Magic Swordsman Chapter 40: Making a weapon from Mithril

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“Well, Toru. What on earth are you planning on doing?” (Esther)


“Maybe I can make a sword with this…”


“Toru were you a craftsman in your original world?” (Esther)


“Hmm, well, somehow?”



 I answered Esther’s question as vaguely as I can.


 I was just a salaryman from Japan, but Esther is will only be confused when she hears the truth.


 Also, I cannot tell her that I have the [blacksmith] skill.


 Why does someone who just came to Eargard and have the [Blacksmith] skill? This will force me to explain the skill board.



“That’s right. It’s for Esther’s new weapon, but why not try slashing with it and why not use it if it works?”


“Oh, will Toru make me one! That’s good.” (Esther)



 Esther smiled at my offer.


 She doesn’t seem to think that I would be one to produce bad quality goods.



“I am thrilled to be a swordsman and have a custom-made sword while it’s still just my second sword.” (Esther)


“You’re overestimating me. I’m sure it’s not that great.”



 There is almost no leeway for Esther whether it’s the materials or weapon.


 I have to put a damper on her enthusiasm just in case. She would be quite disappointed when she expects too much.






 As we entered the smithy, I can’t help but sigh in admiration for the “likeness” of the room to my imagination.


 The first thing that caught my eyes when he entered the stone smithy was a small furnace by the wall. It’s small for a furnace, but it’s probably not an issue for blacksmithing weapons and armor.


 The sacred seal of the god of Technology Alphas is engraved on the furnace.


 In front of the furnace is a bellow, and an anvil. And a hammer is neatly hung on the wall near the furnace. [T/N: Bellows are instruments to blow air into a furnace]


 In addition to tongs and levers, tools whose names are completely out of my knowledge were organized and lined neatly.



“… So what are you doing?” (Simon)


“Oh, yes”



 Asked by Simon, I go near the furnace.


 There was still fire in the furnace. The heat quickly warms my body.


 The heat from the fire is enough to make my forehead sweat.



“Simon-san. I will buy this dagger, so can I put it in the furnace?”


“Do what you want.” (Simon)


“Thank you”



 Using the tongs holding the deformed dagger, I thrust it into the furnace.


 I began raising the temperature of the furnace by pumping air using the bellows.


 However, the dagger did not turn red at all.


~Simon’s Perspective~


(As expected) (Simon)


 I thought as I watch Toru.


 This Mithril dagger is my many attempts at forging and failing at it.


 This dagger did not melt no matter how much the temperature of the furnace was raised.


 Even at temperatures that would melt Mithril normally.


 I’ve never heard or seen this kind of Mithril.


 I tried to shape this Mithril with various methods, but at most, I could only make it into the shape of a distorted dagger.



(I think the blacksmithing he can do at most is “so-so”, but it’s probably impossible) (Simon)



 I knew from Toru’s hand motion as he works with the dagger in the furnace that he was “quite good”.


 Still, as I expected he wouldn’t be able to melt this special Mithril.





“… Oh, I see. What should I do?”



 That was when Toru slightly moved his hand.


 The mithril, which shouldn’t turn red, turned red!



“How!?” (Simon)



 I didn’t take my eyes off, but what’s with the sudden change


 It’s been over 100 years since I became a blacksmith. And I have made several weapons.


 I believe I’ve done every job perfectly.


 The special Mithril processing that I gave up on is now being processed by the hands of some unknown boy!


 When Mithril turned bright red, Toru took out Mithril and started hitting it with the hammer.


 Khan, Khan, Khan.


 The rhythmic sound is proof that he has the arm for blacksmithing.


 Khan, Khan, Khan.


 The boy’s hand transforms the dagger.


 The sight has awoken a passion I’ve thought I’ve lost.



“Sonny, how on earth are you processing it!?” (Simon)




~Toru’s Perspective~


 When I put the dagger back in the furnace, Simon ran up to me like he was about to attack me.


 But just stared at my hands before answering him.



“Mithril conducts magic easily, so I wonder if I can do something by using magic.”



 I heated the dagger with [ignition] while it is maintained by the heat from the flame of the furnace.


 If the transmission of magical power is good, the heat of [ignition] may also be easily transmitted. And as I thought,


 The idea was correct.


As soon as I used “Ignition”, the Mithril dagger was dyed red.


 Of course, it’s not just because of “ignition”.


 While I used [ignition] I was manipulating a weak [air cutter] and I keep on rotating the air in the furnace to keep the heat from trying to escape.



“Where did you hear that Mithril is good at conducting magic?” (Simon)


“Well, where …”


“Mithril is a versatile material that is good at blocking magic. If it is good at conducting magic, elemental monsters will not be cut by a mithril weapon, and when it’s armor, the person who wears when hit by a fireball will be charcoaled.” (Simon)


“… Um?”



