Magic Swordsman Chapter 41: Setting a Title

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 “I was worried that it took a long time, it has become quite late …”



 After returning to my room at the inn, I summoned the skill board.


 The self-proclaimed god Nesis told me to check the Title option on my skill board.


 I wanted to confirm it immediately after being told by Nesis. However, I had to delay exploring the titles because Esther was with me the whole time.


 I opened the skill board. However, the end of the available skill selection cannot be seen.


 I am getting tired of swiping, then I remembered, “The trees could be collapsed,” and so I went to the top and collapsed the tree.



“Why did not I realize that the tree is collapsible…?”



 I wasted a lot of time because of my stupidity.




○ Status


 Toru Minasuki

 Level: 21

 Race: Human       Primary Job: Swordsman – Secondary Job: Mage

 Rank: II                  Skill points: 12




○Title []


 I tapped the blank field on the title option that I found.


 Then, the selection of titles that can be equipped emerged in a separate window.



“There are quite a lot … What the hell are these!?”


Soul Reaper Lost Inferior

Tomato Bastard Dog Guardian Giant Killer

Master Herb Collector Rock Worm Killer

Blessed by Forcels

Blessed by Alphas

Blessed by Agni

Blessed by Hermetia

Blessed by Amanomehito

Nesis’ Servant


 I looked at the list of titles that emerged and pondered for a while.






 I pour water into the wooden cup provided in the room using [water supply] and drank it all at once.


 After drinking water and calming myself, I looked at the skill board again.


 First, the soul reaper. It is a title I do not remember getting at all. However, in a conversation with Nesis, it became clear that my [Magic Sword] had a special effect on humans.


 Perhaps it is the title obtained from that connection. I can guess, but I do not have a lot of information.


 Next are Lost and Inferior. These ones are obvious. I have been called by these names many times since I came to Finlis, and that is why those are on the title list.



“Tomato bastard … well, have I been called that many?”



 To be included in the title list after being called only a few instances…


 The conditions for obtaining the title are quite loose.


 Dog Guardian. This is also a mystery, but Toru has a section that comes to mind.


 After entering the Finlis Forest, I encountered Silver Wolves many times. However, I have never killed one and just drove them away.


 Perhaps that is the condition for getting this title.


 The Master Herb Collector is as the name suggests.


 There is no doubt that it was obtained by collecting many medicinal herbs.



“Is Giant Killer defeating opponents with a level difference of 10 or more? Rock Worm Killer is acquired after killing a lot of Rock Worms.”



 I defeated a considerable number of Rock Worms, including the ones in the limestone cave.


 There is no doubt that this led to the acquisition of the title.


 However, I have also defeated a large number of goblins.


 However, the title of Goblin Killer has not yet been unlocked.



“The difference is… not just the number?”



 In the future, I decided to check if the title would appear while defeating goblins.


 So far good. Some of them were not convincing, but they are not beyond my scope of understanding.


 However, the problem is these titles.



“Why have I been blessed by so many gods?”



 Forcels, Alphas, Agni, Hermetia, Amanomehito, and Nesis.


 All six pillars involved in the creation of Eargard blessed me.



“Blessings … Me going to church, probably? Amanomehito did not have a church though.”



 If so, maybe it was because I moved to Eargard.


 In any case, what I got from all the gods is a great haul of blessings.



“Maybe these are just minor blessings, not enough to be considered as empowering.”



 Is the blessing of the gods in this world about the red stamp that I can get if one goes to a shrine or temple?


 I am not a local Eargard person, could not judge the value of the blessing.


 Aside from that, there is only one strange title from the gods.



“Only Nesis gave me the title of a servant … Does she treat me differently than the other gods!?”



 A servant (しもべ) can mean a menial servant (召使いや) or a manservant (下僕). [T/N: The difference between the two servants: a menial servant is the lowest of the low servant can be a serf or peasant, a manservant (retainer) has a salary and often comes from a branch family or a lower-ranked family. Ask google sensei for more info.]


 I am about to cry with the difference in the treatment of the god who normally should give me a blessing.



(After I have cleaned the church so well. How terrible…)



 In the first place, I do not intend to become a Servant of Nesis.


 As if it was said that cleaning the church was a servant’s job…



“Is this is the first login bonus?”



 If so, it is a nuisance and not a bonus.



“Is there a way to remove this title…?”



 I cannot help but want to grind my teeth. However, I am not a god so I could not think of a way to return the title given by God.


 After looking at the titles for a while.


 I wonder which of the titles to set.


 Lost, Inferior, and tomato bastard are out of the question. Needless to say, I am excluding those from the options.


