Magic Swordsman Chapter 42: Lighting trap

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~3rd Person Perspective~

 ”Toru, are you still awake?” (Esther)

  She knocked twice but Toru was still absorbed in [Lighting].

 However, Toru is absorbed in the sight in front of him and does not notice anything.

“Toru? Somehow your window was shining ridiculously, the landlady told me…” (Esther)

 Toru didn’t even notice the repeated calls to him,

“Gyaaaaaaa !!” (Esther)

~Toru’s Perspective~

 Hearing Esther’s scream, I became aware of my surroundings.

“What, Esther!?”

“My eyes, my eyes!” (Esther)

 I hurriedly erased the [Lighting].

 Looking back, Esther was rolling around on the floor, hiding her eyes behind her hands.

 It took a while for Esther to settle down.

 She was able to see, but she was tearing up, perhaps because of the impact of the strong light.

“Toru. My eyes are tearing up…” (Esther)

“I’m sorry. I never thought that people would come into the room …”

 I know it’s just a flash of light, and Esther is the one troubled she’s tearing up continuously.

“Why are you using a [blinding flash] in the room?” (Esther)

“Me, I’m not using a [blinding flash]. I used [lighting].”

“Your joke is too much Toru. You can’t blind people’s eyes with [lighting].” (Esther)

“Ah … yeah. No, it’s really not [blinding flash]–“

 With that said, I pointed to the futon.

“I always put [lighting] on the back of the futon before going to sleep.”

“Why are you doing such a pointless thing? Don’t you know [lighting] is used to illuminate dark places, not to apply it on a futon.” (Esther)


 I was forced to swallow my words after being cut by Esther.

 I can’t even feel the urge to object.

“I see. In Toru’s old world, do you all sleep with lights on your futon?” (Esther)

“No, we don’t.”

 People of Earth don’t sleep on shining futons.

 I immediately corrected Esther’s misunderstanding.

“I used [lighting] to train my magic indoors. And one more thing. Esther, look at this.”

“Mmm?” (Esther)

 With that said, I used [blind] on me and Esther.

Esther raised her voice slightly in response to the [blind] but soon regained her composure, probably because the caster was me.

“I’m going to start; I’m going to cast [lighting] on the futon …”

 I cast [lighting] on the futon one after another.

 Then, when the [lighting] exceeded 100 simultaneous casts, the futon gently lifted into the air.

“eh!?” (Esther)

“I don’t know what the reason is, but when I put [lighting] on top of each other multiple times, the futon floats.”

Through the [blind], the futon can be seen floating in the air with the bottom side is shining.

 When I discovered this phenomenon, I began wondering how far I could make it fly, and I became quite absorbed in it.

 Thanks to that, Esther’s eyes were almost blinded…

“If you make a slight change in the placing of [lighting]”

 When I put some [lighting] on the side of the futon, the futon floating in the air began to rotate sideways.

 A shining futon that floats in the air and spins around.

 Esther watched the scene unfold.

“What’s going on here?” (Esther)

“Hmm, I don’t really understand.”

 Light has no mass.

 No matter how strong the light is, there should be no force to make it move anything.

 However, the floating spinning futon moved only using [lighting].

 In other words, unlike natural light, some kind of force on the light is created by magic.

 However, I am not a magician and could not understand what the force was.

 When she saw the futon floating in the air, Esther was initially disappointed, but after that, she cleared her throat and opened her mouth and my tension cooled.

“… well, that’s amazing, Toru. But … well, if you just want to make the futon float, wouldn’t it be easier using wind magic?” (Esther)


 Esther’s theory pierces my chest.

 Certainly, what she said is correct.

 The futon can be easily lifted using wind magic.

 Furthermore, wind magic is overwhelmingly more efficient than using hundreds of [lighting]


 I didn’t just want to make the futon float.

I wanted to float the futon using the power of light.

 It is a man’s romance that brings together things that seem impossible and makes the impossible possible.

“Well, I understand the passion, and I know it’s amazing that the futon floated using [lighting]… But it’s midnight now. And it seems that other guests are complaining about the light leaking out, so it’s a little too much. Please do it in the morning. “

 Even if I waved his fist and emphasized the romance to Esther, my passion was not transmitted to Esther.

 The next day. I was told off by the landlady about the [lighting] party at midnight. I was about to head towards the guild with Esther.

“Can’t you do things like a normal person!?”

The proprietress was annoyed because other guests complained about [lighting].

 However, I intend to stay and act normal.

[lighting] is not prohibited by the inn’s regulations, and it does not make any noise.

 The only thing I shouldn’t do is that my room is too dazzling.

(Let’s practice after blocking the windows properly so that no complaints will come out this time!)

~3rd Person Perspective~

 Toru is someone who wouldn’t just notice common sense once he’s set his mind to it though.

 Toru and Esther went to the guild and immediately heads towards the counter.

~Toru’s Perspective~

“Good morning, Toru-san! … and Esther-san. What kind of business do you have today?” (Marie)

“… Toru-san?” (Esther)

“I don’t know, I don’t know, don’t look at me.”

 Esther’s eyes looked a bit gloomy because of the different ranks of Marie’s response.

 I can’t help but shake my head as she looks at me with grudge-filled eyes.

 I have no idea about the difference in Marie’s response.

“… I received the request yesterday, but I came to report it because it was completed.”

 I handed Marie a piece of paper with the Holy Seal stamped on it.

 Staring at the stamped seal seriously Marie said,

“… No doubt. This is the Holy Mark of Nesis. I didn’t think it would be cleared in just a day. How did you find the Nesis Church?” (Marie)

“Hmm. We don’t even know how we did it.” (Toru)

 All I know is we just walked hoping to reach Nesis Church.

 However, Toru must be wondering if he could not reach the church even if he used the road again.

“After all, it’s just a god of fate, so I guess I can’t reach it unless the ties are connected. I’ve confirmed the sacred seal, so I’ll complete the request. Mr. Thor, Mr. Esther, and the guild card. I will keep it. “

 After Marie computed the points for completing the request to the guild card. She handed a hemp bag about the size of a purse to me.

 When I looked inside, there was definitely a gold coin in it.

 It’s a lot of money that doesn’t match the size of the bag.

“Ester. I’ll give you your half later.”

“OK” (Esther)

 I put it in the [inventory]-pretending to just pocket the money.

“This completes the request. Is there anything else?” (Marie)

“No. Thank you.”

 Leaving Marie’s table, this time we’re heading to the request bulletin board.

“What’s wrong with Toru. Why don’t we go to Simon’s shop?” (Esther)

“I’m going to the store, but I’m thinking of accepting a request first.”

 I continued browsing the E-rank bulletin board.

“Look, when you get a new weapon, you need to give it an actual check, right?”

“… I see. That’s why we should get a good request to test the weapon.” (Esther)


 The good and bad characteristics of a weapon can be fully known after using it.

 So it was just the right step, I am not saying it’s life-threatening if we don’t though, so we scan the requests.

“Toru. Isn’t this request just right?” (Esther)

“I see, that’s quite right.”

 I looking for a request and then Esther pointed to one request.

 Seeing the request, she pointed at, I was satisfied with her choice and nodded to her.

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