 I glanced at Esther hoping for some help.


 Esther nods deeply in response to my gaze.


 Apparently, the classic description that “Mithril conducts magical power easily” was different from the common knowledge of Eargard.


 It was exactly what Simon says.


 If Mithril is easy to conduct magical power. People wearing armor that is vulnerable to magical attacks will be killed instantly.


 No one will want to wear such dangerous armor.



“Then, why is this Mithril good at conducting magic…”


“Hmm, this Mithril conducts magic easily!?” (Simon)


“Well, yes. The magical power flowed fairly smoothly.”


“… Does that mean that this Mithril has spirit crystal!?” (Simon)


“This is a spirit crystal?”


“Oh … hey, sonny, your hands are stopped moving!” (Simon)


“Oh, yes”



 I was reminded by Simon so I hurriedly took out the dagger from the furnace and form it on the anvil.



“Mithril is a rare material, but over the years, the power of the spirits can be absorbed by the ore, making it more conductive to magic.” (Simon)



 As Simon continued to talk, I focused on finishing the dagger.


 The dagger was very thick. Slowly I bend and stretch the blade.


 How thin can I make it? The feeling while hitting it with a hammer tells me how much.


 I listened to the sound of the mallet and believed in my aesthetic sense and [blacksmith] skill.


 I start folding the Mithril 10 times.


 The 1024-layered Mithril blade was stretched to the thinnest it can be while still being at its hardest.


 I imagined making the legendary Excalibur sword as I made this.


 The cross-section was shaped to be a hexagon instead of the rhombus, which is similar to a western sword.


 I was finished after adding a groove for the guard and a hole for attaching a handle.


 Done, I’ve finished working on the sword.



“… Fu”



 I stared at the longsword I had formed and stretched to its maximum.


 The longsword was would receive a 100-point mark.


 Considering that I made this for the first time and I made it as I imagined, I think that 200 points would be better.



“The rest is sharpening, attaching a guard and handle…”



 If I get used to it, I can make several blades a day, but this was my limit for now.


 That should be it. I have been walking around Finlis since the morning, cleaning the Nesis Church. Time to stop overworking.



“Toru is amazing. To make that dagger into a longsword in no time.” (Esther)


“No, isn’t this normal?”


~3rd Person Perspective~


 This is the job of an “inferior” who has just acquired the [blacksmith] skill. Toru thinks that an ordinary Eargard local with [blacksmithing] skill could do it better.


 Simon, on the other hand, heard Toru’s remark. And the sound of something breaking reverberated inside of him.


 Toru’s work was someone who is an expert in Simon’s eyes.


 His hammer skills seem to be the same or better than Simon’s, who has a “high level” skill called [Blacksmith Lv5], which he has reached after 100 years of blacksmithing.


 This is normal…


 If other craftsmen hear those words, their mouths will foam and get mad, or quit being a craftsman.



(From a boy who hasn’t lived half of my life, I’m pissed!) (Simon)



 Simon bit those words hard he is grinding his molars.


 Simon couldn’t keep his silence after hearing those words.



“Oh, sonny. Leave that sword to me!” (Simon)




“I’m going to take on the rest of the work. Make a brim, a grip, and a scabbard. Also, let me sharpen it!” (Simon)


“I understand.”


~Toru’s Perspective~



 Pressed by a strong fighting spirit, I nodded without thinking about it.


 Besides, the other party is a professional craftsman.


 I’m worried that if the rest of the work is left to him, there will be some additional charges.



“Uh, how much is will it cost?”


“It’s okay I’ll do it for free” (Simon)


“No, but…”


“I’ll do it for free!” (Simon)




“Does sonny want money!? If so, I’ll give you one or two gold coins!” (Simon)


“No, no, it’s fine. Excuse me! Please do the rest of the work!!”



 Instead of paying for the rest of the work, I was the one about to be paid. I hurriedly declined the offer.



(What happened?)



 I felt a little uneasy while Simon was staring at the former dagger, which had become a longsword.


 However, Esther says Simon is a top-notch blacksmith.


 It must be better to leave the rest to him than to finish the work.



“Then, I’ll leave the rest to Simon-san. When will it be finished?”


“Tomorrow” (Simon)


“Wow, so fast!?”


“Oh, rest assured. I’ll do my best to finish this. My craftsman’s soul is fired-up thanks to you, sonny.” (Simon)


“Yes! Thank you.”



 I was touched by Simon’s passionate words.


 I bowed deeply, and we left Simon’s shop.


 How will it be once it’s finished?


 I can’t help but be excited.

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