 Next is Dog Guardian and a Master Herb Collector. Those sound good, but it seems that the benefits when setting either title are small, so I will exclude those too.



“Is there really a status up if I set a title in the first place?”



 I regretted not asking Nesis about it.


 No answer will come out even if I worry about such things.


 Titles in games that I have played usually have additional effects.


 Also, Nesis told me to set it up. Since she took the trouble to tell me I think that it has some effect.



“The Soul Reaper is … well. There seems to be a special effect, but it seems that the effect is something special.”



 From a middle schooler standpoint, it feels like a strong title.


 However, I feel that some special effect might be added instead of improving my status.


 The effect of the title cannot be confirmed using the skill board though.


 It would be scary if the soul reaper had a fatal effect on human beings.


 It is dangerous to just set it without thinking.



“Giant Killer probably improves status when facing against a stronger enemy. Is Rock Worm Killer going to improve my status against Rock Worms? I wonder, Rock Worm Killer is already good, but Giant Killer is a little bit more attractive.”



 I will include Giant Killer as an option.


 All that remains are the blessed by the gods’ series and Nesis’ servant… the retainer of God.


 I drink the water and used [water supply] on the empty cup.



“First, servant is out of the question–“



 When I tried to remove it from my options, the glass of water on the table spilled on its own.



“Oh my god. I wonder if I snagged it or something.”



 It soaked the table from top to bottom.


 I dried wet table and floors with [drying].


 I picked up the cup and fill it with water again.



“Well, servant should be excluded–“



 The cup fell down again.


 I stared at the cup.



“… Because it is out of the question to be a servant–“



 The cup fell off the table and made a clattering noise.



Are you watching!?”



 I shouted while staring at the ceiling.


 However, there is no reaction.


 I looked up at the ceiling for a while before fixing my composure.



(If anyone else sees this scene, they will think I am some crazy person …)



 I blushed at my weird behavior, quickly used [drying] on the wet table and floor again.


 Then I held the cup in my hand and squeeze it firmly.


 Nesis’s servant is out of the question. There is no room for that.


 It is a blessing title that will be put aside.


 Forcels is justice. Alphas is technology.


 Agni fighting. Hermetia is magic.


 Amanomehito controls nature.



“The best thing is, after all, I am an adventurer. So probably Agni.”



 As I muttered, the cup began to rattle and roll.


 I can hear Nesis screaming “Why!?”


 The servant of Nesis receives an image closer to a God rather than a simple blessing.


 As it is closer to God, it will also have the effect of increasing stats.


 However, I feel that I will likely be forced into difficult tasks from Nesis.


 A manservant is just



“I wish it had some effect just by unlocking it, even if I do not set it.”



 However, there are no such gifts in the world.


 I gave up and decided to set [Blessed by Agni] since it seems to be the most beneficial to adventurers.


 Will my bad luck end?


 When I tapped the title with my finger, the cup shook extremely violently.


 The shaking caused my aim to go awry.






>> ○ Title [] → [Nesis servant]






 I have this extreme urge to throw the cup in my hand with all my might.


 I repeatedly breathed many times, suppressing the urge to go ballistic.



“… It is okay. The title can be changed anyway–“



>> The title [Nesis Servant] cannot be changed.



 No matter how many times I tap, the title selection screen does not appear.



“… Gugigi!”



 I barely bite the curses behind my teeth.


 Moreover, the cup shook as if to ridicule me.






 The cup burst into pieces while in the palm of my hand.



“The next time we meet; I will remember…”



 Tears of blood-filled heart and I will make Nesis feel the full extent of my grudge with all my might.


  With my failure to set my title, I tried to sleep.


 However, I suddenly think again and sit down on my bed.


 Even if I am angry, sleeping like this is unproductive.


 Therefore, I decided to turn my unfocused anger into pre-sleep magic training.



“[Lighting] [Lighting] [Lighting]… Ku, my eyes!”



 I cast the spell on the futon more than usual, and I had to close my eyes.


 I erased the excessive [Lighting] that was cast hastily.



“Hmm. If there is any good way … That is right. There is [blind]!”



[Blind] is a dark magic that has the effect of blinding the opponent’s eyes.


 As a test, I used [blind] on myself.



“It is dark … or am I just blinded?”



 I do not know if my optic nerve is blocked and I cannot see it, or if my eyes are covered with, black mist and I cannot see through it.


 I cast [Lighting] in front of me.



“Hmm? Does it look like there is a little light shining through? Okay, this is–!”




 I put [Lighting] in the futon one after another on the other side where no one might notice.

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