (32 – 33 ft.) high.


 If I do not use this cliff, there is a possibility that there is another exit inside the cave.


 When it comes to adventures, every boy gets excited.


 However, I do not feel like exploring the cave.


 Even if you go to the back of the cave, you will be blocked by the caterpillars, and above all, he is sensing a bad premonition.


 Perhaps because Toru became more sensitive and [intuition] became more sensitive, Toru could feel the signs of danger.


 There was no sense in ignoring a nearby exit and proceeding to the depths where there was a strong sense of dread.


 Toru turned towards the cliff.


 The cliff surface is smooth and there are very few places to grab onto. It is a cliff that ordinary people cannot climb.



 If I slashes here and there with [Magic Sword], I may be able to climb with the footholds as if I was rock climbing.


 However, I dared to choose a different method.






 I ran towards the cliff then kicked the face of the cliff, and jumped up.


 Despite slowing down midway, I kicked against the cliff surface and accelerate again.


 Reaching out I grabbed the edge of the cliff and lifted my body.



“Heave ho!”



 I climbed the cliff swiftly, with a strained shout.



“I thought I could do it somehow, so I tried it, but I didn’t exactly climb…”



 Toru was slightly surprised by physical abilities that cannot be considered normal on earth.


 The benefits of leveling up were higher than how Toru imagined.



“But I suppose this might be normal in this world. Caterpillars were fine, but it might be dangerous if I encounter a ghost. Let’s I have toughened up!”



 My back, as I was standing at the entrance to the limestone cave, trembled.


 It’s like when I was a kid, when I was swinging a folded umbrella like a sword, or when I was wearing a jacket like a cloak and hanging it over my shoulder. Blood rushed through my body as if I was posing in line with the heroes I have seen on TV.


 –Beyond this, is a world I don’t know is waiting to be explored.


 What is there? What can I do?


 What kind of future is waiting for?


 I cannot stand waiting or standing by imagining.


 I could not stand the excitement and a wide smile filled my face.



“Okay, I’ll do my best!!”



 With various expectations and hope, I took a step from the limestone cave to the outside world.

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